Recap and Results WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT – Week of July 9

This was the last week of WWE action before Extreme Rules, and we got a little bit of wrestling and a lot of filler, but either way, it’s going down next Sunday (even if it didn’t this week). Here’s our recap – complete with results and highlights – from WWE for the week of July 9th.

Monday Night RAW

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns Drama

Reigns was on his way to the ring when Lashley stepped in front of him to say this: If Reigns calls him out there, he ain’t comin’ to talk. Of course, once he’s in the ring, Reigns obliges, calling him out. Despite Angle telling them to save it for Extreme Rules, they began to brawl. We’re still not sure exactly why these two hate each other enough to have to be separated by like 20 other wrestlers… but they do. Later in the show, each of them did promos trash-talking the other and claiming they’d win on Sunday. We shall see.

More Drama… from Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre

We’re obviously saving a lot of the primo wrestling for the PPV event, so these three just stuck with making jokes about college, Crossfit, and uh, inappropriate remarks about having relations with sheep in Scotland. Rollins headed to the ring to tell everybody how pumped he was for his Iron Man match with Ziggler at Extreme Rules when (surprise!) The Showoff and McIntyre interrupted to do some bragging of their own. Rollins teased McIntyre enough for the Scotsman to challenge him to a match later in the evening.

Oh, and Kurt Angle threw in a fun little stipulation that if McIntyre lost tonight, he’d be banned from the ringside at Ziggler’s Extreme Rules match, so of course…


Drew McIntyre defeats Seth Rollins

Our hero here couldn’t pull off the win (even though it looked like he was about to), and with a bit of help from the distracting Ziggler, McIntyre got the pin to win the match. He connected with the Claymore to snag the victory and will get to stick around to meddle during Extreme Rules (we assume). Man, this heel duo, they go nowhere without each other.

Mojo Rawley defeats No Way Jose

After weeks of denying Jose a rematch and making fun of his dancing posse, Mojo gave El Jefe what he wanted. Jose started out aggressive but he was no match for Mojo’s Alabama Slam which got him the pin and the win in this match. The crowd didn’t really seem into this lengthy fight.


Nia Jax and Natalya defeat Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

Man, when is Rousey gonna be back? Jax beat James with a running leg drop to get the pin in this quick match, but the real action happened afterward. Following the match, Bliss went wild and began beating them both with a kendo stick. Jax – filled with some great emotion during this segment – chased her out of the ring and snapped the stick over her knee. Jax reminded everybody how much she hated Bliss for her mocking and lying to her in the past, and she did a solid job building tension for their match at Extreme Rules.

Ember Moon defeats Liv Morgan. Yep, she wins another one. Maybe we should see more of her.

Kevin Owens is a wimp. And apparently, he also has a doctor’s note to say he can’t wrestle right now. He told Angle that he’s upset about the way he’s been treated lately – you know, all the car flipping and porta potty tipping by Strowman. So to ensure his safety, Owens said he’d stick right by Angle’s side all night. Lame.


Bo Dallas defeats Matt Hardy

After weeks of cutting funny promos, the B-Team appeared in person dressed as the Deleters of Worlds. Apparently, Hardy and Wyatt are tired of their mocking and joking, and they came out to make it clear that this taunting was over. Despite all that anger, Hardy still couldn’t win this match and the B-Team is looking great going into Extreme Rules. An annoyed Hardy and Wyatt attacked the duo afterward. Oh, and The Revival watched backstage.

Sasha Banks and Bayley go (back) to counseling… with a different “therapist” in the same room and same outfits, and um, it’s pretty boring. TBD where this is going.

Baron Corbin and Elias defeat Finn Balor and Bobby Roode. Roode talked a little trash backstage, claiming he and Balor would pull off the win tonight. Well, he was wrong. Before the match, Elias played some jams and Corbin sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” (it just keeps getting weirder, right?). The match had some solid action, ending with Elias distracting Roode and Corbin dropping the End of Days on Roode to get the win.


Team Hell No and Miz TV

Our favorites were back in the ring this week, bickering with Miz instead of each other this time. The Miz put on a video recap of the Team Hell No’s escapades together and Daniel Bryan got a little too worked up. Only a perfectly timed intro by The Bludgeon Brothers kept us from seeing Kane chokeslam Miz. (Ah well, maybe next time.) The always-into-chaos Sanity attacked and The New Day came to the rescue. Teams on teams. GM Paige then announced a very unpredictable and exciting 10-man tag team match for later that night!

