Boston Bruins & Boston Celtics Seating Chart

Welcome to TickPick’s TD Garden Seating Chart. Here we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing Boston Bruins and Celtics Tickets, including TD Garden row and seat numbers, seat views, best seats, and where you can find the same Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

Boston’s TD Garden seating chart and arena have been through numerous name changes. The TD Garden was originally known as the Shawmut Center (but better known as FleetCenter), then it changed to TD Bank North Garden, and most recently, it received its latest name, TD Garden, however many local Bostonians call it Boston Garden.

TD Garden Seating Chart for Concerts

  • Floor Seats – When looking for floor concert tickets for TD Garden, one should be aware that depending on the performer the sound quality may not be great (it really all depends on the concert tour). So the lower rows of sections D, E, and F, will save you a couple bucks and typically is a better spot for listening. If you are not in the first 15 rows of sections A to F then I would defer for loge seats where an elevation will be beneficial.
  • Loge Seats – Sections 1-22, generally start with row 1 and end at row 18, with the exception of sections 5-8 which goes from row A to J, then 1 to 26. I think section 10 to 14, 21-22 or 1-3 is ideal, but all of these sections will provide you with great sightlines.
  • Balcony Seats – Sections 301-330 – Although this is the second-tier section, you can still get good seats for a great price. Section 301 and 316 will get you as close as possible to the stage without sacrificing your sightline and or angle of the stage. Be wary of sitting too much to the sides; section 317 and 330 is as far to the side as I would suggest.
  • Seat Numbers – The lower seat numbers are on the right-hand side of the section & the higher seat numbers are on the left-hand side. For example, seat #1 in Floor A is on the aisle next to section B, while seat #1 in Floor C, is on the side of the section that is further from the center of the stage.

(hover over any section below for a row breakdown)


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  • Loge and Floor Seats – The way TD Garden works is that row AA is the 1st row of courtside seats (players are the only thing in front of you).  These seats aren’t available behind the benches, only at the center court, and from the corners to the baseline.  So most loge sections start at row AA, then go A, B, C, and then Row 1 (which is the 5th row). Note: You pay a huge premium to sit near the benches and to be honest, there are similar if not better seats on the opposite side for far less money.

I think the best seats for the Celtics are Loge 1, row 2 (there’s a slight elevation over the court, and you are right between the 2 benches, where the players check-in). Rows 2 to 19 are great as well!

  • Seat Numbers – Low seat numbers are on the right-hand side of the section and high seat numbers are on the left-hand side. For example, seat #1 in section 22 is on the aisle next to section 21. So seat #1 in section 2 is on the aisle adjacent to section 1. Most rows have up to 18 seats per row in the loge sections.
  • Balcony – TD Garden’s Balcony seats (sections 301-330) are a great option for fans who desire to save some money on Celtics tickets. Section 314 to 318, 329-330, and 301 to 303 will provide you with a (centered) view of the court.
  • Promenade – Sections S1 to S27 and N1 to N29 (the Promenade sections) are located behind the Balcony Level. These sections are only available for Standing Room Only (SRO). This is also another great way to get cheap tickets.
  • Benches – The Celtics bench is in front of section 22 & the visitors’ bench is in front of section 2.

Interactive Boston Celtics Seating Chart

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Boston Bruins Seating Chart

  • Loge Level – When you go to a Bruins hockey game and are against the glass in row 1, these are obviously the best seats in the house. However, unless you are sitting in row 1, I would not pay a premium to sit in rows 2-7. Instead, the elevation of your seats will be your friend and will allow you to see and enjoy the game more fully. I will note that sitting at or around center ice does have its perks as well.

For Boston Bruins games I think the best seats are the old club seats, which are now part of the lodge. Also, for a few bucks less you can get seats in the first few rows of the balcony, and those have almost as good of a view as the loge seats.

  • Seat Numbers – Low seat numbers are on the right-hand side of the section and high seat numbers are on the left-hand side, said differently the low seat number will always be next to the section with the lower section number. For example, seat #1 in section 12 will be on the aisle next to section 11 and seat number 1 in section 11 will be adjacent to section 10.
  • Balcony Level – Some believe that the balcony seats are often better for hockey since you can see the entire ice and watch plays develop. Do note that not only does each row have a different amount of seat numbers but each section and row may differ. Most sections in the 300s have a maximum of 22 seats per row, but some sections have as little as 10 seats.
  • Bruins shoot twice – On the side where sections 3 to 10 are.

