Recap and Results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT – Week of Nov. 12-14

[sc name=”Flair Corner”] This week, the WWE attempted to finish hyping up Survivor Series, Becky Lynch invaded Raw, the brawling escalated, promos were cut, and we even had an unexpected heel turn. Here’s our recap and the results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of November 12th through 14th.

Monday Night Raw – November 12th

Constable Corbin, Braun Strowman, and Ronda Rousey kick off the show. We thought we were going to see a battle royal to determine the tag team contenders at Survivor Series, but The Monster Among Men cleared the ring and opened the show instead, saying he wouldn’t leave until Constable Corbin “gets these hands.” Stephanie McMahon told him that he couldn’t hold Raw hostage, but if he leads the Raw team to victory on Sunday, he can have whatever he wants. Strowman wanted another match against Brock Lesnar. Steph said, “Done.”

Strowman also wants Corbin, along with the stipulations of his choice and a signed waiver so he’s not responsible for the damages. Stephanie McMahon said that he could have all that if he waits until after Survivor Series to touch Corbin. Strowman has to prove he’s a team player and proud member of the Raw roster first. Strowman said that if he doesn’t get wants, he’s going to destroy the whole WWE headquarters.

Ronda Rousey showed up next to tell Steph that there’s nothing she could say to motivate her to win any more than she already is. She’s been waiting for this challenge. Corbin interrupted to spout some nonsense about how they should all be getting ready to beat the SmackDown crew and Shane McMahon. As he cautiously entered the ring and touched Rousey’s shoulder, she dropped him with a hip toss and walked off. Corbin and Strowman stood eye to eye as Stephanie pleaded with the big man to remember their deal. The Monster then promised to neuter Corbin after Survivor Series.

An interview with Seth Rollins… Dean Ambrose speaks. In an in-ring interview, Rollins said he’ll be laser-focused on Nakamura at Survivor Series, but right now, he still wants to know why Dean Ambrose did what he did. Rollins said that Ambrose isn’t man enough to come out and tell him. Then we saw Ambrose on the big screen sitting on the hood of a car next to a burning barrel. Ambrose said he didn’t owe anybody an explanation, including the fans. He accused Rollins of being too selfish and self-absorbed to see anything going on around him. The Lunatic Fringe said that he’s not remorseful and The Shield just made him weak. Then he doused his Shield vest in gasoline and tossed it in the fire. 

Tamina Snuka defeated Ember Moon. Fresh off a betrayal by Nia Jax last week, Moon fell to Superfly Splash from Snuka following a distraction from Jax herself. Alexa Bliss watched backstage. Following the match, Jax hit Moon with a few stomps and a leg drop for good measure.

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler cut a promo. McIntyre stood in the ring to brag about beating Kurt Angle last week, saying he was disgusted at Angle’s crying during their match. He said, “Raw is my show now.” Finn Balor interrupted, saying he couldn’t listen to this anymore – McIntyre crossed a line last week. The Scotsman trash talked him until Balor told him to shut up and challenged him to a match. McIntyre accepted… on behalf of Ziggler. He said that if Balor could beat Ziggler, then McIntyre would consider lowering himself to Balor’s level.

Finn Balor defeated Dolph Ziggler. The match started after a headbutt from McIntyre and a cheap shot by Ziggler. A pretty solid match with a few near-falls ensued. Ziggler almost pinned Balor following a missed Coup de Grace and a roll-up, but Balor quickly reversed it to get the pin himself. A very sore Balor scooted out of the ring and backed up the ramp smiling before McIntyre could get at him.

The Riott Squad cut a promo. In the ring, Ruby Riott addressed breaking Natalya’s father’s sunglasses last week. She sounded upset at all the backlash (and ya know, destroying Natalya’s memories of her late father), but quickly changed her tune and said she “enjoyed every second of it.” Ruby said the Riott Squad has to claw and scratch for everything they get and last week she wanted Natalya to feel some emotion and cry like a baby. She claimed Natalya’s father wore those sunglasses to shade himself from the shame he felt toward his daughter. An enraged Natalya’s music hit and she attacked, but the three-on-one matchup was too much to overcome. The Riott Squad took her out and Ruby rubbed it in by hitting her with her dad’s move, the Hart Attack.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable won the Tag Team Battle Royal against The Ascension, Lucha House Party, The B-Team, The Revival, and Heath Slater & Rhyno. In their second attempt at this match, Roode and Gable finished things off by taking out The Ascension with a moonsault and a neckbreaker followed by an armbar on Konnor.

Bobby Lashley defeated Elias via count-out for a spot on the Raw Men’s Team at Survivor Series. As Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley attempted to cut a promo (complete with lots of poses by Lashley), Elias interrupted and made fun of Rush, pretending to call child services on him. (It was pretty funny.) Lashley told him to come down and say it to his face. Elias responded with, “Bobby Lashley sucks,” before playing a ditty on his guitar and asking the crowd, “Who wants to walk with Elias?” The crowd digs him now. As the match began, Lashley got the upper hand. When the action spilled out of the ring, Rush held Elias’s ankles so he couldn’t get back inside before the count-out. After the bell, Elias attacked, throwing Rush over the ropes and into Lashley.

Alexa Bliss reveals the full Women’s Team for Survivor Series. After reminding everyone that Raw is the best and SmackDown is the B-show, she announced that her team will consist of Natalya, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, and a fifth woman… decided by match between Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks ends in a no-contest. Following a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex, Tamina Snuka and Mickie James forced the no contest between these two friends as they broke up a Banks Statement and attacked the babyfaces. Bliss announced Ruby Riott as the fifth member of her team.

