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So you’re going to WE Fest – you’ve got that much figured out. Maybe you’ve even got tickets. But how are you getting there? And what’ll you do with your car when you arrive? Due to WE Fest’s rural location at Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, we assume you’ll be driving or carpooling with friends. So whether you’re camping, just heading for the day, or “commuting” from a nearby hotel, here’s how to handle parking at WE Fest 2019.

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WE Fest Parking 2019

Getting There (& Getting There Early)

First things first, if you need maps or driving directions, WE Fest has created an entire page dedicated to that. If you and your friends will be camping, note that some of the roads are one way only and you should enter the campgrounds with a right turn. Plan accordingly.

If you’re an eager beaver, WE Fest is allowing campers to stage their vehicles on the shoulder of the road starting Monday, July 29th at noon in order to enter the campgrounds on Tuesday. Of course, you’ll only be able to enter then if you have an Early Arrival Pass, and you’ll need one of those for each vehicle that plans to enter on Tuesday.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to show up and wait on the side of the road any earlier than Monday – so don’t even try! And you won’t be able to camp or grill out on the side of the road while you’re waiting. The Minnesota State Patrol and WE Fest Security will be keeping tabs! More on that here.

Remember, no matter when you enter the campground, there’s still only one vehicle allowed per campsite! If you’ve got more than that – say, you and your friends are arriving in different cars and meeting up at the campgrounds to share a tent – then you’ll need to purchase another campsite for your extra vehicles. According to the WE Fest website, “If you would like to park your vehicle overnight you must purchase a campsite.”

A Few Parking Rules

You can’t camp or tailgate in the parking lots! So don’t try to save money by spending $30 on a parking pass instead of $90 for a campsite, because there’s a big difference! You won’t be able to park overnight in any WE Fest parking lots. If you do, your car will be towed – at your expense!

Be sure to check the lot that your parking pass has designated. Don’t even try to park somewhere else or – you guessed it – you’ll be towed.

Again, they’d really like to reiterate, there’s NO overnight parking in ANY parking lot. This is why you need to be sure you’ve arranged a designated driver. All vehicles must be out of the day parking lots by 2 AM.

WE Fest Parking 2019

General Weekend Parking

If you’re driving to WE Fest and not camping, just purchase a General Weekend Parking Pass. There will be a parking lot near the festival grounds and you’ll be able to park there for all three days and nights of the festival. This pass also includes a shuttle to take you back and forth to the festival grounds each day and back to the parking lot each night. Again, all vehicles must be out by 2 AM!

General Parking Passes (with fees) will cost you $35.91 and they’re good for all three days. You can buy those here.

Accessible Weekend Parking

WE Fest has an accessible parking lot to the north of the festival grounds. You’ll just need to show a government-issued placard or a handicap license plate when you arrive.

Accessible Weekend Parking Passes (with fees) will cost you $35.91 and they’re good for all three days. You can buy those here.

Single Day Parking?

According to the WE Fest website, that’s still up in the air: “Single day parking and pricing can only be purchased at the show, if space is still available.” If there’s room, single day parking will be located at the General Weekend Parking lot. If you don’t want to chance it, you should probably go ahead and purchase General Weekend Parking.

VIP Parking

VIP Parking is located just next to the festival grounds for your ultra convenience (if you look at the map, it’s labeled there in purple). If you’re interested in purchasing a VIP Parking Pass, call the WE Fest team at 1-800-4WEFest (1-800-493-3378) to inquire about availability.  

Is There Any Free Parking?

Oooh, interesting! Actually, there is! You can park your vehicle for free at the Becker County Fairgrounds in Detroit Lakes! All you need to do is purchase a bus pass once you arrive and then you can ride the shuttle bus to the West Gate of WE Fest. These shuttles will run continuously every 20 minutes each day of the festival and your pass gets your unlimited rides. According to the WE Fest website, a shuttle schedule will be announced closer to the date of the festival.

For more information on transportation and parking at WE Fest, the festival has put together a whole page of Transportation and Parking FAQs. Be sure to read through it if you have any questions!

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