Recap and Results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT – Week of July 2nd

This week, WWE brought us a whole lotta, well, let’s just get started, shall we? Here are the highlights and results from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT from this week, July 2nd through 4th.

Monday Night Raw – July 2nd

Okay, so Raw wasn’t that interesting this week and they haven’t done much to get us amped for Extreme Rules, which is coming up fast. We saw a lot of repetitive, easy-to-call storylines and Roman Reigns wrestled… twice? But there was a porta-potty involved, which is different.

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler attacked “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns as he was trash-talking Bobby Lashley. Predictably, Seth Rollins came in to save him (or return the favor from last week, whatever). Backstage, an angry Reigns begged Kurt Angle for revenge a tag-team match later that night against the dirty, double-teaming duo. Angle agreed, on the grounds that Reigns pair up with Lashley even later that night in another tag team match. Sure, that sounds… reasonable?


Reigns and Rollins v. Ziggler and McIntyre. 

The duo of heels here – Ziggler and McIntyre – really have chemistry in the ring together. Rollins initially cleaned house with some impressive leaps, a suicide dive, and a frog splash while Reigns handled the outside of the ring with a drive-by. However, the tides turned and Ziggler began to wear Rollins out, keeping the excitement level higher than your average tag team match. Following lots of exaggerated crawling and teased attempts at a tag-in from an exhausted Rollins to Reigns, the match ended in a DQ when The Revival appeared to snatch Reigns out of the ring and beat up on him. Fans weren’t sure he’d be able to compete in his match later that night, but of course…

Reigns and Lashley defeat The Revival by disqualification.

Why are we still pairing two people together that hate each other? And why so many tag team matches in one night, huh? Thanks, Angle. Anyway, attempting to check their egos at the door and get along, Reigns and Lashley found they just couldn’t do it. A worn-out Reigns was incessantly double-teamed by The Revival and yet he could not bring himself to tag in Lashley. That’s how much he hates him. They won by DQ when The Revival just wouldn’t stop beating on Reigns. After the bell, Lashley stormed off instead of helping him out.

Kevin Owens v. Braun Strowman… and The Porta Potty Incident

Following last week’s car-flipping scene by Strowman, Owens asked Kurt Angle to take some disciplinary action. Seems fair, right? Well, nah, he’d rather these two settle it in the ring.

As the main event of the night, it was pretty disappointing in terms of actual wrestling. Owens panicked and ran from the ring before the match could start, apparently terrified of The Monster. He made it to the parking lot but (oh no!) couldn’t find his keys, so he hid from Strowman in a porta-potty. After discovering Owens, Strowman duct-taped him inside and dragged the porta-potty to the stage where he knocked it over. Owens emerged covered in blue liquid. Thank goodness it was that color, right?

So what else happened?

The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide. After seeing them last week for the first time in a while, it looks like AoP is back in action. It was a pretty one-sided match, making AoP look athletic and dominant, so maybe this means they’re back for good.


Curtis Axel v. Matt Hardy. Axel won this rather unimportant match after dominating much of the time and thwarting an impressive comeback attempt by Hardy. But at least we got to see another one of the B-Team’s funny impressions.

Ember Moon defeated Liv Morgan.

Mojo Rawley really hates No Way Jose, his music, and dancing. Rawley refused a rematch… just like last week.

Nia Jax defeated Mickie James. With Natalya by her side (preventing Bliss from entering the ring), Jax ended this one with a Samoan Drop. Jax confirmed her title match with Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules… and she said Ronda Rousey will be there. Oooh, that IS exciting!

Sasha Banks and Bayley attended counseling but it ended in a heated argument. Shocker.

SmackDown – July 3rd

This week’s episode focused on our favorite surprise from last week – the return of Team Hell No. And it was a good night for all…

Team Hell No reunited and back in action.

With the duo officially back after five years, they appeared together on Tuesday and we were reminded of why they’re so great. Daniel Bryan was also reminded of all the bad things Kane did to him in the past. You know, casual stuff like trying to end his wrestling career and kidnap his wife? NBD.

Paige came out to announce the bickering twosome would be taking on The Usos that night. And if the Usos could pull off a win, they’d add them to the tag team title match at Extreme Rules, but we knew that wouldn’t happen…

Team Hell No defeats the Usos

You can’t have this excellent team reunite and not immediately dominate. That would be incredibly disappointing. They showed they’re still amazing in the ring (as well as on the microphone) and they’ll take on The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules. Their future opponents ended the show by coming on stage for a dramatic stare-down. Yeah, good luck trying to intimidate Kane…

AJ Styles v. Aiden English

After some back and forth trash talk between AJ Styles and title challenger Rusev to build up their event at Extreme Rules, we got to see a match from the reigning WWE Champion. Rusev did his best to distract him, but Styles still pulled off an easy win. The Lion of Bulgaria couldn’t stop there though and attacked Styles outside the ring, making him kinda look like the bad guy rather than the fierce, fair-fighting competitor we thought he was.

Asuka v. James Ellsworth. How silly. The Empress was absolutely dominating him (surprise, surprise), so Ellsworth ran off and Asuka had to chase him down, resulting in a double count-out. Back in the ring, Carmella knocked out Asuka and Paige announced a lumberjack match between Asuka and Ellsworth next week… where the ring will be guarded by the women’s division so he can’t wuss out.

Jeff Hardy retains his US Championship v. The Miz. He did it in full American face paint for the holiday. This match was yet another open challenge for a title belt. Seems to be the norm nowadays on SmackDown and Raw.

Becky Lynch v. Peyton Royce. Lynch won this match using the Dis-Arm-Her causing Royce to tap out. Lynch just keeps winning…

SAnitY ruined a perfectly good pancake-eating contest. The New Day was just about to pig out.

NXT – July 4th

Johnny Gargano was the main event on this patriotic evening.

Dakota Kai v. Santana Garrett. Kai took the W in this match while maintaining her lovable, underdog persona. The two wrestlers even shook hands before the match. After a comeback through several kicks and strikes, Kai used the Sunset Lungblower to get the pin.

Shayna Baszler’s promo in the ring included her bragging about beating Nicki Cross and claiming that it doesn’t matter who the WWE finds to challenge her, she’ll be keeping the NXT Women’s Title, thank you very much.

Bianca Belair sent us a promo from her honeymoon yacht, reminding everyone she’s undefeated.

Otis Dozovic vs. The Mighty in a Handicap Match. This was supposed to be Heavy Machinery in a tag team match, but an injured Tucker Knight left Dozovic to do it alone. Despite a valiant effort and supreme display of skills by Dozovic, The Mighty prevailed. Even though he lost, the crowd clearly loves the big man.

Chris Dijak vs. The Velveteen Dream. Fans were into this one too, chanting for both wrestlers throughout the match. Dijak dominated early on but the Velveteen Dream finally won it with a spinning DDT.


Johnny Gargano vs. EC3. Still angry at Ciampo and possibly changed because of it, Gargano was a little more vicious than we’ve seen him before. EC3 tries to slow the match down, but regardless, there are spears, dives, superkicks, and Garga No-Escapes aplenty. Gargano ends it with a knee to the face and DDT, but he doesn’t look happy about the win.

What’d we miss? Did these matches get you pumped for Extreme Rules or fall short?

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