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

In anticipation of Styles’s match at Extreme Rules, we saw him take on Nakamura while his future opponent Rusev and Aiden English looked on. There was some furious, back-and-forth action, a little taunting, and a distraction from English before Rusev pulled Styles out of the ring causing a DQ (and a win for The Phenomenal One). Don’t worry though, Jeff Hardy came in to save Styles from any further damage. Great fighting, but it’s too bad there was no clear winner! It did set things up for a tag team match later that night though…

Styles and Hardy v. Rusev and Nakamura

Styles is obviously tired at this point, okay? Rusev gave him a little taste of what’s to come on Sunday before charging into a steel post himself, giving Styles some time to recover. He tagged in a face-painted Hardy who let loose on Rusev. But after Nakamura pulled Hardy down from the ropes (causing Hardy to land squarely on his, um, crotch), Rusev had the opportunity to get the Machka Kick and the pin.


Asuka vs. James Ellsworth in a Lumberjack Match

This is one we’ve been waiting for. Ellsworth continues his terrible sexist act – ya know, talking trash about the women’s division, confidently winking at Carmella, and calling her “babe” before heading to the ring.

The match began, and an annoyed women’s division stood guard. Well, kinda. They took out a lot of their frustrations on Ellsworth, but they also fought each other for no apparent reason. Asuka dove from the top rope down onto all of them, causing everybody to tumble like bowling pins. Eventually, she got the win over Ellsworth like we always knew she would. Then Carmella jumped into the ring and they got in a few nice punches before the smarmy Ellsworth popped up and sprayed The Empress in the face with hairspray… kinda ruining her victory. We can’t wait to see Carmella and Asuka have a straight-up match against each other at Extreme Rules. Fingers crossed Ellsworth can stay out of it!

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas vs. Sin Cara

After weeks of putting this match off due to injury, we finally got it done. Almas pulled off the victory in this battle of the former friends. It was a quick match, but maybe it means Almas is back for good?


Team Hell No and The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers and Sanity

This is a lotta big dudes in one ring. Even if it wasn’t a super important match, it highlighted how good the SmackDown Tag Team Division is (especially when compared to Raw’s). This wild main event got a bit chaotic as every guy wanted to showcase his passion and quintessential moves. It ended with Daniel Bryan getting the pin over Eric Young, but it’s Team Hell No’s chemistry that we’re loving.

Before the match, we got to see Kane strategizing with Bryan and quoting NSYNC. (Kane’s love for NSYNC continues to be one of the best running jokes in the show.) And after the match, the two celebrated in the ring together and a giddy Bryan kept trying to fire off Kane’s pyrotechnics, startling the big man when he actually did it.

Man, this reunion has been fun. Wonder how long it’ll last? Like seriously, Kane is running for mayor…


Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Brent Seven) vs. Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly) for the Tag Team Championship

The crowd really digs both these duos. The title changed hands in this match after a fast-paced tempo and Undisputed Era’s underhanded tactics targetted the injured knee of Trent Seven. Despite Seven’s injury, however, it was Bate that eventually threw in the white towel after being locked in the double kneebar. Undisputed Era is now the tag team champs!

Adam Cole vs. Danny Burch

Cole had the upper hand early on in the match, but the crowd was behind Burch all the way. After a lot of back and forth, Cole hit him with a superkick and a neckbreaker to get the pin.

Candice LeRae and Shayna Baszler talk trash in the ring. They had to be separated by the refs. It’s clear that LeRae is no longer just the wife of Johnny Gargano.

NXT Champion Aleister Black shows up for a quick interview. A still angry and moody Gargano interrupts reminding him that he hates Ciampa and doesn’t want him to win the title. And what do you know? Ciampa shows up and attacks Black with a DDT to the concrete floor.


Kairi Sane vs. Vanessa Borne

After all the back and forth promos, social media posts, and bad-mouthing each other these past few weeks, these women finally got in the ring together. Sane won this one by getting Borne to tap out using the Anchor (aka, the cross-legged Boston Crab). Post-match, Sane said she’s comin’ for the women’s title and calls out Baszler.

How’d you feel about this week? Ready for Extreme Rules?

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