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Hell in a Cell is over. Roman Reigns is still champ. Brock Lesnar is back. So how did the WWE follow up all that action this week? Here’s our recap and the highlights and results from WWE Raw, Smackdown, and NXT for the week of September 17-20.

Raw – September 17


Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman set a future match with Brock Lesnar

To kick off the show, Reigns came out and told the audience that while Hell in a Cell didn’t go according to plan, hey, he’s still the champion! He proceeded to call out Strowman out, and The Monster entered the ring to tell everybody that he’s tired of Lesnar ruining his shot at the title. Strowman plans to finish off Lesnar himself and then come for Reigns. Constable Corbin chimed in to explain that he’s been trying to work out a solution together with Steph McMahon and they’ve finally got it figured out: a triple-threat match between Reigns, Strowman, and Lesnar at the WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in November.

Then Paul Heyman showed up with the door that Lesnar broke off at Hell in a Cell. Heyman told everybody that Lesnar felt the Universal Title was stolen from him – along with all the money that comes with it – so he’ll be in Saudi Arabia to reclaim the title. Yeah, okay, sure… Strowman said he thought this whole idea “sucked” to begin with chased him off.

And then Corbin set a title match between himself and Reigns for, um, the main event tonight! Why not?


Drew McIntyre defeated Dean Ambrose

In this ongoing feud with The Shield, McIntyre and Ambrose came out to fight each other without their sidekicks. McIntyre targeted the right leg of his opponent and Ambrose dove from the top ring post but landed short, returning only to the ring to be hit with a Claymore for the pin.

Backstage, Ziggler congratulated his teammate and Corbin showed up to tell Ziggler to cash in his rematch clause on Seth Rollins tonight since The Architect was likely too injured to compete and would have to forfeit.

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship

So yeah, turns out Corbin was wrong. An injured Rollins showed up to remind folks that this was still “Monday Night Rollins.” Despite a bad back, The Architect fought off an also-injured Ziggler (he took a fall at Hell in a Cell), kicking out of a roll-up attempt and hitting The Stomp for the pin in what turned out to be a solid match.


The Undertaker Announces Kane is coming to Melbourne!

Well, this was cool. The Deadman waltzed out to his spectacularly eerie music. He once again hit the ring to cut a promo for his match against Triple H. Turns out his brother Kane will be in his corner when they get to Melbourne. The Undertaker says he’s gonna take Triple H’s soul along with his career. The Deadman is going to put him down while Kane watches his back and makes sure that Triple H rests in peace.


Rousey issues an open challenge. Backstage, Rousey told her friends Natalya and the Bella Twins she was thinking about issuing an open challenge for the title. They cautioned her against it, telling her it was easy to make the challenge… but you never knew who’d accept it.

Rousey came out to the ring to make her announcement, complete with a kudos to Alexa Bliss for a good fight at Hell in a Cell. She threw down her challenge and Natalya’s music hit. It looked like her best friend was going to be the one to accept the challenge, but instead it was the Riott Squad dragging Natalya’s limp body onto the ramp. Ruby said she was going to take Rousey on for the title and began to enter the ring, but Rousey quickly began to take out the entire Riott Squad. Things took a turn when Ruby hit Rousey’s injured ribs with a spear. Things only settled down after the Bella Twins came to her rescue, clearing the ring and turning up the anticipation for their six-woman tag-team match down under. Meanwhile, uhh, is Natalya okay?


Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush) defeated Elias. As usual, an Elias promo was interrupted, this time by Lio Rush, Bobby Lashley’s new manager. The two went back and forth with insults before Rush introduced Lashley. Of course, just as it began, Kevin Owens joined the chaos and began trying to attack Rush who escaped using some impressive acrobatics. Lashley eventually saved Rush from KO and then launched his new partner into his opponents to take them both out and stand tall with his manager after the match.


Roman Reigns defeated Constable Corbin to retain the title.

Duh. Corbin quickly disqualified himself by using a chair on Reigns but then used his authority to change the match to a no-DQ bout. He picked up the chair again but then Strowman appeared… and then Ziggler and McIntyre too. Rollins and Ambrose showed up to make things fair, and in spite of the chaos, Reigns was able to hit Corbin with the Spear for the win.

Bayley defeated Dana Brooke. Brooke looked good in this quick match, but Bayley got the win with a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.

Chad Gable defeated Viktor. Gable got the pin off of a German suplex but then Konnor attacked him and his sidekick Bobby Roode, ruining the celebration.

