Recap and Results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT – Dec. 3-5

[sc name=”Flair Corner”] We continue to trudge toward TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Did we say we wanted more build-up to PPV events from now on? Maybe we didn’t mean it. Prepare for lots of the same feuds. Here’s our recap and the results from WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of December 3rd through 5th.

Monday Night Raw – December 3rd

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka doesn’t exactly happen. As advertised, The Baddest Woman on the Planet came out to start her tag team match with Natalya against Jax and Snuka. The Riott Squad, however, had other ideas. Their music hit and they carried a table out, providing a distraction for their fellow heels to attack first. Jax drove Natalya into the corner and then Rousey took on both opponents herself. Snuka pulled Rousey out of the ring and, with help from Jax, threw her into the steel steps. Meanwhile, The Riott Squad continued their assault on Natalya. A tired and possibly injured Rousey tried to come to her rescue and suffered a leg drop by Jax on her way. The Riott Squad then powerbombed Natalya through a table and as they walked off laughing, Rousey tended to her injured friend. Backstage, Rousey yelled at acting women’s general manager Alexa Bliss for a new teammate to replace Natalya, but Rousey ended up choosing Ember Moon herself.

Rousey and Ember Moon defeated Jax and Snuka. With the Riott Squad sent home, the last match of the night took place and the heels jumped Rousey before Moon even came out. Jax and Snuka isolated Moon for a long time as the ref held Rousey back from saving the day. Finally tagged in, Rousey took out a lot of frustration with several punches and knees. She hit a Superman Punch and very cool step-up knee on Snuka before Jax stopped the attempt at a pin. Moon hit an Eclipse and then Rousey used an armbar on Snuka for the tap-out victory.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Mickie James and Alicia Fox. There was another pointless “get to know us” forum with Banks and Bayley in the ring. One fan hinted at the potential for a Women’s Tag Team Division in Raw, which Bayley said they’d be super down for… as the first champs, of course. Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke ran out to challenge them and GM Alexa Bliss set up a match between the babyfaces and Fox and James. It looked like the heels might dominate but Banks and Bayley finished them off with a Backstabber followed by a Bayley to Belly Suplex for the win.

Lucha House Party defeated Scott Dawson. Again with the Lucha House Rules. This 3-on-1 match ended with a Salida del Sol by Kalisto and a senton by Metalik for the Lucha victory… again.

Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre cut a promo. Baron Corbin deemed Monday “Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night” and thanked McIntyre for his unwavering support – defeating Kurt Angle, helping him beat Finn Balor last week, all that stuff. Corbin gave him the “gold medal of excellence” – some medallion in a box – and McIntyre said he was just doing what nobody else was strong enough to do: stamp out weakness and complacency on Raw so that it’s just the strong and mighty left. McIntyre went on to talk about Finn Balor, calling him a boy in a man’s world and threatening to break his spirit at TLC.

Cue Dolph Ziggler’s music. The Showoff was kinda sad about being left in the dust. Remember when they were partners? McIntyre said that Ziggler was never invited to this party, making fun of his ex-buddy’s height and admitting he just used Ziggler to get to this prominent position. An angry Ziggler hit him with a Zig Zag and walked off, but Corbin stopped him from leaving, arranging a match between the two ex-partners for – you guessed it – right here, right now.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Drew McIntyre. McIntyre controlled this match early, putting a hurting on Ziggler and banging him around outside the ring and getting on the microphone to taunt The Showoff and make digs at Finn Balor. Ziggler avoided the pin for the time being, but then Finn Balor walked out, causing a pop from the crowd. As McIntyre threw Ziggler back into the ring, accidentally toppling the ref, Balor snuck in a dropkick on the Scotsman, who was barely able to recover and beat the count-out. As McIntyre rolled back into the ring, he walked right into a superkick from Ziggler who got the pin as a laughing Balor cheered and headed back up the ramp.

Elias cuts a promo. Elias got into the ring with his guitar to trash Bobby Lashley again, telling the crowd that he wanted to wrap his guitar around Lashley’s head. But since it seemed Lashley was hiding, it would have to wait until TLC. As Elias started to play a song, Lio Rush’s voice drowned him out and he intro’d Lashley and his multiple poses. Elias headed up the ramp to attack and drove Lashley into the video screen while chasing Rush with his guitar. Lashley headed for cover and, oddly enough, a smiling Finn Balor showed up and tossed Rush out in the open so that Elias could smash his guitar over the little guy. Great stuff.

