STUBHUB PRO – Is There a Better Way to Sell Tickets?

If you are a professional or part-time ticket broker using StubHub Pro (or even if you’re not using StubHub Pro) you should be aware that there are better solutions for selling your tickets. Utilizing these other ticket software solutions can help you make more money and save time.

Based on the type of ticket broker that you are, we’ll likely be able to provide a recommendation as to which ticket broker software will be best for you.


1. Individual ticket seller (maybe you have some help or a partner and you are doing $50,000 to $2,000,000 in ticket sales a year).

A. You only list your tickets on StubHub and are looking to save time listing tickets and possibly broadcast your inventory on other tickets sites.

B. You already use a Point Of Sale (POS) in addition to StubHub and are looking for a product to simplify your business.  You spend lots of time downloading tickets from your Ticketmaster accounts and uploading tickets to StubHub or your POS, and are interested in tools that will automate these processes.

​2. Mid-size to Large ticket broker (two to ten+ people, full-time job, likely using ticket broker software, high-end 3rd party solution, or have created in-house ticket broker software).


Regardless which group you fall into there are different services which will make your life easier and help you make more money. Note: within each overview we provide tips as to why certain services are better for certain brokers, if you have questions or disagree please email us, or let us know in the comments below.



StubHub Pro

StubHub Pro dashboard

By selling more than $50,000 worth of tickets within a 4-quarter period, you will qualify for StubHub’s Top Seller Program, and gain access to the StubHub Pro dashboard.  StubHub Pro is designed to help you save time listing tickets so you can focus on other tasks, like securing inventory, pricing tickets, and fulfilling orders.

You can log in here. Once you log in, you will see a dashboard that seems different at first, but it basically has all of the functionality of your StubHub Listings page.

From here, you can filter, delete, deactivate, and activate your listings as you normally could from your StubHub Listings page.  However, you will see a considerable amount of time saved when you start listing tickets for sale using StubHub Pro.  If you click on the “Add Listing” button, a screen pops up to search for the event you’d like to add:

Stubhub Pro - Adding Ticket listing

Once you search for your listing, and click the correct one, a screen will pop up in the dashboard to have you fill out the listing details, all in the same small box, without having to load 3-4 new pages throughout the process:

Listing on Stubhub Pro

​StubHub Pro is also useful if you have your own internal system and would like to tie the listing to an internal ID, keep notes on the listing, or note the face value and your acquisition cost, for accounting purposes.  Just click “Save,” and the listing will instantly be added to your dashboard.

One of the fall-backs of StubHub Pro, which we may see corrected in the near future, is that you cannot edit your price using the “Buyer Sees” model.  Some brokers prefer to base their price on the retail price, so you may have to use StubHub Pro in conjunction with your StubHub Listing page to see the StubHub fee breakdown in the manner you like it.  There is also no way to add inventory in bulk, like all 81 home games for the baseball team that you hold season tickets for, so it is still best to use the normal sell page through StubHub for this.  StubHub Pro is a great tool to introduce the small-time broker to greener pastures, but it’s certainly not the only tool, or even the best one.



Ticket Utils Point Of Sale

ticket utils

If you are only selling your inventory on StubHub, you are not giving your tickets the best chance to sell, and you are missing out on potential sales to be made when you can extract the most profit as possible out of your tickets.  Ticket Utils is a popular Point Of Sale (POS) which, like StubHub Pro, makes it incredibly quick and easy to add inventory in a few clicks and virtually zero page loading time (you can also add season tickets in a flash, unlike StubHub Pro)

However, the biggest benefit is that you can list on dozens of other ticket marketplaces, increasing your exposure and giving your tickets a better chance of selling while the prices are still at their peak.  When you list your tickets through Ticket Utils, your inventory can be broadcast to StubHub, TickPick, Vivid Seats, Razorgator, SeatGeek, TicketCity, ScoreBig, along with many other popular ticket marketplaces.  Ticket Utils also has the ability to auto-hold your inventory if they sell on one marketplace which virtually eliminates the risk of double sales (selling the same tickets on multiple marketplaces, causing replacement fees).  StubHub is the biggest ticket marketplace, but they only control about 50% of the market share, so Ticket Utils is a great tool for reaching the other 50% of buyers.

Ticket Utils also comes with a ton of other features.  Because it is a POS, there are many accounting benefits that come along with this service.  As you add inventory and make sales, you will be creating searchable, downloadable, and useful sales data which will allow you to keep your bookkeeping in order, while also allowing you to see which events, artists, or teams made you the most profit or perhaps were not worth the investment.

Price – $99 per month, 7-day free trial, no long-term contract.

Are your tickets listed on TickPick? No Fees, No Chargebacks. No Hassle.

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TicketNetwork Point Of Sale


Like Ticket Utils, there are benefits to utilizing a POS.  While Ticket Utils is a POS aimed at broadcasting your inventory to other marketplaces, TicketNetwork itself acts as one of the larger ticket marketplaces and is more focused on building broker-to-broker relationships within the company.

TicketNetwork has recently rolled out their “StubHub Integration,” which allows you to list your tickets in the POS, and have it broadcast instantly to StubHub.  If your tickets sell on StubHub, the listing will be auto-held in your TicketNetwork POS, and vice versa, virtually eliminating the threat of a costly double-sale.

