Skrillex Surprise Album Release, App, and “Mothership” Tour

Skrillex LiveElectronic music producer and mastermind Skrillex has been mysteriously absent from the EDM scene this past year, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hard at work. Earlier this week, Skrillex announced his upcoming tour, curiously named “The Mothership Tour”. But it gets weirder (and better). This past Friday, Skrillex released an app called “Alien Ride”. When you purchase the app, it looks like another alien-themed smart phone game. But what none of us could have anticipated was that the game has a folder containing 11 hidden objects which Skrillex has revealed to be his debut full-length album Recess. Pretty cool, right? Here is the track list for Recess, completely available via the Alien Ride app (it’s like Christmas all over again):

Recess Tracklist

1. “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep” (ft. Ragga Twins)
2. “Recess” (ft. Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos)
3. “Stranger” (ft. KillaGraham from Milo and Otis and Sam Dew)
4. “Try It Out (Neon Mix)” (ft. Alvin Risk)
5. “Coast Is Clear” (ft. Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment)
6. “Dirty Vibe” (ft. Diplo, G-Dragon from Big Bang and CL from 2NE1)
7. “Ragga Bomb” (ft. Ragga Twins)
8. “Doompy Poomp”
9. “Fuck That”
10. “Ease My Mind” (ft. Niki & The Dove)
11. “Fire Away” (ft. Kid Harpoon)

Thank goodness for artists like Skrillex and Beyonce for contradicting the overall predictable and over-hyped ways of dropping an album. These artists haven’t forgotten that everyone likes to be surprised every once in awhile. More importantly, they’ve stepped back from the money making tactics of the industry. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Skrillex said it perfectly: “We’ll probably make less money doing it this way, It’s more about the fans.”

The track “Coast is Clear” feat. Chance the Rapper is already taking the internet by storm. This track doesn’t follow traditional Skrillex form, but that’s why we love it. Skrillex has been known to cross genres with his sets, loosening the strict definitions of what people consider electronic music and bringing people of all tastes together under one sound (a very, very awesome sound). In an interview regarding his new music ventures, Skrillex said it better than anyone: “Dance music is for fun…People who stereotype genres, who say, ‘If you’re into this, you’re this kind of person’ – it’s almost racist. . . . You’re an artist – you might as well give something good.”Skrillex

And that, he did.

Skrillex will be bringing his show, stocked with 11 new tracks, to festivals and arenas all over the US this spring and summer, beginning with a set at SXSW. For all tour dates, he will be joined by EDM artists Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, What So Not, and Milo & Otis.  Still not convinced this tour is one you can’t afford to miss? Watch Skrillex and Friends talk about prepping for the 2014 Mothership Tour. You’re probably still kicking yourself for missing out on his last tour, so don’t wait, get your Skrillex tickets now. This year Skrillex is bound for even more legendary EDM glory—will you be a part of the noise?

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