Drake Maverick and the Authors of Pain defeated Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. This was supposed to be a rematch that would give Roode and Gable a shot at the Raw Tag Team Title, but first Roode would have to defeat Maverick solo. AoP attacked Gable backstage, however, and Corbin turned it into a handicap match for Roode (seems fair?). Gable was on his way out but AoP took out Roode with a Super Collider. Maverick waltzed in and covered him for the pin.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continue their feud. Ambrose showed up in a gas mask with a SWAT team, saying it was for his protection and insulting the people of Houston. The Lunatic Fringe admitted he was purposely saying things to get under the skin and rile up the emotions of Seth Rollins. He said that Rollins would lose control at TLC… of his emotions and the Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose claims he’s the only one in the WWE with any integrity left, calling himself the moral compass of the organization. Rollins’s music hit but he appeared through the crowd, attacking Ambrose from behind. Rollins cleared out the SWAT team before chasing Ambrose into the crowd and fighting him in the middle of all the seats. Ambrose hit his former friend with a gas mask and connected with a Dirty Deeds. Finally back in the ring, he pulled Rollins up by the hair and hit another Dirty Deeds before walking off.

Heath Slater defeated Rhyno. These guys used to be tag team partners on SmackDown, but Corbin said there was only room for one of them on Raw. Facing off for the position, Rhyno dominated most of the match but Slater won with a reverse neckbreaker. Backstage, Corbin handed Slater a referee shirt and told him to do his job. So weird.

Finn Balor defeated Jinder Mahal. After a night of sneaky appearances to help out people of his choosing, the Irishman finally had a real match of his own. Samir Singh stopped an early Coup de Grace and Apollo Crews came to get rid of the would-be interfering sidekicks. Mahal quickly eliminated Crews with a swift kick to the head. Balor finished the match with a Tope Con Hilo and Coup de Grace to get the win over The Maharaja. The celebration didn’t last long though. McIntyre attacked Balor backstage, throwing him into some kegs.

SmackDown – December 4th

Becky Lynch, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair sign their contracts… and argue.  Paige had Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka in the ring to sign the contract for their TLC title match. Lynch told the crowd she would win it because the pain of tables, ladders, and chairs is nothing compared to what she’s gone through to get here. She accused Flair of being handed the opportunity, but The Queen told her to shut her mouth – she picked up the ball Lynch dropped at Survivor Series. Asuka chimed in to remind people that Lynch has beaten Flair but she’s never beaten The Empress. She also told Lynch that she chose wrong when she picked Flair to take her place at Survivor Series – Asuka could’ve beaten Rousey. Flair and Asuka got into it as Lynch signed her contract and walked off. Then Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville interrupted to air their grievances about this title match. So Paige paired up Asuka and Flair to have a match against Rose and Deville right there.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose defeated Asuka and Charlotte Flair. While Flair appeared to dominate the competition, Lynch came out to watch and mock her future opponents. When Flair accidentally kicked Asuka in the face, the team totally broke down, which allowed Deville, who looked impressive during this match, to pin The Queen.

Jey Uso defeated Xavier Woods and Cesaro. Each of these men took control at one point or another, but Cesaro knocked Woods out of the ring and walked right into a superkick from Uso, allowing him to get the pin. Just a little preview of what we might see from these men’s respective tag teams at TLC.

Miz TV hosts the “New” Daniel Bryan. Miz introduced SmackDown’s newest heel, Daniel Bryan, to the show. The Miz says Bryan can finally agree that Miz was right: a win is a win no matter how you get it and he shouldn’t care what the crowd thinks of him. The sweater-clad Bryan said it was just one kick to the groin one time compared to all the sins that this “fickle” crowd commits against the Earth and the environment all the time (plastic water bottles, eating meat, methane gas, etc.). Yeah, it got a little weird. AJ Styles appeared and began marching toward the ring, but Bryan threw Miz into him and tried to escape through the crowd. Styles pulled him back out and a panicked Bryan tried to dissuade him from attacking. Back in the ring, Miz got involved and hit Styles with a Skull-Crushing Finale as Bryan got away.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy. This again? Orton controlled the entire match and then Samoa Joe appeared on the big screen (in a bar) to give the audience a lecture about excessive drinking. He provided a distraction which allowed The Viper to hit an RKO for the win.

