Ric Flair Outside the Ring – What’s The Nature Boy Up to These Days?

Ric Flair is 69 years old this year, but his age hasn’t slowed him down one bit! After a health scare in 2017, the legendary wrestler bounced back and he was even cleared to get back in the ring again. But he’s up to more than just the occasional WWE appearance right now. As a fan favorite and charismatic personality, the Nature Boy has a lot on his plate right now. Just check out his Instagram and you’ll see that he probably has a busier calendar than you! He makes appearances across the nation, runs a business, and of course, he’s partnered with TickPick. Want to know what Ric Flair is up to these days? Here’s what we’ve uncovered…


He’s a Big Sports Fan

You might guess that a professional athlete would love watching sports and that’s certainly true for the Nature Boy. He hits WWE pay-per-view events like Survivor Series and Evolution to support his daughter Charlotte, of course, and sometimes makes in-ring appearances himself. But sometimes he shows up at casual weekday tapings of SmackDown just to hang out. And he’s into other sports, particularly football. Flair headed to Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch the Georgia Bulldogs take on Alabama in the College Football Championship playoffs. And he even managed to sneak in a pic with Quavo of Migos while he was there (you know how much hip hop stars love Ric Flair, after all). Before that, he was at the SEC Championship and a couple regular season games to keep tabs on his beloved Dawgs. He’s an NFL fan too, snapping pics as he hung out with the guys at the NFL Network during the Rams and Chiefs game, surprising Stephen A, and stopping by the Falcons game for Monday Night Football. He even hits the field to support the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a Canadian Football team in Ontario!


Off the Top Rope with Ric Flair – The Untold Tales of Pro Wrestling

The Nature Boy might not hit the ring to lock on the Figure Four and strut and woo as he pounds opponents into submission, but he is still traveling the nation (and Canada) to put on a show for huge audiences. Fans today are flocking to see Flair in his two-man show, Off the Top Rope with Ric Flair. Together with Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart, he’s packing stadiums to regale crowds with tales of his wrestling career, opinions on everything, wild stories, and crass jokes that you’d expect from the Nature Boy. He’s still got that magnetic showmanship and that same cocky attitude if you’re hoping to get tickets to see everybody’s favorite wrestler speak!


He’s Hosting a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Ric Flair doesn’t just dabble in the WWE these days. Not only does he travel to all sorts of sporting events across the nation, he’s partying at the biggest one of the year! In February, Flair is heading to the Super Bowl in Atlanta to host the Blitz Tailgate Party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday, he’ll be rubbing elbows with NFL greats and welcoming fans to a daytime party complete with an open bar and gourmet buffet. He might even be signing autographs! And FYI, this isn’t his first official tailgate party. Flair just hosted a tailgate for the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff game too.

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He’s All About the Fans…

The Nature Boy has some of the world’s most devoted fans. And for that, he repays them with constant thanks and travels to sign autographs and make appearances. He went to the Alamodome for ComicCon to meet fans, shake hands, admire fan artwork, and sign anything and everything they brought in. Flair also ventured to Dragon Con in Atlanta, the Knoxville Fanboy Expo, and more events all over the country.


And His Family

For most of his career, Flair was known as that stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun with women in every city across the country. But Ric Flair got married in the fall and now he and the Wondrous Wendy travel everywhere and do everything together. Flair also makes time to take the kids to the homecoming dance and attend class ring ceremonies. Not to mention, he’s absolutely Charlotte Flair’s biggest fan!


He’s got a Ric Flair Shop with Ridiculous Merch

Need a Ric Flair Christmas sweater? Leggings with The Nature Boy’s face all over them? Or even an autographed Ric Flair t-shirt? You can find it all in the Ric Flair Shop. He’s got over 200 items that feature Ric Flair photos, cartoons, and your favorite Nature Boy sayings. We’re talking clothing, hats, beach towels, DVDs, mugs, and even Ric Flair throw pillows and baby bibs – everything you never knew you needed! What can we say? The guy’s practically a mogul. And really, don’t you need that “Space Mountain” t-shirt?

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