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This week’s final go-home shows before TLC weren’t crazy exciting, but they were a heck of a lot better than last week’s efforts. We saw lots of matches that revealed a glimpse into what we can expect from the contenders at TLC Here’s our recap and the results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of December 10th through 12th.

Monday Night Raw – December 10th

Seth Rollins confronts Baron Corbin and gets a TLC match. Seth Rollins opened the show by calling out Baron Corbin and blaming him for Raw’s shortcomings as of late. Basically, he listed all the reasons Raw sucks and why its ratings are down as a result of Corbin whom he called a failure. (TBH, it all felt very true.) Corbin said it was his show and if Rollins didn’t like it, too bad – it would only get worse for The Architect. Rollins tried to push Corbin into a tables, ladders, and chairs match for tonight but the Constable resisted until Rollins repeatedly called him a coward. Looks like we got ourselves a match!

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeated the Authors of Pain to win the Raw Tag Team Titles. Roode and Gable really seemed more upset about Drake Maverick peeing on that robe the other week than any other aspect of this feud or the titles. Adding Maverick to make this a handicap match only ruined things for AoP. After the duo took out Gable with a powerbomb, Maverick tagged himself to get the easy pin again, only to fall victim to a quick roll-up by Roode. New champs!

Ruby Riott threatens Natalya with a table. To hype her TLC match against Ruby Riott, Natalya came out and told everyone she was dedicating it to her late father, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, and got a little emotional. Of course, Ruby Riott & Co. interrupted with a special Christmas gift – a table with Neidhart’s image on the top that Ruby plans to send Natalya through on Sunday.

Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler. In a rematch from last week, Ziggler made it clear that he was done being used, reminding everybody that he’s still the bad guy around here. Meanwhile, McIntyre doesn’t care about losing last week because he’s still more dangerous than ever. Their match was solid, with Ziggler driving the Scotsman into a steel post and nearly winning by count-out. But McIntyre was able to kick out of a ZigZag and hit a Claymore to get the pin, stomping on Ziggler after the bell despite the refs’ efforts to hold him back

Bayley defeated Alicia Fox. This match tried to hype the ever-unpopular Mixed-Match Challenge, so Jinder Mahal and Apollo Crews were there to throw a wrench in the action. Whatever. Sasha Banks was there to support her friend as well. Crews and Banks fought off the Singh Brothers and the babyface hit a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex for the pin.

Dean Ambrose cut a promo. In an interview by Charly Caruso, Ambrose called Rollins an idiot madman with a big fat ego that he’s trying to soothe. He said that would only get The Architect into trouble again. Ambrose then promised to take away his title away at TLC… if Rollins still had it by then. Caruso asked about Roman Reigns, but Ambrose said nothing except “Who cares?” After Raw aired a montage of clips about the heated rivalry between the former Shield brothers, the Lunatic Fringe walked off.

Seth Rollins defeated BaronCorbin to retain the Intercontinental Title. Slater ref’d this one too at the behest of Corbin, and for a while, it looked like Rollins really had made a bad decision signing up for this match. Rollins got in a few chair shots before Constable turned a suicide dive by Rollins into a chokeslam through a ringside table. In return, The Architect put Corbin through a table with a frogsplash but Slater knocked Rollins off a ladder to spoil the potential victory. Rollins eventually pulled off the win by hitting Corbin with a powerbomb through another table, kicking Slater, and using the Stomp on the Constable before ascending the ladder. Ambrose came out to stare him down.

Lio Rush defeated Elias. They’re really gonna keep this feud going, huh? Elias sang and taunted Bobby Lashley as usual until he and the little man came out. Elias basically won his match against Lio Rush with a powerbomb, but Lashley interfered and told Heath Slater (in his new position as referee) not to call a DQ. Lashley smashed a guitar over Elias’s head and Rush swooped in to cover as they yelled at Slater to count to three. Seems fair, right? We learned that at TLC, Elias and Lashley will have a ladder match with a guitar suspended above that can/should be used as a weapon too.