AJ Styles defeated The Miz. With Daniel Bryan on commentary and interfering to help Miz win at every turn, Styles still pulled of the submission victory with a Calf Crusher. As Styles celebrated, Bryan knocked him down from behind, tried to wrap Styles’s knee around the post, slammed his face into the announcer table, and locked on the heel lock. Just when we thought it was over and the refs had it under control, Bryan again stomped on Styles’s face repeatedly. To close out the show, Bryan repeatedly called the crowd “fickle” and went after Styles’s knee again. As the commentators noted, the newest heel was clearly trying to make sure his TLC opponent wouldn’t be 100% at their TLC title match.

NXT – December 5th

Matt Riddle defeated Punishment Martinez. There was a good amount of back and forth in this one. But after Martinez escaped it once, Riddle finally locked on the Bro-Mission for the submission win. After the bell, Kassius Ohno knocked out a posing Riddle and stood over him on the ramp.

The Forgotten Sons defeated Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo. The heels were able to isolate Mendoza for a while in this strength vs. speed match. Carrillo tagged in and hit a few dropkicks and cross-bodies, flying all over and even managing a two-count. But as Carrillo got ready for one more leap, the Forgotten Sons caught him and hit a Scorpion Death Drop and double stomp combination for the win.

Shayna Baszler defeated Dakota Kai. Baszler dominated Kai, targeted her elbow, and almost caused her to lose via count-out, but Kai fought back with a series of kicks and a stomp. Kai climbed the ropes and the two fought it out up top, but Baszler caught her with a kick to the face followed by a gutwrench superplex. An out of breath Baszler finally got the win via submission with the Kirifuda Clutch.

Tomasso Ciampa, Aleister Black, and Johnny Gargano make a plan. NXT Champ Tomasso Ciampa came to the ring to brag about beating The Velveteen Dream at Takeover but Aleister Black interrupted to cash in his right to challenge Ciampa for the title at Takeover: Phoenix. Johnny Gargano put a stop to all that, coming out to tell Black that they aren’t finished yet. They got in each other’s faces and Ciampa encouraged them to finish things inside a steel cage. Gargano and Black agreed. Then Black tried to hit Gargano with a Black Mass, but when he got away, he just hit Ciampa with one instead.

What’d you think of the WWE this week?

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WWE Event Schedule with Ticket Prices

