Recap and Results of WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT – Week of Oct. 8-10

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They’ve wrapped up WWE Super Show-Down and now we’re working our way towards WWE Evolution and Crown Jewel. So this week was part fallout and part build-up. What was it like, you ask? Well, there were surprise appearances, reunions, and superstar heel turns. Here’s our recap and the results of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of October 8-10.

Monday Night Raw – October 8th


D-Generation X is back, baby!

Fans of the Attitude Era, rejoice! After the Triple H’s victory over the Undertaker in Melbourne, he appeared on Raw with his best bud Shawn Michaels. The Game says that after everything he’s been through, like the vicious attack by the Deadman and Kane, respect is apparently dead in the WWE. Well, except for Michaels who has it in spades. Triple H has been thinking over the past eight and a half long years of his career, and he wants to know one thing… “Are you ready?!”

The duo then ripped off their shirts to reveal DX t-shirts and did their signature pose in the middle of the ring. D-Generation X is back and they’re challenging the Brothers of Destruction to a match at Crown Jewel. If you’re not down with that, well, they’ve got two words for you…

Bobby Lashley defeated Kevin Owens

Lio Rush sat ringside as Lashley took on Kevin Owens, a sort of rematch after Lashley’s victory at Super Show-Down. It was a long match during which he wore down KO’s injured knee and got the pin using The Dominator. After the bell, Lashley made a heel turn, targeting both of Owens’s knees by bashing them against the post. Backstage, just to drive the point home that they’re bad dudes now, Rush and Lashley talked trash to Bayley and Finn Balor.


Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins defeated the Riott Squad. Things take a turn.

Rousey interrupted an Elias segment for a rematch with the Riott Squad after defeating the heels down under. Brie Bella and Liv Morgan brawled, but Rousey eventually tagged in and started cleaning house. The twins helped by keeping Morgan and Logan from interfering while Rousey set up the armbar and got the tapout from Ruby Riott.

After the bell Rousey grabbed their hands in celebration and hugged them both before being attacked from behind by Nikki. The Bellas began laughing and kicking Rousey before the star fought back using some judo moves, tossing them out of the ring. Two-on-one, the twins slammed Rousey’s head into the post and slammed her into the stairs before they dragged her back into the ring and stood victorious over her limp body. Later, a Nikki-Rousey title match was announced for Evolution.


Finn Balor and Bayley defeated Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox

This was a rematch of last week’s mixed-match challenge, but it just wasn’t that great… and it had the same outcome. Fox did a lot of hair pulling before Bayley could finally tag in her teammate. Balor hit a Sling Blade and a double stomp before running into a big boot. Fox broke up a pin attempt and Bayley stopped Sunil Singh from interfering, allowing Balor to hit a Coup de Grace for the 1-2-3.


Constable Corbin assembles a Battle Royale. Kurt Angle wins.

A promo announced that John Cena would take part in the eight-man World Cup tournament at WWE Crown Jewel – and that he would be the only wrestler who need not qualify for entry. Corbin said he wanted in too, so he assembled a battle royale, the winner of which would qualify for the second spot. The match was clearly filled with a bunch of scrubs and indy talent, setting him up for the easy win… though they almost eliminated Corbin after ganging up on him.

One guy, The Conquistador, sat outside the ring and waited for the other competitors to be eliminated before jumping back in to attack. The mystery man used three German Suplexes and an Angle Slam (and a few dance moves) before clotheslining the Constable out of the ring. He then pulled off his mask, revealing himself as none other than the “vacationing” general manager Kurt Angle. Looks like he’ll be at WWE Crown Jewel.

Ember Moon defeated Nia Jax via count-out. These two battled it out, but the fight ended up outside the ring after a suicide dive attempt by Moon. Jax charged Moon but slammed into the apron instead. Moon slid back into the ring just in time to avoid the count-out.


Trish Stratus chats with Alexa Bliss, changes things up for Evolution. These women confronted each other Monday night, and Stratus challenged Bliss “right here, right now.” Mickie James suggested otherwise, like maybe a tag match? Right on cue, WWE veteran Lita appeared as Stratus’s future partner, so that’s what’s going down at Evolution instead of two singles matches. The women began to brawl but Bliss quickly ducked away and ran for it while the veterans took on James. As Lita readied for a moonsault, Bliss saved James from the ring… too bad. Would’ve been fun to watch.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeated The Ascension. After weeks of losing, this relatively new tag team snagged a victory. Roode was about to win the match with a Glorious DDT but looked on annoyed as Gable ended things with a bridging German Suplex instead. Following the bell, AoP showed up and attacked, taking everybody out. So maybe we have a new feud on our hands…?


Paul Heyman is back too. He came to talk about his client Brock Lesnar and his triple threat match at Crown Jewel against Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. Basically, he wanted to tell everyone that Lesnar has been relaxing and recharging while the others have been flying around the world competing and wearing themselves out. He wants to make it known that The Beast is still out there and he doesn’t need teammates or partners like these other guys in order to get the job done and win back the Universal Title.