Nia Jax talks trash to Ronda Rousey. Taking the mic from Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax began a cringe-worthy promo to tell the crowd how she’s going to win the title and break her opponent at TLC. As a 6-feet-tall, 300 pound Samoan woman, she’s the “anti-Rousey.” But then Rousey herself came out hell-bent on fighting rather than talking. Jax and Tamina Snuka tried to gang up on her but Ember Moon came out to make it a fair fight. Then things turned into an impromptu singles match and…

Ember Moon defeated Tamina Snuka. Rousey kept Jax from interfering and Moon hit an Eclipse to get the pin. Meh.

SmackDown – December 11th

Daniel Bryan starts the show with Mustafa Ali. The “New” Daniel Bryan opened the show by apologizing to the fans for calling them sheep, because that was offensive to the sheep. The WWE audience, he said, is more like a parasite. He reminded everybody that the old Bryan is dead and that he would destroy AJ Styles and his championship dreams at TLC. Mustafa Ali tried to introduce himself and Bryan interrupted to give him some advice. He could teach him something: The fickle crowd won’t care about him – they’re too distracted by their mindless consumption – and they don’t deserve a match. Ali asked what happened to his former inspiration, the old Daniel Bryan, who would want a fight tonight, just like him. Bryan asked what kind of car Ali drove and then popped him in the face for being ignorant when he told him he drove an SUV. (Does anyone else think that eco-friendly is such a weird heel angle?)

Daniel Bryan defeats Mustafa Ali. The match began and Bryan beat down Ali with a series of kicks. Ali got a two-count with a tornado DDT but then missed an attempt at a 450 splash. Bryan ended things by forcing him to tap out using the heel lock. After the match, he attacked Ali on the ramp, stomping on his head and putting on the heel lock again, obviously sending a message to Styles. Backstage, the Phenomenal One said he was ready to beat the hell out of Bryan.

A rap battle between The Bar and The Usos. So weird. While The New Day hosted in tuxedos, The Bar came out dressed like Run DMC and attempted a very rough version “Ice Ice Baby.” The Usos responded with a freestyle rap making fun of Sheamus and Cesaro and totally won the battle and the crowd, but the Bar ended the segment by pummeling both tag teams.

The Miz and Shane McMahon defeated The Vegas Boys, Chip and Chad. In the ring with the trophy from the World Cup, The Miz asked Commissioner Shane McMahon to be his tag team partner again. McMahon came out in street clothes (again) and said his constant requests were getting kinda weird. But the Miz proceeded to call out their opponents, another couple of jobbers. After getting attacked from behind, McMahon screwed up a DDT and won the match with a (bad) triangle choke. Backstage, Paige said she hadn’t sanctioned the match and McMahon confronted Miz – who apparently wanted to make this a long-term partnership – and refused his handshake.

Rey Mysterio attacked Randy Orton. As the Viper was cutting a promo ahead of his TLC match with Mysterio, he showed videos of the previous weeks’ harassment of the masked one. But Mysterio appeared and hit him with a chair and then a 619, standing tall as Orton quickly escaped.

Jeff Hardy and Rusev defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe. Hardy and Joe continued their personal feud but this time we had a tag team match to change things up. The heels wore down Hardy and later on he and Joe ended up outside the ring. Nakamura attempted a Kinshasa but Rusev countered with a Machka Kick to score the pin.

Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair via DQ. With Becky Lynch on commentary again, Charlotte Flair and Asuka combined for a solid main event on Thursday in anticipation of their triple threat match at TLC. The Queen escaped an Asuka Lock but The Empress just put on another one, followed by an Octopus Submission. Flair eventually took control and set up the Figure Four but Asuka was able to reverse. The Queen broke free and targeted her opponent’s knee, using the ring post to do even more damage. After a couple of near falls on each side, Asuka got Flair in the Asuka Lock and then Flair lost control, using a kendo stick from under the ring against The Empress and causing the disqualification. As Lynch got up to watch, Flair hit her with the stick too and then returned to her original opponent. Lynch attacked, but Asuka grabbed a kendo stick and finished them both off to close out the show.

