Ever wonder what seat numbers offer a better view for different types of events at The Prudential Center? Our Prudential Center Seating Chart review has all the answers you are looking for.

First lets take a look at the Prudential Center seating chart for the NJ Devils:


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Let’s suppose you are looking at “center ice” club seats with access to the Fire & Ice Lounges (Sec’s 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, 20).  Based on the information I just gave you, would you pay more to sit in Section 18 Row 15 Seat 1 or Seat 20? Both are aisle seats, but one of them is between the blue lines and the other is some 70 feet closer to the Goal.  The answer is Seat 1.  The same goes for the 100’s and 200’s levels.  Seat 1 in Section 109 is practically on the face off spot, while a higher seat number can put you behind the goal.

NJ Devils Seating Chart with Rows and Seat Views

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Helpful hint #1:  If you’re lucky enough to get tickets in the lower bowl, be weary about paying extra money for lower rows.  In my opinion, if you aren’t against the glass you are better off sitting in Row 13 or higher. Until about row 13 you’re gonna find your sight lines constantly weaving in and out of the glass with near-side corners of the ice out of sight altogether.

Helpful hint #2: The Devils shoot twice toward Sections 1 and 2.  So if you’re in the New Jersey Devil’s Army or in from Philly looking to heckle the goalie, make sure to keep that in mind.

Next, lets look at the Prudential Center seating chart for concerts.

prudential center concert seating chart

The seating conventions here are the same, Seat 1 is always closest to the higher section number.  So if you’re looking at seats in Section 128, which seats number would you pay more for, Seat 3 or Seat 13? The answer is most likely Seat 13 since it would put you a good 35 feet closer to the stage.

Helpful hint #3:  If you’re big pimpin and like to sit on the floor, keep in mind that Seat 1 in Sections A, C, D & F is always closer to the center aisle, with the higher seat numbers moving toward the row’s outer edge. But if you are bringing children to the floor levels be careful. You are not allowed to hold your child to give them a better view of the action and because the floor is flat, they won’t be able to see!

Helpful hint #4:  Dollar for dollar the best section to see a concert from at the Prudential Center is the Bud Light Goal Bar.  The Goal Bar is Sections 23-28 (not shown on map) and is tucked neatly above Sections 1-4 and below Sections 101-106.  There are only 3 rows (A,B,C) in the Goal bar which features a full bar, padded seats, separate bathroom area and direct sight lines to the stage. These tickets are very pricey for Devils games, but you can most often find great deals for these seats on TickPick for concerts and family shows.

Helpful Hint #5: The official Prudential Center website provides a 3d seating chart with computer generated pictures of the venue, you can check that out here.

Seat Number Information at Prudential Center

With as many as 20 seats per row at the Prudential Center, the right seat numbers can put you up to 70 feet closer to the action.  Ticket sellers often underestimate the value of their seat number, so being armed with the right information prior to purchase can help you find great deals on the best seats.  The main thing to remember here is that Seat 1 is always closest to the higher section number.

Club and Premium Seating at Prudential Center

The Prudential Center offers fans plenty of opportunities to enjoy premium seating, which we’ve outlined in detail below:

  • The Restaurant Ledge is a great option for those looking to impress guests. While the views may not be as great as some of the other premium options, guests will have ample space in which to move around, and won’t have to deal with any lines for the dining areas or pre-game buffet.
  • The Goal Bar is the idea option for fans who are looking to gather as a group, as it gives access to a full bar, private concessions and a lounge, and provides great seating behind the next on the second level of the arena.
  • Club Seats located between sections 8 and 19 as well as rows GL1-5 in sections 7 and 9 and GL 1-8 in sections 18-20 have access to renovated clubs just next to the lower bowl with a full-service bar, multiple TVs, and also are treated to an all-inclusive buffet.

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