The Dogs of War defeated The Shield.

In another rematch from Super Show-Down, we saw that the WWE really likes to keep the fans on their toes. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre repeatedly argued over the course of Monday night about who the weak link in the team is, and the arguing bubbled over into the match. Rollins and Ambrose hit simultaneous suicide dives, followed by a leap from Reigns that laid everybody out. The crowd cheered on Ambrose, but the Monster Among Men took out The Shield and then yelled at his own partners for being weak.

Strowman attacked Reigns ringside, but Ambrose made the save with a DDT. Reigns hit the spear, Rollins took out Ziggler, but Ambrose was hit with a Claymore by McIntyre for the pin. The heels celebrated as Ambrose stormed off to end the show.

SmackDown – October 9th

Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title

Following their matchup at Super Show-Down where Lynch DQ’d herself to avoid a loss, their rematch at SmackDown had one stipulation: a disqualification would cost Lynch the title. This match took up half the show on Tuesday night.

The Irish Lass Kicker targeted Flair’s left arm, causing The Queen to lose some of the control she showed early on. There were a couple of near pins and the women brawled so long outside the ring that they were counted out by the ref. Because it wasn’t a DQ, Lynch retained the championship belt. Flair didn’t let her escape, however, and chased her former friend up the ramp, spearing her into the giant video screen. We later learned that they’ll have a Last Woman Standing Match at WWE Evolution for the title.

Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe to qualify for the World Cup at Super Show-Down

After his loss to AJ Styles at Super Show-Down, Samoa Joe rolled in with a bandage on his knee. Hardy attacked it and the ref eventually ended things when Joe was no longer able to stand up. Guess we’ve got another man for our eight-man match at Crown Jewel.


Miz TV sits down with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles

The Miz said he was going to be professional tonight and then proceeded to introduce AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan to the show. Miz was clearly trying to stir things up between them, but they shook hands instead. Miz was disgusted by this mutual respect, and Bryan taunted him, asking if he’d like to talk about their Super Show-Down match instead… cause that wouldn’t take long, ha!. Styles said that unlike his feud with Samoa Joe, his match with Bryan will stay between the ropes.

Bryan says he’s got a lot to prove since his return and now only Styles stands between him and his dream of the WWE Championship. Styles responded, saying, “Well, I’m not moving. Not for you or anybody.”

Just when we thought things might get serious, Styles asked Bryan how fun it was to punch Miz in the face. Miz then snapped, calling Bryan’s win a fluke, saying he didn’t get a rematch because Bryan is a charity case, and calling the WWE Championship irrelevant because Styles isn’t headliner material. He wants a shot at the title after Crown Jewel, no matter who holds it. Miz then intro’d the next match…

AJ Styles defeated Benjamin Shelton. Yeah, the guy who beat Bryan last week. Benjamin got in a few good moves, but Styles won it with a Phenomenal Forearm for the 1-2-3.


Lana gives her version of the Milwaukee tale.

Aiden English threatened to show the rest of the video from last week, claiming he’s been offered six figures for it. But he had a proposition for Rusev: Leave Lana, reform Rusev Day, and he’ll burn the tape. Instead, Rusev asked him to show the rest of the tape, but he declined, stating this was a “family show.”

Lana surprised him, saying she’d show it then, because they’d hacked his computer. Turns out, the video was merely Lana saying, “I want you… to know how much you mean to Rusev… and everything you’ve done for his career.” Blah blah blah. We then saw English make a pass at Lana and she rejected his advances and left.

English admitted they’d caught him and then renewed his proposition. Rusev attacked and English fled.

Randy Orton defeated the Big Show to qualify for the World Cup at Crown Jewel

This was weird, but we got a fourth for our eight-man matchup. The enormous veteran Big Show hit a chokeslam but Orton poked him in the eye and connected an RKO for the pin to win.

NXT – October 10th

Tomasso Ciampa talks.

The NXT Champ came out to address The Velveteen Dream who appeared dressed as flamboyantly and retro as always. The Dream said the NXT Title deserves better, calling Ciampa “an angry, little bald man” and accusing him of attacking Aleister Black. Ciampa responded that he’s the one with the shiny, shiny belt and maybe the Dream isn’t tough enough to take it from him. Cue crazy Nikki Cross. She weirdly taunted both wrestlers, saying, “I know what you did.” Super odd, but the crowd was into it.


Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves. Lee needed to get a win and he did. Reeves hid behind the apron before popping Lee in the face and gaining control. But eventually, the larger Lee ended things with a running shoulder block followed by a supernova for the pin.

Ricochet defeated Adam Cole and Pete Dunne to retain the North American Championship.

Remember how they set this match up last week? All three big men got into the ring to fight it out with no one gaining an advantage early on. There were moonsaults, head butts, finishing moves, and near pins galore. Cole hit the Last Shot, Dunne hit the Bitter End, and just as the UK Champ was going to cover, Ricochet swooped in with a 630 Splash to break it up and cover Dunne to win the match.

So did you find anything to get excited about this week in the WWE?

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