Bruins Seating Chart


Interactive Boston Bruins Seating Chart

(hover over any section below for a row breakdown)


TD Garden Premium Seats / Suites

  • Club Seating – Club Seats provides you the best view of any suite. Plus the seats have more room and there is a wait staff to order your food and drinks. Club seats also give you access to the Banners Harbor View restaurant and Premium Club Bistro.
  • The Lofts – These “suites” are what you may think of when you think of a loft-like club. This intimate setting also has couches to watch the games. The Lofts have a private entrance, five-course dinner and are ideal for groups of 4 to 6 people.
  • AT&T Sportsdeck – This suite gives you several options: sit at long tables in a bar-type fashion which is located in the bowl area of the arena, or watch the game from inside the suite with access to TVs as well. The lounge has a great bar and a lively crowd and is located on the east end of the suite level.
  • Heineken Boardroom – This is more popular for entertaining clients than for watching the game (that’s considered a good thing). This sweet suite is on the west end of the Premium Level. The Heineken Boardroom is a great place to socialize and have a drink during intermission.
  • The Garden Suites – Garden View suites come with full course (customized) meals VIP gift package options, and multi-tier, peripheral seating which is perfect for watching any concert, or any Bruins or Celtics game.
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Special Needs Seating at TD Garden

One of the biggest complaints of TD Garden is their handicap/wheelchair-accessible seating. The problem is that there’s a clear shortage of seats and options. However, every level of the arena is handicap accessible. Please note that the 300 sections are very steep and if walking is a problem you should look for other seats. Lastly, the TD Garden staff is known to be very friendly; they will help fans in wheelchairs get to their seats before and after the game.

TD Garden Bag Policy

Do not bring backpacks, people often get turned away for large bags and there’s nothing you can do, no bag checks or anything.

Here’s what you should do if you have a bag at TD Garden and get turned away… Find the closest bar, seriously. The bars know about the no bags problem and typically will accept $5 to $10 to hold your bag during the game.

Alcohol Policy at TD Garden

To purchase alcoholic beverages, a patron must present a valid MA driver’s license, MA liquor ID, passport, or military ID, which indicates the patron to be a least 21 years of age (MA ID cards, duplicate licenses, expired licenses, damaged licenses and driver’s licenses, which do not have photos, will not be accepted). Out-of-state licenses are acceptable only if the patron is at least 25 years of age and another form of identification (e.g., credit card) will be required if the patron is between 25 and 30 years of age.

Transportation to TD Garden

The easiest way to get there is on the subway or the commuter rail. Take the Green or Orange lines to North Station. You can also get there from the suburbs on the Fitchburg, Haverhill, Lowell, or Newburyport-Rockport MBTA commuter lines.

There is an MBTA bus service nearby and commuter rail ends at North Station (From North of Boston). If you come from the south you have to go to the south station and take the subway to North Station. The Subway station is North Station and has access directly to the Boston Garden from the Orange and Green Lines.

Parking at TD Garden

The North Station parking lot is right under TD Garden and is a minimum of $34, but can be as much as $54 depending on the event. The Government Center garage charges a max of $35 a day & it’s just a 5-minute walk to TD Garden.

If you want more details on tickets, events, dates, or additional floor plans, check out our official TD Garden page.

Handicapped & ADA Seating at TD Garden

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at TD Garden with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the venue and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided to guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

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TD Garden Event Schedule

NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat - Home Game 1, Series Game 3
NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat - Home Game 2, Series Game 4
NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat - Home Game 3, Series Game 6 (If Necessary)
NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs. TBD - Home Game 1 (Date: TBD - If Necessary)
Chris Tomlin & Hillsong United
NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs. TBD - Home Game 2 (Date: TBD - If Necessary)
NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs. TBD - Home Game 3 (Date: TBD - If Necessary)
NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs. TBD - Home Game 4 (Date: TBD - If Necessary)
Justin Bieber
Machine Gun Kelly
Legendz of the Streetz Tour
Roger Waters
New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa, Rick Astley & En Vogue
New Kids On The Block, Salt N Pepa, Rick Astley & En Vogue
WWE: Smackdown
Lil Durk
Kevin Hart
Barry Manilow
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes
Swedish House Mafia
Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem
My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance
Karol G
Florence and The Machine
Roxy Music
Lizzo & Latto
The Killers
Smashing Pumpkins & Jane's Addiction
Brandi Carlile
WWE: Survivor Series
Andrea Bocelli
Carrie Underwood & Jimmie Allen
Trevor Noah
Janet Jackson
J Balvin
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