NXT – December 12th

EC3 defeated Bobby Fish. Undisputed Era opened the show and apparently Tyler Cole’s idea of a good holiday season involves destruction, starting with EC3. Fish dominated the match, working over EC3’s knee before the tide turned. EC3 stopped the rest of Undisputed Era from interfering by knocking them off the apron and rolled up Fish using an inside cradle for the 1-2-3. After the bell, the trio beat up on EC3 until Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic ran out to make the save.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated The Mighty. After their attack a couple weeks ago, these teams continued their feud with a match. There was action inside and outside the ring, but it never stopped. Oney Lorcan made a dive that took everybody out, but Nick Miller turned things around with a side suplex and The Mightly then focused their attention on Lorcan. He managed to hang on and hit a double DDT as Danny Burch came in with a headbutt and together they got the win using a Spike DDT.

Mia Yim defeated Reina Gonzalez. Yim avoided the bigger Gonzalez at the start of the match and attempted a guillotine choke. Gonzalez escaped and hit her with a vertical suplex onto the ropes, leaving her dangling, and then got in a few stomps for a two-count. After taking some punches and fighting out of a backbreaker rack, Yim came back and got the pin with Seoul Food to earn a spot in the Fatal 4-Way.

Ricochet defeated Tyler Breeze to retain the North American Championship. The crowd loves Breeze (with his flashy pants and all) and they chanted for both guys throughout the match. Ricochet hit Breeze with a dropkick that sent him out of the ring early, but Breeze was able to turn things around for a bit. He stomped Ricochet and set him up on the ropes but got knocked down and ended up on the receiving end of several more kicks from Ricochet, plus a 619 and springboard back elbow. The champ missed a splash but managed to land on his feet and pummel Breeze with a few more punches before he got the pin with a Michinoku Driver to keep the title.

Did you watch this week? Are you going to check out TLC?