Becky Lynch leads a SmackDown attack. Backstage, we saw Ronda Rousey screaming as Lynch locked her in the Dis-Arm-Her. Officials broke it up and yelled at Lynch to get out of the locker room, so Lynch headed out to the ring which was still filled with Raw’s heels. Out of nowhere, the SmackDown women’s locker room – Asuka, Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, etc. – attacked, beating up on all of them (minus Bliss, who fled the scene). Rousey’s music hit and The Baddest Woman on the Planet ran out with an injured arm to go to work on them. Lynch showed up with a chair, using it repeatedly on Rousey until she was left writing in pain in the center of the ring. To end the night, a bloodied and smug Lynch (with a broken nose, maybe?) walked off with her SmackDown crew as an angry Rousey looked on.

Brock Lesnar in the house. Paul Heyman was back again this week and surprisingly, Lesnar showed up too. They came to discuss his Survivor Series match against AJ Styles. Heyman recapped Lesnar’s win against Styles last year at the very same PPV and doled out a few backhanded congratulations to Braun Strowman, the SmackDown roster, and AJ Styles. The crowd chanted for Styles, but Heyman said that he doesn’t have a chance against Lesnar after he checks into Suplex City. Then Jinder Mahal’s music hit. The Maharaja is still bitter about losing his title to Styles before The Phenomenal One went on to face Lesnar last year. Mahal offered his meditation services to help the Beast win his match. Lesnar just hit him and the Singhs with a few F5s, smirked, and called it a day.

SmackDown – November 13th

Paul Heyman instigates a fight between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Styles came to the ring to respond to Heyman and Brock Lesnar’s threats from Monday night. He says he’s defeated all of his opponents except Lesnar, but he intends to do that at Survivor Series. Well, that’s what he was going to say until Paul Heyman interrupted to talk about his client… somehow transitioning the conversation into how Styles is “this close” to being as good as Daniel Bryan. Styles reminded everybody that he made Bryan tap out very recently. Enter Daniel Bryan, who said he’s got respect for Styles but he’s still looking for a reason to punch him in the face. They began to brawl until the refs could pull them apart. The fighting continued backstage until Shane McMahon arranged a title bout between the two… for tonight.

Jeff Hardy defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas. Nobody really liked this match. Hardy got the pin following a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.

Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz. Backstage, the Miz celebrated becoming the sole captain of the SmackDown men’s team and tried to throw Mysterio off the squad. Instead, GM Paige scheduled a match between the two men with the stipulation that Mysterio could keep his spot if he won. Miz controlled for a while, but Mysterio hit a 619 and then frog splash that Miz blocked with his knees. Miz almost used that momentum to get the pin but Mysterio kicked out after two and pinned Miz instead. Post-match, Randy Orton showed up to continue his attacks on Mysterio, but when he got away, Orton hit Miz with an RKO instead.

Becky Lynch picks Charlotte Flair to replace her at Survivor Series. Lynch came out to the ring with a black eye and possibly a broken nose, but her potential concussion is going to keep her from fighting on Sunday. Womp womp. Lynch said she could still beat Rousey in her condition and that her future opponent isn’t the baddest woman on the planet, she’s the luckiest. Because Lynch isn’t medically cleared to compete against Rousey, she has to pick her replacement – someone she knows can get the job done. As the SmackDown women’s locker room stood before her, she told Charlotte Flair, “Go beat Ronda the way I was gonna beat Ronda. You make her tap out the way I was gonna make her tap out.” The two then surprisingly shook hands and hugged. Friends again? Who knows?!

The Bar and The Big Show defeated The New Day. The Big Show won this one for his new friends with a KO Punch to Kofi Kingston.

The Usos pick their teammates. In addition to The New Day, we saw The Usos select the Good Brothers, Sanity, and the Colóns.

Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Wait, what?! These two were in the midst of another epic showdown when the unthinkable happened: a heel turn by Daniel Bryan. Styles targeted his opponent’s leg while Bryan focused on Styles’s left arm and applied a Yes! Lock. Styles escaped and leaped from the top rope for a Phenomenal Forearm, but as he was mid-air Bryan propelled him into the ref. While the official was knocked down, Bryan kneed Styles in the groin, pretty much incapacitating him. With a crazy look in his eye, he followed it up with a running knee and the 1-2-3 to win the championship. After the bell, Bryan further solidified his heel turn by kicking Styles in the face and repeatedly stomping on his head. So it’ll be Bryan vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series then. Dang.

NXT – November 14th

Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim. In a pretty evenly matched bout, neither woman dominated early on. Belair did a little hair grabbing and later threw Yim out of the ring. Yim fought out of a submission and got a two-count on Belair with a gutwrench suplex. The two traded control of the match yet again, but Belair hit a KOD for the pin to maintain her undefeated streak with NXT.

Lacey Evans defeated Karissa Rivera in a squash match. She even did a few pushups on Rivera before slamming her head into the turnbuckle and hitting a Woman’s Right for the win.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Hanson. These members of Undisputed Era and the War Raiders battled it out in a decent main event, making it work despite their size differences. O’Reilly focused on his opponent’s knee to even the odds, but Hanson battled back, escaping a kneelock, tossing O’Reilly out of the ring, and hitting a suicide dive followed by a bronco buster. Adam Cole came to his buddy’s rescue, ruining a moonsault by Hanson and kicking him in the face while the ref was distracted. Hanson still managed to fight back, but then Rowe, Pete Dunne, Ricochet, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish all joined the mix to battle it out ringside. With the ref distracted, O’Reilly hit Hanson with the tag team belt to score the pin and the victory.

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