The Best Super Bowl 51 Parties in Houston 2017

The Super Bowl is unequivocally the biggest sporting event of the year.  While the big game is obviously the most hyped-up and important part of the festivities and excitement that surround it, this contest is a spectacle much larger than football itself and the parties that are thrown for it are much more affordable than the finite amount of game tickets floating out there that are very difficult to come by.

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The best part of Super Bowl parties is that most of them don’t require one of the aforementioned exorbitantly-priced tickets in order to gain entry, but instead a more-modest cover fee that usually takes care of the food and drinks you’ll be enjoying throughout the duration of your time there.

While we at TickPick always offer a few rounds on us at our pickup location to show appreciation for all of our Super Bowl buyers this year just like the last couple of years, we’ve got your back and have compiled a list of some parties that are bound to be #lit and a great way to spend your Super Bowl weekend if you decide not to splurge for tickets to the game.

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A Review of Super Bowl 51 Parties in Houston


One of the biggest and well-known Super Bowl parties each year is the Maxim Party that features plenty of celebrities and receives a lot of publicity each year.  Last year in San Francisco their party was held at Treasure Island and had over 3,000 attendees.  This year the party will be held at the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, TX.

Now, their goal is to maintain an aura of exclusivity, so not just anybody can pay the hefty admission price to get in – it’s invite-only, requires a code to even purchase tickets (the code is SB51), and those fortunate enough to be invited are probably beautiful and/or pretty important.  Maxim’s own website tells people to “Expect A-List Celebrities, VIPs, tastemakers and athletes.”  The party is held on the Saturday before the big game on February 4th.

Those fortunate enough to be able to attend can access the page to purchase tickets for the Maxim Super Bowl Party here.



Another major player in the party scene for the big game every year is the Rolling Stone Magazine Super Bowl party, which is being held on February 4th this year at the Museum of Fine Arts, which is just a few miles from NRG Stadium where the game is to be held the next day.  Special guest performers are set to be Diplo, Nas and DJ Cassidy and Rolling Stone is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so don’t expect them to pull any punches for this star-studded affair. Tickets to this party are in such high demand each year that secondary marketplaces such as ours have tickets available for purchase.  Be sure to check out TickPick first to avoid paying fees and find tickets for the Rolling Stone Magazine Super Bowl Party here.


imgresThe name Playboy is synonymous with some of the biggest and most lavish parties thrown for any given occasion each year (among other things).  The Super Bowl is no exception, and this year’s Playboy party will be held at Spire Nightclub in Houston on February 4th with a TBA guest performer.  Similar to the above two parties, those willing to spring for tickets will want to dress to impress, as you won’t be let in otherwise.  Those looking to attend can get their Playboy Super Bowl Party tickets here.


beg-2017-tailgateads-500x275The Players Tailgate, run by Bullseye Event Group, is a more down-to-earth approach to Super Bowl parties compared to the ones mentioned above. While it certainly doesn’t come cheap at $699 a ticket, this gameday party promises to fulfill any true football fan’s ideal of the perfect pre-game tailgate – namely, one that includes a premium open bar and all-you-can-eat dining.  Though you may be proud of your own burger or ribs recipe on football Sundays, these spreads will be prepared by a star-studded lineup of chefs headlined by Food Network’s Guy Fieri who will be doing the hosting as well.  Plenty of active NFL players will also be in the mix as they mingle with attendees.  This party is conveniently located at Mike Calvert Toyota, which is a mere 1.5 blocks away from NRG Stadium, giving those who will be attending the big game afterwards an easy route to their seats.  We’ve written a very detailed blog on this tailgate with information on what exactly is in included here.


Some Cheaper Options


While not everyone has the ability to pay through the nose for some parties for the Super Bowl, those who want to get an authentic Houston experience to watch the game can look no further than a list that created of the Super Bowl Parties with the best food, which includes some of the best barbecue you can get during your stay in Houston.  It doesn’t get more Texas than beers, BBQ and football.



Those looking for a bevy of options that range from inexpensive to high-end should check out Eventbrite for a huge list of Houston parties all during Super Bowl week.  Many of these events have special guests and are centrally located in Houston, allowing those traveling to Houston to pick and choose a date that works best for them.  This site includes links to buy those tickets for each party, as well.



Another good source for different party tickets is a site called Super Sunday HQ, which has the latest updates on some of the major players in the Super Bowl party scene in Houston.  The site provides an extensive list of Super Bowl Party updates and does provide good details for interested buyers and separates the parties by date leading up to the game.




While it may not fall under the category of a traditional party, there will be a second annual “Opening Night” for the Super Bowl to be held at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston on January 30th.  It is a celebration to kick off Super Bowl Week and all of the festivities and hoopla that surrounds the big game.  The idea is to combine media day for the game and its participants, allowing fans to get inside access and be a part of the experience during the teams’ first day in town.  Tickets are priced at $20 for upper deck seating and $30 for field level, and the capacity is set at about 12,000, giving plenty of fans of either fanbase an opportunity to be a part of the experience at an affordable cost.  The good news is there are plenty of tickets still available on the secondary market, and if you’re looking to be a part of the experience, you can find Super Bowl Opening Night tickets here.

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