Dec 147:30 PM WWE: LiveBridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN From $46
Dec 157:30 PM WWE: LiveRabobank Arena – Bakersfield, CA From $28
Dec 157:30 PM WWE: LiveOracle Arena – Oakland, CA From $42
Dec 163:30 PM WWE: TLCSAP Center – San Jose, CA From $85
Dec 174:30 PM WWE: RawGolden 1 Center – Sacramento, CA From $34
Dec 177:30 PM WWE: LiveStockton Arena – Stockton, CA From $41
Dec 184:45 PM WWE: SmackdownSave Mart Center – Fresno, CA From $40
Dec 267:30 PM WWE: LiveAllstate Arena – Rosemont, IL From $45
Dec 267:30 PM WWE: LiveMadison Square Garden – New York, NY From $51
Dec 277:30 PM WWE: LiveNassau Coliseum – Uniondale, NY From $45
Dec 277:30 PM WWE: LiveNationwide Arena – Columbus, OH From $43
Dec 287:30 PM WWE: RawLittle Caesars Arena – Detroit, MI From $63
Dec 287:30 PM WWE: LiveRoyal Farms Arena – Baltimore, MD From $48
Dec 297:30 PM WWE: LiveUnited Center – Chicago, IL From $56
Dec 297:45 PM WWE: SmackdownPPG Paints Arena – Pittsburgh, PA From $30
Dec 307:30 PM WWE: LiveFirst Niagara Center (formerly HSBC Arena) – Buffalo, NY From $170
Dec 307:30 PM WWE: LiveAmalie Arena – Tampa, FL From $53
Jan 36:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveFull Sail Live – Winter Park, FL
Jan 47:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveCenter Stage Theatre – Atlanta, GA From $166
Jan 47:30 PM WWEColumbus Civic Center – Columbus, GA From $33
Jan 57:30 PM WWE: LiveDonald L. Tucker Center At Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center – Tallahassee, FL From $26
Jan 57:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveSpartanburg Memorial Auditorium – Spartanburg, SC From $51
Jan 57:30 PM WWEGreensboro Coliseum – Greensboro, NC From $39
Jan 67:00 PM WWE: LiveCrown Coliseum – The Crown Center – Fayetteville, NC
Jan 67:00 PM WWE: Live – Summerslam HeatwaveGermain Arena – Estero, FL From $39
Jan 77:30 PM WWE: LiveNorth Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC From $31
Jan 77:30 PM WWE RawAmway Center – Orlando, FL From $43
Jan 87:45 PM WWE: SmackdownJacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena – Jacksonville, FL From $41
Jan 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaCharleston Civic Center – Charleston, WV From $111
Jan 127:30 PM WWE: LiveFreedom Hall Civic Center – TN – Johnson City, TN
Jan 127:30 PM WWE: LiveKnoxville Civic Coliseum – Knoxville, TN From $33
Jan 137:00 PM WWE: LiveRupp Arena – Lexington, KY From $36
Jan 137:00 PM WWE: LiveVon Braun Center Arena – Huntsville, AL From $36
Jan 146:30 PM WWE RawFedex Forum – Memphis, TN From $36
Jan 147:30 PM WWE: LiveUTC Mckenzie Arena – Chattanooga, TN
Jan 156:45 PM WWE: SmackdownLegacy Arena at The BJCC – Birmingham, AL From $34
Jan 187:30 PM WWE: LiveAT&T Center – San Antonio, TX From $43
Jan 197:30 PM WWE: LiveDenny Sanford Premier Center – Sioux Falls, SD From $34
Jan 197:30 PM WWE: LiveTaylor County Expo Center – Abilene, TX
Jan 205:00 PM WWE: LiveKay Yeager Coliseum – Wichita Falls, TX From $43
Jan 205:00 PM WWE: LiveCHI Health Center Omaha – Omaha, NE From $31
Jan 216:30 PM WWE RawChesapeake Energy Arena – Oklahoma City, OK From $59
Jan 217:30 PM WWE: LiveKansas Expocentre – Topeka, KS From $31
Jan 226:30 PM WWE: SmackdownINTRUST Bank Arena – Wichita, KS From $44
Jan 247:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveViejas Arena At Aztec Bowl – San Diego, CA
Jan 256:30 PM WWE: NXT LiveRiverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
Jan 264:15 PM WWE: NXT TakeoverTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $46
Jan 274:00 PM WWE: Royal RumbleChase Field – Phoenix, AZ From $24
Jan 285:30 PM WWE RawTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $39
Jan 287:30 PM WWE: LiveTucson Arena – Tucson, AZ From $28
Jan 295:30 PM WWE: SmackdownTalking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ From $37
Feb 17:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaSaskTel Centre (formerly Credit Union Centre) – Saskatoon, SK From $53
Feb 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaRogers Arena – Vancouver, BC From $55
Feb 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaBrandt Centre – Evraz Place – Regina, SK From $61
Feb 31:00 PM WWE: LiveSpokane Arena – Spokane, WA
Feb 44:30 PM WWE: RawModa Center at the Rose Quarter – Portland, OR From $52
Feb 47:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaYakima Valley Sundome – Yakima, WA From $46
Feb 54:30 PM WWE SmackdownComcast Arena At Everett – Everett, WA From $50
Feb 77:30 PM WWE: NXT LivePine Belt Arena (formerly the Poland Spring Arena) – Toms River, NJ
Feb 87:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaCanadian Tire Centre (formerly Scotiabank Place) – Ottawa, ON From $39