Authors of Pain defeated Gregory James and Barrett Brown. Squash match. How many more nobodies does this team need to beat before AoP gets a match that matters?

Ember Moon & Nia Jax defeated Mickie James & Alicia Fox. Nia Jax returned to Raw to partner with Moon and they took it to the heels. Jax hit Fox with a Samoan Drop to get the pin.

SmackDown – September 18

The Miz and Maryse talk trash in the ring and get what’s coming to them.

After their victory at Hell in a Cell, this married duo appeared dressed to the nines in the ring to trash talk Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s marriage. Of course, then Bryan showed up to attack Miz for those insults to his personal life, knocking him into Maryse who fell down, clutching her midsection in pain. The refs called for the medics to cart her away as Bryan knelt to apologize profusely. Of course, it was all a ruse and Maryse began to laugh in his face as Miz set up the Skull Crushing Finale while his wife held Bryan in place. Bryan ducked it and Miz nailed Maryse instead, knocking her out of the ring. Bryan then clotheslined Miz amidst cheers of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” from the crowd.


Becky Lynch’s coronation as champ.

General Manager Paige introduced a cocky Becky Lynch as the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. Charlotte Flair interrupted, promising she wasn’t there to fight and congratulating her former friend for being the better woman on Sunday. Lynch wasn’t having any of it, responding, “I’m sorry, I stopped listening when you said I was the better woman… from now on, this is my show and my title.” She told Flair to call her “queen” and gave her the opportunity to put the title belt around Lynch’s waist and raise her arm in the air. Flair declined and began to walk away. But when Lynch called her a bitch, Flair attacked. The Irishwoman threw her into the stairs and ended the segment with a Dis-Arm-Her and a Becksploder Suplex. Look at Lynch, slipping into this heel role so well… and yeah, the crowd still loves her.


Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Rusev to retain the US Championship

Rusev Day lost the match for the Tag Team Title at Hell in a Cell, and backstage we saw Rusev telling Aiden English he just wasn’t good enough. During the match, however, English presented his teammate and sat ringside doing commentary and rooting him on. The Bulgarian Lion appeared to have the edge, countering the Kinshasa with a Machka Kick but English created a distraction which allowed Nakamura to roll up Rusev for the pin. The real twist came when English turned heel by barging into the ring, attacking Rusev with the microphone, and solemnly singing “Happy Rusev Day.”

AJ Styles defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

After his win at Hell in a Cell, Styles is apparently pumped for a no-disqualification rematch with Samoa Joe in Australia. In this match, however, Almas jumped Styles early. The Phenomenal One was hit with a serious back elbow before finally making a comeback. Styles countered a Hammerlock DDT and hit Almas with a Styles Clash for the pin. After the bell, Samoa Joe attacked (surprise!) and tried to throw Styles into the steps. They brawled for a while before Joe thumbed him in the eye escaped into the crowd.

Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston.

Out of their usual teams, these two took each other on man to man in a quick match. The New Day showed up dressed in safari gear to support Kofi, who landed a beautiful flip onto his opponent. Cesaro targeted Kingston’s left leg and ended the match when he kicked it out from under him and got the pin with a Gotch Neutralizer.

Asuka defeated Billie Kay. Well, at least she’s back. This match wasn’t super exciting and we’re not sure what the supposed rivalry is all about, but despite a distraction from Peyton Royce, Asuka got the win with a tap-out using the Asuka Lock.

NXT – September 19

Lacey Evans and Aliyah defeated Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo. The babyfaces, Kai and Purrazzo, dominated early on, but soon enough the heels isolated Purrazzo and targeted her arm. The bad gals got the pin on Kai when Evans hit her with a Woman’s Right. Oh, and fashionista Aliyah came out clad in full Burberry.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Humberto Carrillo. Ryker took to the ring without his Forgotten Sons partners, finishing off Carrillo with a slingshot powerbomb for his first televised NXT victory.


Pete Dunne and Ricochet finish in a no-contest. UK Champ Dunne took on North American Champ Ricochet and the crowd was into it. Dunne tried to finish Ricochet with The Bitter End but Ric countered it with a hurricanrana. Ricochet hit another hurricanrana from the top rope, knocking his opponent out of the ring. He followed it with a 450 splash and a brainbuster. But the Undisputed Era broke into the ring and drew the no-contest finish. The War Raiders arrived to chase them off as Dunne and Ricochet stared each other down to end the show. The feud continues…

What do you think? Was this week a solid follow-up to Hell in a Cell?

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