Results and Recap of WWE Raw, Smackdown, and NXT – Week of July 16

So… Extreme Rules went down on Sunday and this week we experienced the repercussions as we started the march toward SummerSlam. Here are the results, highlights, and our recap of WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of July 16th.

Monday Night Raw

Let’s take it back for a sec. At Extreme Rules, Kurt Angle made the announcement that we’ve all been waiting for: Brock Lesnar needs to show up or be stripped of the WWE Title… specifically, he needs to show up at Raw on Monday night. Obviously, WWE wants that championship belt in play for SummerSlam. Looks like they’ll get their wish…

Lesnar will defend his WWE Title at SummerSlam

As Angle appeared on Raw to make good on his promise to strip Lesnar of the title, Paul Heyman interrupted. Heyman explained away the big man’s absence by saying that Lesnar wanted to wear the WWE belt while making another go for the UFC Championship. The crowd got amped that Lesnar might actually turn up on Raw (no such luck), but we did learn that Lesnar has agreed to be at SummerSlam to defend his title.

Cue the entrance of Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Roman Reigns, all vying for their chance to face Lesnar in the coming match. What’s poor Angle to do? Well, book a couple of triple-threat matches for later that night, of course, with the winners to face each other next week on Raw for a shot at Lesnar.

Maybe this time that “number one contender” match will actually go down…


Reigns defeats Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre

This was a big-time match and super entertaining, with the burgeoning star of Raw coming out on top. Balor and McIntyre both resorted to using a chair to stop Reigns from connecting his finishing moves, but Reigns countered by spearing McIntyre through a barrier wall, ducking a Claymore which knocked Balor in the face, and spearing Balor to get the pin.

Lashley defeats Elias and Seth Rollins

Well, whaddya know? Lashley won this one… meaning that the two guys who totally hate each other – who’ve been feuding for the past several weeks and just fought each other at Extreme Rules – will face one another once again in the near future. (Lashley won on Sunday, FYI.) While not quite as intense as the previous Raw match, we still enjoyed the action. Rollins did most of the work in this one, only to have his attempts at a final pin thwarted by dramatic kickouts. Elias pulled Rollins out of the ring before Lashley speared him and pinned him for the win.


Ronda Rousey will take on Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam

FINALLY. Bliss appeared in the ring (with Mickie James by her side) to do some bragging about how she’s beaten every woman on Raw. Well, the crowd disagreed with that statement and began chanting Rousey’s name. Bliss disregarded her – since she’s still suspended and all.

Cue an entrance from the woman we’ve been waiting for.

Rousey showed up to the delight of fans, hopping into the ring and attacking James with some seriously quick and well-executed moves. Bliss and the refs were able to pull her off (sound familiar?) but Rousey continued her violence by dragging Bliss out of the ring by her hair. Angle broke it up this time and announced that Rousey’s suspension would be extended by a week BUT he would allow her to challenge Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title at SummerSlam… provided there’s no more interfering or funny business on her part.

Keep it together, Rousey. We’re ready to see you in action!


Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox

Angle told these two feuding women that if they couldn’t get along, he was gonna trade them to SmackDown. In this surprisingly intense match, Banks saved Bayley from a beating before the ref counted both teams out.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Back in the locker room, Banks and Bayley talked about their feelings and the segment ended with Banks telling her, “I just don’t understand why you don’t get it. I love you. I always have and I always will. There, I said it.”

TBD on whether the two are just making up or whether they’ll start dating…

Other stuff that happened:

Dolph Ziggler defeated Bobby Roode in a long match where Roode hurt his knee and fell to a Superkick from Ziggler for the pin.

Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide in what turned into a double-teaming of Apollo Crews after Titus O’Neil got taken out early.

Mojo Rawley defeated Tyler Breeze, getting the pin with an Alabama Slam and keeping his recent bad attitude in tact.

Sarah Logan defeated Ember Moon after a distraction from Liv Morgan.



Miz holds a funeral for Team Hell No

Well, it seems our favorite team is no more. The Bludgeon Brothers beat Team Hell No at Extreme Rules, injuring Kane and leaving him free to chase his political ambitions outside the ring. It was kind of expected, but we’re still sad.

The Miz rubbed salt in the wound on SmackDown by staging a “funeral” for Team Hell No. He also taunted Daniel Bryan by calling him a “glory hound” and saying that the resurrection of this tag team was nothing more than a bid for Bryan to remain relevant. Bryan’s music came on and he attacked Miz, who only escaped with the help of his pallbearer cronies. We can only hope this means they’ll have a match at SummerSlam… or before?


Jeff Hardy defeated Shinsuke Nakamura by disqualification (US Title Rematch)

After some trash talking promos by both guys, these two got in the ring together. An injured Hardy looked like he was gonna pull off the win and reclaim his title, but a vicious Randy Orton showed up and pulled Hardy out of the ring. Orton pounded Hardy’s head against the metal steps a few times before throwing him over the desk. Then he stuck his finger through Hardy’s gauged ear hole (sounds gross, but how else do you say it?) and pulled hard. This was some really angry stuff. Orton teased that we’ll have to wait and find out why he’s doing all this. Solid heel turn though.

AJ Styles defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

This was the first big match for Almas and he looked good. Almas made it a tough one for Styles, dominating him for most of the match. He eventually tapped to the Calf Crusher, but perhaps we’ll be seeing more of him around here?


Becky Lynch defeated Mandy Rose

She just keeps winning… and winning… and winning. This week it was via submission using the Dis-Arm-Her. Afterward, she cut a promo saying that all this fighting was for her fans, and we learned that next week she’ll take on Carmella. It’s a big match for her, and if she wins, Lynch will get a shot at the women’s title at SummerSlam. Bring it on.

Samoa Joe defeated Tye Dillinger using the Coquina Clutch to get the tap out.

Eric Young defeated Kofi Kingston as Sanity and New Day brawled ringside. A distraction by Killian Dane (who threw Xavier Woods right into Kingston) gave Young the chance to win it with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker.


This week was all about the women of NXT…

Lacey Evans defeated Dakota Kai

Everybody’s favorite Kiwi fell to Evans this week as the woman in the sailor outfit used her size to her advantage. Stepping all over Kai who narrowly avoided the pin, Evans then missed a moonsault from the top rope. Despite a series of kicks by Kai, Evans fought back to get the pin with a solid Woman’s Right.

Kassius Ohno defeated Rick Ramirez after a long and frustrating series losses, Ohno finally won one. It was a quick match and he finished it with a Rolling Elbow, showing he’s back… maybe?

Kairi Sane defeated Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross (Number One Contender Match)

Three of the biggest women in NXT took each other on this week in a triple threat match for a shot at taking on Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Title. It was definitely the highlight of the evening as these women showed some serious moves and stamina. Le Rae looked to have the edge as she drop-kicked the others, pounded Cross, and dove off the apron onto Sane. But just before she could get the pin, Cross pulled her out of the ring to deliver a neckbreaker and turned the tide. Back inside, Cross dominated for a while until LeRae recovered and hit her with a quebrada. Sane, however, unexpectedly delivered the InSane Elbow from the top rope, taking down both women and getting the pin over LeRae for a shot at the title. Looks like we’ve got some action lined up for Brooklyn!

How’d you feel about this week’s follow-up to Extreme Rules?

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