Feb 87:30 PM WWE: NXT Live vs. WWEMid Hudson Civic Center – Poughkeepsie, NY From $67
Feb 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaNIU Convocation Center – Dekalb, IL From $31
Feb 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaGeneral Motors Centre – Oshawa, ON
Feb 105:00 PM WWE: NXT LiveRyan Center – Kingston, RI From $49
Feb 107:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaDow Event Center – Saginaw, MI From $34
Feb 107:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaAllen County War Memorial Coliseum – Fort Wayne, IN From $28
Feb 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaCanton Memorial Civic Center – Canton, OH From $34
Feb 117:30 PM WWE: RawVan Andel Arena – Grand Rapids, MI From $45
Feb 127:45 PM WWE: SmackdownHuntington Center – Toledo, OH From $42
Feb 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaSames Auto Arena – Laredo, TX From $56
Feb 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaThe Rapides Parish Coliseum – Alexandria, LA From $52
Feb 175:30 PM WWE: Elimination ChamberToyota Center – Houston, TX From $78
Feb 186:30 PM WWE: RawCajundome – Lafayette, LA From $53
Feb 187:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaLake Charles Civic Center Arena – Lake Charles, LA From $47
Feb 196:30 PM WWE: SmackdownSmoothie King Center (Formerly New Orleans Arena) – New Orleans, LA From $57
Feb 227:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaArkansas State University Convocation Center – Jonesboro, AR
Feb 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaColonial Life Arena – Columbia, SC From $34
Feb 237:30 PM WWEBancorpSouth Arena – Tupelo, MS From $39
Feb 247:00 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaGarrett Coliseum – Montgomery, AL From $33
Feb 257:30 PM WWE Raw Live vs. WWEState Farm Arena – Atlanta, GA From $51
Feb 267:45 PM WWE: SmackdownSpectrum Center – Charlotte, NC From $40
Mar 17:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaWicomico Civic Center – Salisbury, MD
Mar 27:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestlemaniaTarget Center – Minneapolis, MN From $42
Mar 35:00 PM WWE: LiveEagleBank Arena – Fairfax, VA From $36
Mar 37:00 PM WWE: LiveWar Memorial At Oncenter – Syracuse, NY From $31
Mar 47:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawWells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA From $40
Mar 57:30 PM WWE SmackdownMohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza – Wilkes Barre, PA From $67
Mar 97:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaBlue Cross Arena – Rochester, NY From $58
Mar 106:30 PM WWE: FastlaneQuicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, OH From $60
Mar 117:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaCovelli Centre (Formerly Chevrolet Centre) – Youngstown, OH From $36
Mar 127:30 PM WWE SmackdownEJ Nutter Center – Dayton, OH From $51
Mar 167:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaFive Flags Center – Dubuque, IA From $58
Mar 167:30 PM WWE: LiveFiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI From $46
Mar 177:00 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaPeoria Civic Center – Arena – Peoria, IL From $44
Mar 177:00 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaResch Center – Green Bay, WI From $46
Mar 187:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaBMO Harris Bank Center – Rockford, IL From $28
Mar 197:30 PM WWE SmackdownBankers Life Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, IN From $51
Mar 227:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaCURE Insurance Arena – Trenton, NJ From $41
Mar 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaFirst Arena – Elmira, NY From $38
Mar 237:30 PM WWE: Live – Road to WrestlemaniaUtica Memorial Auditorium – Utica, NY From $40
Mar 257:30 PM WWE: Live – Road To WrestleManiaPPL Center – Allentown, PA From $28
Mar 257:30 PM WWE: RawTD Garden – Boston, MA From $49
Mar 267:30 PM WWE SmackdownMohegan Sun Arena – CT – Uncasville, CT From $79
Apr 17:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawCapital One Arena – Washington, DC From $40
Apr 56:15 PM WWE: NXT TakeoverBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $60
Apr 66:45 PM WWE Hall of Fame 2019Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $46
Apr 75:30 PM WWE: WrestleMania XXXVMetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ From $111
Apr 87:30 PM WWE: Monday Night RawBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $58
Apr 97:45 PM WWE: SmackdownBarclays Center – Brooklyn, NY From $31
Aug 117:00 PM WWE: SummerslamScotiabank Arena – Toronto, ON From $448

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