Detailed Tennessee Titans Tailgate Guide

The Tennessee Titans are notorious for their tailgates. Fans flock to Nissan Stadium every season and fill all the parking lots. Yes, every single one is friendly to tailgaters. With their own games and tournaments like “sholf,” a cross between shuffleboard and golf, Tennessee Titans tailgates are memorable. Below, we tell you how and where you can tailgate at Nissan Stadium for a Titans game. Just keep reading!

In this blog, we detail Tennessee Titans tailgate rules, parking, and more. We also include how to get cheap Tennessee Titans tickets with no fees. This tailgate guide is for everyone regardless of whether you’re an avid tailgater or just curious about Titans tailgating.

Also, check out our Tennessee Titans seating chart at Nissan Stadium to help you find the best seats. We even include seat views!

Where are the Tennessee Titans Tailgate Lots?

The Tennessee Titans open every parking lot to tailgating at Nissan Stadium. You’ll find some great barbecue at all of them, but there are some lots that are more popular than others and we’ll detail those here.

The South End Zone Lot is definitely the most popular Tennessee Titans tailgating lot. That’s because the lot was specifically designed to accommodate tailgaters. If you park there, you’re tailgating. Therefore, it has some of the most dedicated fans. Go here to get immersed in Titans tailgating culture.

Tennessee Titans Parking Map

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Tennessee Titans Tailgating Rules

The Tennessee Titans don’t have a ton of tailgating rules like other stadiums do. For official information you can go to their website. Here’s a basic list of Titans tailgating rules.

  • Parking access and roadways must not be blocked
  • Tens must be held by weights and not spikes
  • No propane grills
  • Extinguish hot coals in designated dumpsters only

How To Get a Tennessee Titans Parking Pass

Buying a Tennessee Titans parking permit is fairly simple on TickPick. All you have to do is add in a Titans parking pass to your ticket purchase. Click the orange button below the seating map to see parking pass options.

Unofficial Tennessee Titans Tailgating

Thankfully, tailgating at Nissan Stadium is pretty simple and accessible. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed tailgate option, there’s always local bars packed with fans ready to cheer their team on. Especially in Nashville, where you have plenty of honkytonks and bars on Broadway.

Tennessee Titans Bars

Sports bars are in abundance in Nashville and they’re all full of Titans fans. Some major sports bars in the area include HQ Nashville, Benchmark, and Buffalo’s. Some favorite bars to pregame at on Broadway are Robert’s Western World, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Tin Roof, A.J.’s Good Time Bar, The Red Door Saloon, and so much more. You can’t go wrong with a Nashville bar!

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