There are two valuable resources that come with a TicketNetwork membership.  They have one of the largest broker networks, which allows you to secure inventory from brokers at their wholesale price.  TicketNetwork will also provide you with a website of your own, where you can direct your clients to purchase your tickets or other broker’s inventory (which will net you a commission).  If you have customers who constantly come to you for tickets, this can be a great revenue stream for you.

However, one of the downsides of TicketNetwork is that it’s not always easy for brokers to broadcast their inventory onto other marketplaces. Ticket Network does have a system called Mercury, which makes your inventory available (in real-time) on select marketplaces such as TickPick, however, Mercury is not integrated with Stubhub, VividSeats or TicketsNow. With that said, they recently rolled out their StubHub integration, which just got released, which is a new added benefit. One other challenge is that the POS takes a lot of time to grasp, especially if you’re just use to using StubHub Pro. Lastly, it’s important to note that you must run the POS on a desktop computer (TicketNetwork policy), which requires you to establish a remote connection to access your POS from a laptop, which is not ideal.

If you believe the website and broker board are more valuable than the broadcasting opportunities, TicketNetwork is recommended.

Price – $500 per year for low-volume brokers (under $40k of sales through TicketNetwork) or $2000 per year for brokers who expect to sell more than $40k through TicketNetwork, plus fees associated with setting up credit card processor ($250-$500 per year), 1-year commitment.


For brokers who are already using a POS in addition to StubHub (or even if you’re not), there are some additional services that will free up even more of your time…




cloakify (1)

As you start to buy a higher volume of tickets, you’ll find that you are spending a lot of time downloading tickets from your Ticketmaster accounts, and uploading those e-tickets to StubHub Pro or your POS.   Cloakify is a service that is capable of automatically taking your Ticketmaster purchases, or season ticket accounts, and turning them into listings immediately.  This frees you up to secure more inventory and manage your listings.

Cloakify currently works with the TicketNetwork POS and Sky Box POS, which is provided for free when you set up a seller account at Vivid Seats.  Also, Vivid Seats will cover your first 6 months of service with Cloakify when you sign up.  With Cloakify, you can manage your listings through your POS, and upload your inventory to all other marketplaces, including StubHub, TickPick, Vivid Seats, Razorgator, TicketCity, and ScoreBig.  If you make a sale on one marketplace, Cloakify will auto-hold the inventory on all other marketplaces to prevent double-sales, and it will auto-fulfill the order, uploading the e-tickets if they need to be.

cloakifyCloakify is a phenomenal service that will take your business to the next level, and you can try out risk-free when you sign up with Vivid Seats, so why not give it a shot?

Price – Free for 6 months when you sign up with Vivid Seats, variable pricing after that depending on the size of the broker (we have heard $99 per month, or $450 per month), unlimited PDF downloads.





Like Cloakify, 1ticket is capable of monitoring all of your orders from Ticketmaster, AXS, Telecharge, Ticketsnow, and other primary ticket marketplaces and instantly adding them to your POS.

1ticket is also capable of broadcasting your inventory to all marketplaces that Cloakify can, and will also auto-hold your inventory when a sale is made and auto-fulfill your orders once the e-tickets are available.  Unlike Cloakify, 1ticket works with the Ticket Utils POS (and also Rocketposter, which is a service offered by Ticket Utils to upload your inventory instantly into eBay listings).

Also unlike Cloakify, 1ticket’s pricing is volume-based, so you’ll pay based on how big of a broker you are and how many tickets you need 1ticket to download. 1ticket is another outstanding service which we highly recommend to the ticket broker who is wanting to free up time to take their business to the next level.

Price – Cheapest plan is $150 per month with 1 Ticketmaster account, rate changes as more Ticketmaster accounts are added, plus $0.25 per PDF group downloaded (capped at $600/month). Full pricing available here.


To this point, we’ve talked about steps you can take to improve your own business within your own walls.  However, there are other services out there which take the power of their size and put it in your hands…




Dreamtix began as a ticket brokerage, and has grown into one of the largest brokers in the country.  They have re-invented themselves into a company which uses the power of their fulfillment team, and the power of their selling volume, to offer a unique service to brokers.  When you sign up with Dreamtix, you use their internal POS (Jarvis) and sell tickets under their name.  Dreamtix fulfills all of your orders (they are integrated with 1ticket), so all there is left to do is secure inventory, and price your tickets.  Dreamtix makes a commission on your sales, however because of their reduced seller fees you are always paid out the same price as you would have been otherwise: it’s a win for both sides.

You also join a network of over 100 ticket brokers who use their collective size to secure lucrative ticket deals with venues across the country.  In a situation where you wouldn’t normally have the capital to tap into a huge season ticket deal with a team, you have the Dreamtix team working on securing deals and having multiple brokers jump in to make it happen.  The value of this network is unmatched, but there are other brokers who are starting to follow suit (such as TicketAttendant and their partner S4k). It looks like this may be the newest trend in the secondary ticket industry.


We have only mentioned a handful of the more popular services available, but there are many other POS, uploader, and consignment services that are at your disposal besides StubHub Pro. Check out our full ticket broker software overview for more information on several more services as well as our recent review of the 2014 Ticket Summit.

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