The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California is one of the most famous venues in the United States. The venue plays host to the Rose Bowl game, which is one of college football’s most prestigious annual events and the oldest bowl game in the game’s history that was first played back in 1923. As of the College Football Playoff era, it serves as one of the New Year’s Six bowl games that hosts semifinal games every third year that determine who plays in the College Football Playoff Championship.

Below, you can find the most detailed Rose Bowl Seating Chart information, including seat views, row numbers, team sections and other helpful tips for the match-up between the Wisconsin Badgers of the Big 10 and the Pac-12 champion Oregon Ducks.

Rose Bowl Interactive Seating Chart

(hover over any section for a row-by-row breakdown)



Wisconsin Badgers Team Bench & Fan Sections for the Rose Bowl

The Wisconsin Badgers team bench is located in front of sections 18 & 19. The Wisconsin fans will be occupying at minimum the front half closest to the field of sections 12-19, so if you are looking to cheer with your fellow Badgers, you’ll want to make sure that you sit in those sections.

Oregon Ducks Team Bench & Fan Sections for the Rose Bowl

The Oregon Ducks team bench is located in front of sections 4 & 5. The UW fans will be occupying the lower two-thirds or so of sections 1-4 and 26-28, so if you are looking to cheer with your fellow Ducks, you’ll want to make sure you sit in those sections.

Obstructed and Partial Seat Views at the Rose Bowl

Unlike most stadiums, the first set of rows start with row K and end in row A. After row A is row 1 which goes all the way up to 77. Rows K-A are not marked obstructed view, however these rows are structurally flat, meaning that the people in front of you (both fans and players /staff) can block your view. We DO NOT recommend sitting below row 10 for the Rose Bowl, if you’re given the choice.

The Best Seats at the Rose Bowl

The best seats for the Rose Bowl are located in sections 3-6 and 17-20, in between rows 20-40. The structure of the Rose Bowl has a very gradual slope, so sitting in between these sections will give the right amount of height in order to see all the plays fully develop.

Seat Backs and Bleacher Seating at the Rose Bowl

Like many college football stadiums, the Rose Bowl has both bleacher seating and full seats. The sections that provide seat backs are along the sidelines in sections 1-8 and 15-22. These seats are obviously more comfortable and have more leg room than the bleacher seat sections. Note: The fringe sections (1, 8, 15, 22) may not have seat backs in the seats farthest from the 50 yard line.

The Bleacher sections are located in the end zones, sections 8-15 and 22-28. These seats are much less comfortable and the sight lines are worse as well. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets along the sidelines.

Rose Bowl Seat Numbers

The Rose Bowl has one of the more unique seat number configurations. For example, let’s assume you are trying to sit closest to the 50 yard line, in sections 1-4, seat 116 in each of those sections will be closest to the 50 yard line. Therefore, seat 101 is closer than seat 1, but seat 1 is closer to the 50 yard line than seat 16 (within a section). How? The chart above will help you wrap your mind around it. 

The same logic holds true for sections 13-18; however, it’s the exact opposite for sections 19-24 or 5-10.

This means that seat 16 will be closest to the center of the field, and seat 116 will be the furthest. If that was too much to handle, give our support line a call at 845-538-4567 and we can make sense of it all.

Parking at the Rose Bowl – Good Luck

The Rose Bowl parking situation is known to be terrible, and things will only be worse on January 1st. We recommend buying tickets that include a parking pass and any VIP access is more valuable than you can imagine. You can find more parking information here.

Rose Bowl Stadium, 1001 Rose Bowl Drive Pasadena, CA 91103

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