Projected Super Bowl Ticket ‘Get In’ Prices Based on Match Up

As the NFL season winds down and we get closer and closer to the playoffs, the Super Bowl contenders become clearer and clearer. So that got us thinking, what NFL teams will impact Super Bowl ticket prices the most?

As I am sure you all know, the Dallas Cowboys have taken the league by storm this year, and the fact that they might reach the Super Bowl has already increased the ‘get in’ price (cheapest Super Bowl ticket) by 18% since the start of the season.

So based on this information, we’ve created an interactive chart that projects what will happen to ticket prices based on specific match ups. To reach these conclusions, we have factored in the current get-in price, team popularity and historical pricing, among other variables. This data will be updated on a weekly basis leading up to the Super Bowl.

To start, select a team at the top of the graphic.  What will display is how the potential match ups will impact pricing. With the Super Bowl taking place in Houston, we speculate that the most expensive possible match up would be between the two local teams, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

How much might tickets cost if your team makes the big game? Check it out for yourself below.


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