NY Giants Home Opener Tickets

There’s a lot of hype around the NY Giants home opener verses the Denver Broncos on September 15, 2013: also known as the Eli Manning vs. Peyton Manning game opener.

Here’s the average New York Giants 2013 ticket prices (per game)

Here’s the average Giants vs Denver Broncos home opener Ticket Prices (clearly a big difference in price, from the Giants regular season ticket prices).


Cheap NY Giants Tickets

There are thousands of Giants tickets available for the home opener, so as long you are willing to spend money there’s no shortage in ticket options, but the NY Giants home opener is certainly not cheap. Here’s a few tips on how to get the best seats all while paying no fees.

First go to the game event page, Giants vs Denver Broncos tickets September 15, then you can view tickets based on:

  • Price
  • Best Deal (aka the best bang for your buck, or “Score”)
  • Seat Rating (the “Best Seats”)
Depending on the type of fan that you are these three options will help you find either the cheapest tickets, the best tickets or the best deal.

Check this out for more information on the Metlife Stadium Seating Chat.


Here’s a conversation that I had with a good friend, this exchange should help anyone out that is thinking about buying the best tickets for the NY Giants first game of the 2013 season.

J: Hi so I am interested in getting tickets for the Giants Broncons game on September 15 at Metlife Stadium. I am looking to get some great seats do you think you can help me?

B: Of course, why don’t you go online and first take a look at the Giants / Broncos tickets on TickPick, let me know the price range that you are thinking about spending.

J: Finally got to check out tickets undisturbed! Here’s what I got: Please tell me if you think otherwise, but it seems like the best buy for me would be section 109, row 12 @ $545. I’m not sure if its too near the endzone, though. It has a great seat rating & score, but is it more preferred to sit in the middle?

B: Sorry for taking so long, just hard to give guidance given the price range… I just don’t know if I would suggest you spending that much on football tickets.
Your choice of section 109 row 12 for $545 is a good deal.

Here’s the best information I can provide you, but I can’t make the decision for you, if you are really going to spend this amount of money you may want to consider:
Section 140 row 17 – $681

If the Giants lose this game, no matter what you are going to leave pissed.

With that said, I would not pay $500 for Giants tickets, that’s just me, but I have paid that amount of money before for concerts, and since I have, I can put myself in your position. When I have spent $1,000 for concert tickets, and I look at the difference of what $140 a ticket ($280 total) does from section 109 to 140, I think that incremental amount of money is worth it.

However, if I were you, I would seriously debate about spending this amount of money. You could theoretically spend $300 a ticket and spend the other $500 on limo service to the game or a whole bunch of other things that may make the experience just more cool and fun.

The last thing I will say, football is really tough, that’s because no matter what, you can’t buy tickets that are better than watching the game on TV.

Section 336 row 7 for $336 each is pretty good
Section 309 row 18 for $248 (not bad)

J: Ah! All valid points. I am truly SO torn. You know (left blank for privacy reasons) is a NYG freak, and I know he was at one point interested in seeing the manning vs. manning battle. But I have no idea what his general theory of live game watching may be. Need to let the other ticket options marinate. Maybe ask a fellow bug blue freak ;).

B: Here’s a good option, below $500. Section 143, row 29 for $472.

And then a more expensive option (which adds up real quickly): Section 116, row 29 $611.

If you have any other questions check out our detailed Metlife seating chart or ask away below.

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