Recent Ric Flair Appearances – Our Favorite Moments with the Nature Boy Lately!

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From our childhood memories of the Nature Boy to his epic switch from WCW to WWE to his appearances in the ring with his daughter Charlotte these days, Ric Flair just doesn’t stop. After a health scare last year, he took some time off to rest and recover but now he’s back at it, having a lot of fun even outside the wrestling ring. And we can’t get enough! Here are some of our favorite recent Ric Flair appearances and surprises.

Ric Flair Surprises The Tonight Show

By now, you know how hip-hop loves Ric Flair and you’ve probably seen The Nature Boy’s cameo in the music video for Offset’s hit “Ric Flair Drip.” (If you haven’t, it’s amazing and you need to do that now.) In April, however, the extravagant Migos member performed his song in a makeshift wrestling ring on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Flair surprised everyone, showing up to join him onstage wearing a robe and dancing, much to the excitement of the audience. The Nature Boy was clearly having a good time rapping and strutting around… and it was everything we dreamed it would be.

Flair is really fun to follow on Instagram, and he even detailed his entry into the studio with his wife Wendy hauling his magnificent robes backstage – of course, he brought one for Offset too!

WWE Unveils a Massive Ric Flair Statue

Move over Ronaldo, here’s one guy that deserves a ridiculously flamboyant statue. Flair might’ve wrestled his last match 10 years ago, but just last year, the WWE immortalized him with a statue at WrestleMania AXXESS. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were there to unveil the statue in front of Flair and his family as well as other WWE legends. It’s a larger than life replica of The Nature Boy in his prime – flowing locks, luxurious robes and all.

The ceremony took place in Orlando, the same place Flair wrestled Shawn Michaels in the final match of his career, and the whole thing was undeniably emotional. Other WWE Hall of Famers like Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Sting, and Shawn Michaels were in attendance as well. The loyal crowd joined in, throwing out chants of “You deserve it!” and “WOOOO!”

Triple H gave a speech to his mentor, saying,

From the kid in the ‘80s sitting on the couch, he inspired me and millions of others to be the best at whatever they chose to do… Shawn just bet me some money that I would make Ric cry. It’s not that big of a challenge because he will… And just know this, over the years, you have gone from being my hero… my inspiration, to one of my best friends. This is about one thing: And it’s about the one thing you are about. And that one word is and always will be for you, respect.”

An emotional Flair came out to his classic music and made a short speech as well, saying in part, “This is my family right here. Stephanie McMahon, I’ve known her since she was about 12 years old. Ricky Steamboat. Ricky Morton. Double A. Robert Gibson. My beautiful family that sacrificed so much to let me go around the world being Ric Flair. I can’t thank you enough, Orlando. I’m so honored to be in this position.”

Cue tears from, well, everybody.

Ric Flair Surprises Charlotte After She Wins Her First Title

Wanna keep crying? Wanna watch something awesome in slow motion? You’re in luck! Back in November of 2017, Charlotte Flair won her first championship belt in her hometown of Charlotte after she challenged Natalya for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

As if that weren’t enough excitement, her dad came out to surprise her as she lifted the belt over her head. The Queen ran up the ramp and into his arms in celebration. Even when Flair isn’t wrestling, he’ll always be in her corner. Aw, you guys…

It’s almost better than that time Flair surprised a very hateable Vince McMahon in Charlotte back in 2001. Ah, the good ol’ days…

And of course, his partnership with TickPick

Everybody knows Ric Flair is a total icon and it’s awesome to be in the presence of greatness. Here he is in his first TickPick commercial. He loved filming with us just as much as we loved having him around here. You can even read about his endorsement with TickPick in this Sports Illustrated article. Now, check out our “No Extra Flair” clip.

His only concern? Flair says, “I can still cut a promo, but I wish I had a tan for that commercial.” We can’t wait to see more from the Nature Boy and TickPick. So stay tuned…

What are your favorite Ric Flair moments recently?

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