Ric Flair’s Greatest WWE Moments with Charlotte Flair

For a man that’s had many amazing, ridiculous, and physically impressive moments on the big stage – or, um, the wrestling ring – it really says something about Ric Flair that the best moment of his wrestling career, according to him, came when his daughter won the WWE Women’s Title. She’s raised the bar for the women’s division of the WWE, and he’s the proud father of strong, talented, and beautiful Charlotte Flair. Actually, that’s Queen Charlotte to you.

She’s only been in the game five years, but she’s already a headliner. Between NXT, Divas, SmackDown, and Raw (4x), she’s racked up seven championships. And of course, Ric Flair thinks she’s the best. According to the Nature Boy, “She already is the greatest, by far. I don’t know who to compare her to.” So let’s look at some of their best moments together in the ring.

Ric Flair Surprises Charlotte After She Wins The WWE Title

Ashley Flair, now known by her WWE stage name, Charlotte, waltzes down the aisle in robes reminiscent of her father’s flamboyant style during his glory days. When things start going her way in the ring, she even struts like him. It’s for good reason that Flair says he now lives vicariously through her. But on one night in 2017, he was there when she lifted the championship belt for the first time – showing up, surprising her, and bringing them both to near tears with his pride. In his 30 for 30, The Nature Boy says nothing in his life has ever given him that feeling. We dare you not to get a little misty-eyed.

But hey, let’s have a little flashback to some of the things that happened before we got to these great heights…

Charlotte Tells Her Father She Wants Nothing to Do With Him

It wouldn’t be the Flair family without a great promo and some drama in the mix. The man is known for his loud mouth and Charlotte is also great on the mic. Just a couple of years ago, the WWE played up a fun angle – that Charlotte wanted nothing to do with her Hall of Fame father. The Nature Boy dives into childhood memories about how he always knew, from when she was little, that she was going to be something big. It seems super believable when Charlotte mentions that whenever she walked in a room, people would only say, “Oh, look, that’s Ric Flair’s daughter.”

Charlotte riles up the crowd by responding that she doesn’t remember any of those nice things from when she was a kid sitting alone with her mother at home while she watched her dad wrestle on TV, trying to be “the man.” Then she caps it off by saying that she gets it now because she’s “the woman,” yelling at him, “Get out of my ring!” You almost feel sorry for the guy when she shoos him away and he wipes away tears. (Seriously, the man could be an actor.)

And Then Fools Us All as She Apologizes to Ric

Later that year, Charlotte came around… or so we thought. She gave a dramatic performance, speaking about how she hasn’t seen her dad in six months and how it hurt when she ached for his approval but he chose to give it to the winning Sasha Banks. She called her dad out to “apologize” to him but shocked the crowd when she slapped him instead. Banks ran out to save the Nature Boy, but Charlotte gave her a beating for sticking her nose in family business, exclaiming “I’m the woman! Sasha who?!”

Man, Charlotte was really good at playing the heel. And Ric was truly great at making us feel sorry for him… We all know how that’s ended up though. Charlotte turned babyface last year, having already racked up a main event on Raw, SmackDown, and a Pay-Per-View event. Apparently, the WWE writers had something in the plans for Flair, who could easily be the biggest heel or babyface in the WWE Universe.

Ric Flair Does a Promo with Charlotte and Alexa Bliss

So eventually, father and daughter made up. In this clip, Charlotte uses one of her dad’s most famous lines as she calls out Bliss for not having the size, speed, or pedigree to beat her. This is during the lead-up to the first women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte surprises Bliss by bringing her dad on camera to do some trash talking, and we even get a double Flair “WOOOO!”

Watch them watch her matches together.

Watch Charlotte and Ric relive one of her best matches – a Starrcade steel cage match in North Carolina, just like his – together on a couch in front of a  big screen. Father-daughter bonding, could anything be better?

Will She Ever Be a Heel (Like Her Dad) Again?

Charlotte is the daughter of the Dirtiest Player in the Game. So there’s no denying that she possesses several of the same talents as The Nature Boy.

Reportedly, after about a year and a half of playing the good guy, Charlotte Flair is eager to be a heel again, just like her dad. Though she’s learned a lot as a babyface, she thinks she could do exponentially better as a heel. Hey, it’s in her blood. According to the Queen, “I feel like I’ve learned so much as a good guy, and I feel like if I ever get to go bad again, I could be ten times the performer… Now I know specifically what the other side needs.” So now that she and Becky Lynch (who has recently turned heel herself) are going to face off at Hell in a Cell, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the WWE gives her that chance!

What do you think? Do you love seeing Queen Charlotte in the ring with Ric Flair?

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