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Rangers vs Devils Rangers vs Islanders Yankee StadiumAs part of the NHL Stadium Series the Rangers will face the Devils on January 26th & the New York Islanders on the 29th. Speak to any die-hard Rangers fan and you’ll hear how meaningful these games are. One fan told me “this is the type of game that you tell your kids that you went to”.

So no wonder why the cheapest tickets for the Rangers vs Devils tickets on 1/26/14 are reselling for $165. For the Rangers vs Islanders tickets on 1/29/14 tickets are significantly less, and they’re available for as low as $85.

Interestingly enough Rangers vs Devils tickets are still available from TicketMaster, but the cheapest tickets available are $198 and that’s for seats in section 233A. On TickPick there’s a pair of seats in section 201 row 13 for $163, which I believe is a better deal.

So why are there better, or at least equivalent seats available on resale marketplaces like TickPick?

You’ll often see this happen for an event like the NHL Stadium Series where it’s extremely hyped up, and dare I say, the face value of the tickets were overpriced?

The NHL Stadium Series, specifically the Rangers Stadium Series ticket prices will fluctuate tremendously. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can benefit from this. That’s because events that were overpriced at the onset, will see a decrease in ticket prices (90% of the time) as the event gets closer. We provided a guide as to how to get the cheapest NHL tickets, which provides great tips, such as buying your tickets within one week of the event.


NHL Stadium Series Yankee Stadium Seating Chart


TicketMaster’s note on the Yankees Stadium Series Seating Chart:

“Please Note: That the scaling of the venue is not typical of an indoor hockey game. Due to sight lines, the higher priced seats will be in the highest levels of the building and similarly, the lower priced seats will be closest to the field.


Stubhub’s comments regarding Rangers NHL Stadium Series Seating Chart:

“Please keep in mind that this is a baseball stadium, not a hockey rink. Some tickets close to the field may have partially limited views based on their proximity to the rink.”


If you have specific questions about the Yankees Stadium Seating Chart this guide will answer questions such as seat numbers, row numbers, seat views and more.

Lastly, if you have any other specific question about The Rangers Stadium Series leave your questions in the comments below.

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