It’s only been a few days since the news broke out about One Direction’s hiatus for 2016, and the internet is, without any surprise, going nuts about it. We’re skeptical as to what will happen to the future of One Direction. It’s like when Ross and Rachel decided to go on a break, and audiences everywhere had to sit back and watch the heartbreak ensue. But hopefully One Direction won’t take the melodramatic sitcom route, and reunite after what is probably a much needed break from touring together.

Now, we’re interested to see which One Direction member will come out with a solo record first. Assumably, this is the reason the hiatus is taking place, so they can they take a break from their 1D identities and work on their own individual projects. But with the announcement that band members will be embarking on solo projects comes immeasurable pressure to perform. The bar is set high by artists like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, who broke out of their respective groups to pursue something greater than what they’ve managed to do. But this isn’t exactly the same situation, as the members of One Direction were put together for the very fact that The X Factor judges didn’t they could make it as solo artists. But as time went on, and every member of One Direction exhibited their potential, it became a toss-up as to who will be out with a solo record first. Here is a compilation of what we know following the One Direction hiatus announcement so that you can decide for yourself who will be the first star to break out of 1D’s legacy.

Harry Styles


According to Sony Records, Harry Styles is quite a “hot solo commodity”, and they really want him on their roster. There has been talk that Styles wants to pursue the same sort of path Justin Timberlake took after his departure from N*SYNC, and just about everyone involved with Styles’ career is encouraging it. Styles is widely regarded as the most famous 1D member, so there’s a lot of pressure as to what his solo material will sound like. But as of right now, Harry Styles’ solo career is just pure speculation.


The scrappy, doe eyed Louis Tomlinson has a baby on the way, and we’re not sure if the “father-to-be” would begin a solo-career in such a transitional period of his life. So we’re thinking, probably not.


Even though Liam Payne was the most focused on becoming a pop-star out of the other X Factor contestants, we don’t think it’s likely he will be taking the solo male artist route. BUT, lets not forget that Liam has been busy learning the ins and outs of the industry during his time with 1D, in addition to co-writing more songs on their latter albums. If we don’t see him on the pop music front, we may see him in the EDM genre, as he’s released a few tracks under the moniker DJ Payno.

Liam Payne


Harry Styles, shortly after the hiatus announcement, has decided to move to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career. Styles has already been in cahoots with the famed film exec Harvey Weinstein, who states that he would love to put Harry in a film.


As you probably all know by now, Zayn Malik was the first to leave the band, so this makes him a frontrunner when it comes to a solo debut. We assume Malik had some project ideas of his own when he left the band, and that his reasons likely extended past wanting to be a “normal 22 year old”. As soon as Malik broke away from 1D, he immediately went on Twitter and started following basically every A-list producer and rapper in the industry. He was even met with a few followers back, including Tyler, the Creator, who prompted Malik to work together soon. And Malik tweeted back with interest! Now that is something we’d like to hear.

Zayn Malik


All drama aside, One Direction has their fifth studio album out this fall. The album will include hit single “Drag Me Down”, in addition to tracks which discuss the band’s recent tribulations and tough decisions they’ve had to make over the years. According to One Direction’s top producer/ co-writer Julian Bunetta, the record was made with the knowledge that the band would be on hiatus following its release. For the first time, One Direction faces uncertainty, and that is largely what the album is about. Hopefully fans can set their own disappointments aside to appreciate what could be the most brutally honest One Direction album yet.


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