The Top 5 Pro Athletes Who Got Upstaged by their Kids

A recurring theme throughout the NBA Playoffs has been the post-game press conference appearances of Riley Curry, daughter of league MVP and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. Despite Steph’s postseason heroics, it seems that little Riley is the one snagging the sports headlines lately.

Of course, cute kids stealing the show from their more famous athlete parents is nothing new. One need only take a trip down the Google search rabbit hole to find several examples of sports stars getting upstaged by the cutesy antics of their children.

Here are five of the best–

5.) Chris Paul’s Son Imitates Blake Griffin’s Mean Mug

Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has something of a reputation around the NBA. To put it nicely, he’s a fiery guy; the kind of player you love if he’s your teammate, but loathe if he’s with the opposition. As such, his game face doesn’t quite inspire soft, fuzzy feelings in his opponents.

In this 2012 clip from a post-game presser, fellow Clips superstar Chris Paul prompts his son to do his best impression of the look in question. To those that saw the performance, his rendition of Griffin’s mean mug was an instant classic.

4.) Jake Peavy’s Son Talks World Series Trolley Car

Before the 2010-11 NBA season, then Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry made headlines when it was revealed†that he got a tattoo in honor of the team’s forthcoming championship run. Talk about calling your shot. Thankfully the Mavs were able to get the job done and not leave Terry with a permanent reminder of his misplaced bravado.

While it probably doesn’t land on the same level as tattooing one’s body, the son of San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy revealed that the star had already discussed options for a commemorative trolley car before the team had finished off the Kansas City Royals.

The Bambino would be proud.

3.) Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Son Is Better At Math Than You Are

Although some would say that New York Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has live up to that Fitzmagic label from when he broke out with the Buffalo Bills, there’s no question the former Harvard grad has the kind of mind you want in a signal caller.

Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Following a game as quarterback of the Houston Texans, Fitzpatrick put his son Brady on the spot with a difficult multiplication problem. In short order, the younger Fitzpatrick served up the correct answer to 93 x 97 (which is obviously 9021. Obviously). Not bad, kid.

2.) Peyton Manning’s Baby Boy Likes The Mike

Despite the coach-speak, cliche-ridden interviews that are the norm in the NFL, there remains a cadre of coaches and players that love to have a microphone to sound off into. If you’re the baby son of Indianapolis Colts legend and current Denver Broncos signal caller Peyton Manning, the actual microphone itself is enough to satisfy.

In this clip, Manning is asked about longtime teammate and Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Peyton’s son, however, is more interested in playing with a reporter’s microphone.

I mean, I can’t fault him. That foam covering is still freaky and fun!

1.) Jonathan Quick Gets the Assist From His Coach and Daughter

Following his team’s Stanley Cup victory in 2012, Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick was joined at the podium by Kings coach Daryl Sutter to talk about the club’s championship victory. It began as standard fare for a post-game media session, but became something else entirely in short order.

In a move emulated more recently by Riley Curry herself, the post-game party was crashed by Quick’s young daughter. Needless to say, the banner-waving toddler made the stage her own that day.

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