QUIZ: What Famous Rapper are You?

Breaking news! We at TickPick….are proud to present you…our second-EVER…(drum roll, please)…


I don’t know, was that too dramatic? We’re too excited to tell. For any of you readers out there who were struck with violent illness or some such emergency (which are the only possible why you’d miss our first-ever quiz…right?), we’ll summarize. It was inspired by some crazy Yeezus rumors we’d been hearing about. It was also hilarious and everyone had lots of fun without you. Today’s quiz was inspired by some awesome upcoming rap concerts, which we have also been recently hearing about. What can we say? People tell us things. We hear them. So take our newest quiz below, and tell us things! Like which rapper you got or how much you like taking quizzes. Or you could not. I mean, it’s whatever.

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