The Best Concert App for Buying tickets & Discovering Events

We know you have your pick when it comes to concert ticket apps. And we also know that you need an app that won’t force shut down on you when it’s overwhelmed by data, or time-out when you’re close to checking out (trust us, we are all too familiar with that sense of defeat that comes with losing a pair of concert tickets to a technological error). The TickPick app is a budding product, already on its way to making ticket purchases even more simple than they were before. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for you sports, concerts, and theater fans who are looking for a new app that will change the way you purchase tickets.


The Featured Events Screen

TickPick App Home ScreenThe TickPick App will immediately determine your location in order to generate the Featured Events Page. This page is also populated by the top selling events (concerts, sports games, etc.) in your area. This first screen is constantly being updated via the information received on the TickPick Website, as events are added on close to a day to day basis.

Once you select an event, the app will automatically archive your choices and add them to the “Your Favorite Performers” section of the TickPick app home screen, making your following experience with the app just a little more personalized.

Right off the bat, the TickPick concert app is significantly more user friendly than, let’s say, the StubHub app. For starters,  the format of the app isn’t cluttered with generic stock images or annoying pop ups. And these pop ups aren’t even brought by outside advertisers, but rather, is StubHub themselves assuring ticket buyers that their tickets are fee free (but we know better, don’t we?).


Last Minute Events Feature

TickPick App Last Minute ScreenWhat else makes TickPick one of the best concert apps on the market? The Last Minute Events screen. This function on the app will give you a wide array of events that are taking place in the city just a few hours before it happens. When you scroll down, events for the upcoming weeks, up until a month from now, will be listed. This feature alone ranks TickPick as one of the best concert apps in my book. If you’re one to make last minute plans, and need a reliable database of what is still up for grabs in terms of concert, sports, and theater entertainment, then this feature is just what you’ve been waiting for.

[Here’s a tip: When you’re scrolling through upcoming shows, each event has basic information listed, along with a color coded dollar sign Each color represents the average ticket prices for the specific event, red being the highest ticket prices, green being the lowest, and grey being an undetermined amount.]

The primary goal of this screen is to allow ticket buyers to see what they could have missed out on, but are now just in time for. How often do you miss out on your favorite bands coming into town? The TickPick app can’t undo the prior damage, but now it can save you from it ever happening again. 


Specific Event Screen: Seating Chart & Individual Ratings

TickPick App Seating ChartThe fact that there is a seat rating for each individual ticket tells us two things: 1. This concert app was made by people who know venues well, and who are experienced in buying tickets.  The seat ratings are determined by the row/section orientation of the venue, along with the specific advantages/disadvantages that come with each seat. If a seat guarantees an obstructed view, or is in a bad spot acoustically, the TickPick app has already taken that into account in the seat rating.

The interactive seating chart at the top of each event page (this looks familiar, right?) is very easy to navigate. When you are scrolling through ticket options, the map will be indicate exactly where the seats are located. There’s no guessing game when it comes to which seats are better deals than others, by using the seat rating filters and price range filter, the app will narrow the selection down  to the best seats for you.

[Here’s another tip: In order to filter through a long list of concert tickets, you can select a specific star rating, and view them in order of seat rating. So, if you were to select, let’s say the four star rating, and view them in order of seat rating, then you will have a list of four star tickets in order from best to worst. Out of all concert ticket apps, TickPick is the only one that will do this amount of heavy lifting for you.]


The Alerts Screen

If you want to wait for the price to go down on a pair of tickets before you buy them, the TickPick app offers an alert system to ensure you don’t miss out on the cheap concert tickets of your choosing. The Alerts feature on the TickPick app allows you to  specifically design the type of alert you need. You can tell the app that you want to be alerted for tickets to the John Legend concert at Barclays Center on August 6th, for tickets between 100-150 dollars, and only for seats with a rating of B+ or higher. From there, you have to leave it up to fate to bring in those dream tickets. But trust me, it happens, and TickPick designed a reliable concert app that won’t fail to let you know when it does.


Closing Thoughts on the TickPick App: It’s Designed for YOU

There are so many sports and concert ticket apps that make the ticket purchasing process a very anxious one. Sometimes you feel as if you’re navigating through a dark room, just hoping that something good will turn out on the other side. This is not that kind of ticket app. TickPick is one of the most upfront ticket marketplaces the web has to offer. And thankfully, the ticket app manages to simplify the process even further, without forfeiting the informative honesty that TickPick is known to have.

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