WWE Event Schedule with Ticket Prices

Dec 147:30 PM WWE: LiveBridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN From $46
Dec 157:30 PM WWE: LiveRabobank Arena – Bakersfield, CA From $28
Dec 157:30 PM WWE: LiveOracle Arena – Oakland, CA From $42
Dec 163:30 PM WWE: TLCSAP Center – San Jose, CA From $85
Dec 174:30 PM WWE: RawGolden 1 Center – Sacramento, CA From $34
Dec 177:30 PM WWE: LiveStockton Arena – Stockton, CA From $41
Dec 184:45 PM WWE: SmackdownSave Mart Center – Fresno, CA From $40
Dec 267:30 PM WWE: LiveAllstate Arena – Rosemont, IL From $45
Dec 267:30 PM WWE: LiveMadison Square Garden – New York, NY From $51
Dec 277:30 PM WWE: LiveNassau Coliseum – Uniondale, NY From $45
Dec 277:30 PM WWE: LiveNationwide Arena – Columbus, OH From $43
Dec 287:30 PM WWE: RawLittle Caesars Arena – Detroit, MI From $63
Dec 287:30 PM WWE: LiveRoyal Farms Arena – Baltimore, MD From $48
Dec 297:30 PM WWE: LiveUnited Center – Chicago, IL From $56
Dec 297:45 PM WWE: SmackdownPPG Paints Arena – Pittsburgh, PA From $30
Dec 307:30 PM WWE: LiveFirst Niagara Center (formerly HSBC Arena) – Buffalo, NY From $170
Dec 307:30 PM WWE: LiveAmalie Arena – Tampa, FL From $53
Jan 36:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveFull Sail Live – Winter Park, FL
Jan 47:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveCenter Stage Theatre – Atlanta, GA From $166
Jan 47:30 PM WWEColumbus Civic Center – Columbus, GA From $33
Jan 57:30 PM WWE: LiveDonald L. Tucker Center At Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center – Tallahassee, FL From $26
Jan 57:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveSpartanburg Memorial Auditorium – Spartanburg, SC From $51
Jan 57:30 PM WWEGreensboro Coliseum – Greensboro, NC From $39
Jan 67:00 PM WWE: LiveCrown Coliseum – The Crown Center – Fayetteville, NC
Jan 67:00 PM WWE: Live – Summerslam HeatwaveGermain Arena – Estero, FL From $39
Jan 77:30 PM WWE: LiveNorth Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC From $31
Jan 77:30 PM WWE RawAmway Center – Orlando, FL From $43
Jan 87:45 PM WWE: SmackdownJacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena – Jacksonville, FL From $41
Jan 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaCharleston Civic Center – Charleston, WV From $111
Jan 127:30 PM WWE: LiveFreedom Hall Civic Center – TN – Johnson City, TN
Jan 127:30 PM WWE: LiveKnoxville Civic Coliseum – Knoxville, TN From $33
Jan 137:00 PM WWE: LiveRupp Arena – Lexington, KY From $36
Jan 137:00 PM WWE: LiveVon Braun Center Arena – Huntsville, AL From $36
Jan 146:30 PM WWE RawFedex Forum – Memphis, TN From $36
Jan 147:30 PM WWE: LiveUTC Mckenzie Arena – Chattanooga, TN
Jan 156:45 PM WWE: SmackdownLegacy Arena at The BJCC – Birmingham, AL From $34
Jan 187:30 PM WWE: LiveAT&T Center – San Antonio, TX From $43
Jan 197:30 PM WWE: LiveDenny Sanford Premier Center – Sioux Falls, SD From $34
Jan 197:30 PM WWE: LiveTaylor County Expo Center – Abilene, TX
Jan 205:00 PM WWE: LiveKay Yeager Coliseum – Wichita Falls, TX From $43
Jan 205:00 PM WWE: LiveCHI Health Center Omaha – Omaha, NE From $31
Jan 216:30 PM WWE RawChesapeake Energy Arena – Oklahoma City, OK From $59
Jan 217:30 PM WWE: LiveKansas Expocentre – Topeka, KS From $31
Jan 226:30 PM WWE: SmackdownINTRUST Bank Arena – Wichita, KS From $44
Jan 247:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveViejas Arena At Aztec Bowl – San Diego, CA
Jan 256:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveRiverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
Jan 264:15 PM WWE: NXT TakeoverTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $46
Jan 274:00 PM WWE: Royal RumbleChase Field – Phoenix, AZ From $24
Jan 285:30 PM WWE RawTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $39
Jan 287:30 PM WWE: LiveTucson Arena – Tucson, AZ From $28
Jan 295:30 PM WWE: SmackdownTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $37
Feb 17:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaSaskTel Centre (formerly Credit Union Centre) – Saskatoon, SK From $53
Feb 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaRogers Arena – Vancouver, BC From $55
Feb 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaBrandt Centre – Evraz Place – Regina, SK From $61
Feb 31:00 PM WWE: LiveSpokane Arena – Spokane, WA
Feb 44:30 PM WWE: RawModa Center at the Rose Quarter – Portland, OR From $52
Feb 47:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaYakima Valley Sundome – Yakima, WA From $46
Feb 54:30 PM WWE SmackdownComcast Arena At Everett – Everett, WA From $50
Feb 77:30 PM WWE: NXT LivePine Belt Arena (formerly the Poland Spring Arena) – Toms River, NJ
Feb 87:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaCanadian Tire Centre (formerly Scotiabank Place) – Ottawa, ON From $39
