St. Louis Blues Interactive Seating Chart with Seat Views

Welcome to TickPick’s St. Louis Blues Seating Chart. Here you will find everything you need to know about going to a game at The Enterprise Center in St. Louis, including seating charts, seat numbers, team benches, and where you can find the same St. Louis Blues tickets on TickPick at prices 10% lower than our leading competitor.

St. Louis Blues Seating Chart with Seat Views

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Note: Click on any listing for an event on our website or mobile app to see virtual in-seat views before purchasing tickets. This season, TickPick is providing fans with its new patented and interactive system that gives the user a full, 360-degree in-seat view that they can utilize before picking their seats!

St. Louis Blues Seat Numbers

The Enterprise Center follows the standard sports arena pattern in that the lowest seat number in a given section will be closest to the adjacent lower section. The same rule applies to the 100s and 300s sections. For example, seat 1 in section 103 would be closest to the highest seat number in section 102 (seat 20), or the highest seat number in section 103 (seat 20) would be closest to seat number 1 in section 104. The lower-level and upper-level sideline sections typically have between 15 and 24 seats. The corner sections in both levels have seat numbers that vary depending on the width of the section.

Best Seats at The Enterprise Center

There are many sections that people may consider to be the best seats at an NHL game, however, there are seats that can certainly be considered worse than others. For all NHL games, I personally recommend sitting in the sections closest to the neutral zone; in this case sections 102-104 and 115-117. Unless you are in the first row in these sections, I also recommend sitting in rows 10 and higher. I find that the glass obstructs and distorts the view of the ice for the lower rows in the section. By sitting in a higher row you are able to see plays develop throughout the entire ice. If seats in this section are out of your price range then I recommend sections 301-304 and 319-321. While these may be considered “nose bleeds” The Enterprise Center is a relatively small venue, often times I find the view in the 300s is better than some seats in the 100s.

Club Seating at Enterprise Center

Club Seats for the St. Louis Blues are located in the double-lettered rows in sections 101-106, 113-119, and section 126. Amenities for Club Seats at Enterprise Center include extra-wide seating, premium sight lines, in-game wait service, and access to the Bud Light Zone located on the east end of the club level. Additionally, if you purchase tickets within the first 4 rows of the sections specified your tickets include all-you-can-eat food access!

St. Louis Blues Bench Location

The St. Louis bench is located in front of sections 102-103 while the visitors’ bench is located in front of sections 103-104. This means the St. Louis Blues will be shooting twice on the net in front of sections 108-111. Be wary of buying tickets near the team benches. While some people enjoy being close to the coaches and players, I find that these seats have obstructed views due to players hopping on and off the bench.

St. Louis Blues Penalty Box Location

The penalty boxes are located in front of section 116. Just like the seats around the player benches, I too find that seats near the penalty boxes should be avoided if possible, especially the seats directly behind the boxes.

Food & Beverage at Enterprise Center

You can find traditional concessions at Enterprise Center such as hot dogs, chicken tenders, pizza, nachos, and pretzels. Beverages include lemonade, iced tea, wine, and a wide variety of specialty beers and micro-brews. There is even a stand offering gluten-free food and drink, including hot dogs, burgers, nachos, and even beer.

The Bud Light Zone, located at the east end of the club level is available exclusively to club seat holders. This restaurant and bar is open 90 minutes before general doors and offers a wide variety of prime meats, gourmet sandwiches, and pasta.

Handicapped & ADA Seating at Enterprise Center

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at Enterprise Center with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the venue that spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided to guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

How to Get St. Louis Blues Tickets

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