The Brooklyn Islanders… Wait, is Brooklyn even an Island?

Why the Move Makes So Much Sense and Why You Should be Buying Islanders Tickets NOW

The Islanders will be moving from Nassau Coliseum to the new Barclays Center after their lease expires in 2015.  The announcement in November raised a few eyebrows, especially on Long Island where the Islanders had played 10 minutes away from my hometown for decades.  So the move is a little close to my heart, but let’s face it,  the team isn’t the same early 80’s superpower that witnessed 4 Stanley cup victories in 4 years.  Hell, the team is hardly a shadow of it’s Mike Peca days now.

So first things first, was it worth it?  I’d answer that with a resounding YES.  The Islanders franchise has been crumbling, along with Nassau Coliseum for years now.  Conversations with owner Charles Wang to renovate and revitalize the arena have been criticized throughout the process and it seemed that the only solution was a move.  Luckily for the (few) Islanders fans that still remained, the team didn’t end up in Quebec, Seattle, or Kansas City.  And to the dismay of most, yes, Brooklyn is on an Island; It’s on Long Island.

As a matter of fact the Barclays Center is a 20 minute commute by train from the Coliseum’s former home in Suburbia – an easier commute for most Long Islanders, considering the Barclay’s status as a transit Hub for both the LIRR and the Subway system.  So don’t expect Islander’s fan’s accents to fade anytime soon

Tavares just isn’t getting enough help, and that’s not his fault, or anyone else’s.  It hurts to admit it, but Long Island just isn’t an exciting place to live, especially for a professional athlete.  Brooklyn is the incentive necessary to FINALLY get some new recruits to the Islanders.  Nassau County just doesn’t have the pull that Brooklyn does.  Brooklyn’s exciting, it’s in New York City, and with the introduction of the Nets, it’s fanbase is growing rapidly.  It’s a surefire move to get fans to hop on the bandwagon, and let the faithful forget the past few dismal seasons that have plagued this franchise.

My recommendation: go get your Islander’s Tickets ASAP.  Go to a game while you can still get tickets on the cheap because you can bet that once they make the move, tickets are going to skyrocket.

P.S – Prediction: Brooklyn see’s a banner raised in the next decade.  Mark my words people.

P.P.S. – Jay, can you buy like .0001% stake in the Islanders, maybe wear the hat once or twice?  Please?  I guarantee the fan base doubles.  C’mon, you’re a businessman, you know it’d be worth it.


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