Feb 87:30 PM WWE: NXT Live vs. WWEMid Hudson Civic Center – Poughkeepsie, NY From $67
Feb 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaNIU Convocation Center – Dekalb, IL From $31
Feb 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaGeneral Motors Centre – Oshawa, ON
Feb 105:00 PM WWE: NXT LiveRyan Center – Kingston, RI From $49
Feb 107:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaDow Event Center – Saginaw, MI From $34
Feb 107:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaAllen County War Memorial Coliseum – Fort Wayne, IN From $28
Feb 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaCanton Memorial Civic Center – Canton, OH From $34
Feb 117:30 PM WWE: RawVan Andel Arena – Grand Rapids, MI From $45
Feb 127:45 PM WWE: SmackdownHuntington Center – Toledo, OH From $42
Feb 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaSames Auto Arena – Laredo, TX From $56
Feb 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaThe Rapides Parish Coliseum – Alexandria, LA From $52
Feb 175:30 PM WWE: Elimination ChamberToyota Center – Houston, TX From $78
Feb 186:30 PM WWE: RawCajundome – Lafayette, LA From $53
Feb 187:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaLake Charles Civic Center Arena – Lake Charles, LA From $47
Feb 196:30 PM WWE: SmackdownSmoothie King Center (Formerly New Orleans Arena) – New Orleans, LA From $57
Feb 227:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaArkansas State University Convocation Center – Jonesboro, AR
Feb 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaColonial Life Arena – Columbia, SC From $34
Feb 237:30 PM WWEBancorpSouth Arena – Tupelo, MS From $39
Feb 247:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaGarrett Coliseum – Montgomery, AL From $33
Feb 257:30 PM WWE Raw Live vs. WWEState Farm Arena – Atlanta, GA From $51
Feb 267:45 PM WWE: SmackdownSpectrum Center – Charlotte, NC From $40
Mar 17:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaWicomico Civic Center – Salisbury, MD
Mar 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaTarget Center – Minneapolis, MN From $42
Mar 35:00 PM WWE: LiveEagleBank Arena – Fairfax, VA From $36
Mar 37:00 PM WWE: LiveWar Memorial At Oncenter – Syracuse, NY From $31
Mar 47:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawWells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA From $40
Mar 57:30 PM WWE SmackdownMohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza – Wilkes Barre, PA From $67
Mar 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaBlue Cross Arena – Rochester, NY From $58
Mar 106:30 PM WWE: FastlaneQuicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, OH From $60
Mar 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaCovelli Centre (Formerly Chevrolet Centre) – Youngstown, OH From $36
Mar 127:30 PM WWE SmackdownEJ Nutter Center – Dayton, OH From $51
Mar 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaFive Flags Center – Dubuque, IA From $58
Mar 167:30 PM WWE: LiveFiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI From $46
Mar 177:00 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaPeoria Civic Center – Arena – Peoria, IL From $44
Mar 177:00 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaResch Center – Green Bay, WI From $46
Mar 187:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaBMO Harris Bank Center – Rockford, IL From $28
Mar 197:30 PM WWE SmackdownBankers Life Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, IN From $51
Mar 227:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaCURE Insurance Arena – Trenton, NJ From $41
Mar 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaFirst Arena – Elmira, NY From $38
Mar 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaUtica Memorial Auditorium – Utica, NY From $40
Mar 257:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaPPL Center – Allentown, PA From $28
Mar 257:30 PM WWE: RawTD Garden – Boston, MA From $49
Mar 267:30 PM WWE SmackdownMohegan Sun Arena – CT – Uncasville, CT From $79
Apr 17:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawCapital One Arena – Washington, DC From $40
Apr 56:15 PM WWE: NXT TakeoverBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $60
Apr 66:45 PM WWE Hall of Fame 2019Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $46
Apr 75:30 PM WWE: WrestleMania XXXVMetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $111
Apr 87:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $58
Apr 97:45 PM WWE: SmackdownBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $31
Aug 117:00 PM WWE: SummerslamScotiabank Arena – Toronto, ON From $448
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