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The Playstation Fiesta Bowl is one of college football’s premiere bowl games, and one that’s a part of the group of New Year’s Six bowl games that rotate to play host to a College Football Playoff semifinals matchup, as it will be here in 2019. This year’s contest on Saturday, December 28th will feature two powerhouse programs and teams that each come into the contest undefeated.

The Ohio State Buckeyes enjoyed a thoroughly dominant 2019 regular season and went 13-0 in the extremely tough Big Ten Conference, and they will play the dominant Clemson Tigers, who went 13-0 in the ACC conference and didn’t have many close games during the regular season, short of a scare at UNC. Each of these rosters are loaded with future NFL talent, and the winner will go on to play the winner of the LSU vs. Oklahoma Peach Bowl game that takes place on the same day.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the Fiesta Bowl Seating Chart, including Fiesta Bowl Seat Views, row and seat number breakdowns, team sections, where the best seats are, plus cheap Fiesta Bowl Tickets!

Playstation Fiesta Bowl Seating Chart

(Hover over any section for view and row-by-row breakdown)



Ohio State Buckeyes Team Bench & Fan Sections

The Ohio State Buckeyes bench is located in front of sections 128 through 131. The OSU fans will be occupying sections 130-140, 336-345, and 444-452, so if you’re looking to cheer with fellow Buckeyes, you want to make sure you’re in those sections.

Clemson Tigers Team Bench & Fan Sections

The Clemson Tigers bench is located in front of sections 107-110. Their fans will be occupying sections 101-108, 204-211, and 404-412, so if you’re looking to cheer with your fellow Tigers, you’ll want to make sure you sit in those sections.

Fiesta Bowl Seating Chart – Seat Numbers

The seat numbers at State Farm Stadium follows a common stadium layout, in that seat number 1 is closest to the lower number section adjacent to it. For example, seat number 1 in section 127 will be closest to section 126. The majority of sections at State Farm Stadium contain 18 seats per row.

Fiesta Bowl Club Seating

The Club Level at State Farm Stadium is located in the 200 level, which wraps around the majority of the stadium except for the end zones. The crowd in the club level is much more reserved than the fans in the upper and lower levels, but there a several amenities included with the Club Seats. These amenities include wider and more padded seats, less crowded restrooms, separate entrances, and access to higher quality food and drink options.

As one Cardinals fan put it, “If you are going to the game to be a fan, skip the club level…if you are going to watch the game as a spectator, club is the way to go.”

The Best Seats at the Fiesta Bowl

Whether you sit on the home bench’s side (section 104 to 112) or the visitor’s bench side (section 126 to 134) doesn’t matter all that much. Obviously some of the best seats are sections over midfield like 128, 129, 130 & 107, 108 and 109. Putting aside the so-close-to-the-players-I-can-smell-them factor, the best seats would definitely be between rows 10 and 20.

When sitting at or near the 50 yard line, elevation is important for viewing all the action. When looking to buy tickets in any of the 100s sections the first row seats are only desired for the experience, not for the view. Being in the first row of a section in the end zone can be great for the occasional touchdown, but this perk will also have its cons when the ball is on the opposite side. This comes down to personal preference, but we think it’s safe to say that for the 100s sections on the sidelines, most of the time you want seats higher than the 10th row.

Fiesta Bowl Tailgating

There are several areas in which to tailgate at State Farm Stadium; however, there are a few areas that are more sought after than others. The F lot is one of the most sought after locations, since it is a grass lot with plenty of bathrooms. The “Great Lawn” is also a premier location and is located on the west side of the stadium.

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