The Opera and Acrobatics of Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour

Pop-rock queen P!nk continues to entertain and astound audiences on her sold-out, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour, now in its second year. In its current form, the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour stage acts as a revolving door for all that is Pink. Five outfit changes. Glittering trapeze. Stunning, operatic vocals. A 40-foot blow-up doll of Eminem. The ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour celebrates the edgy songstress in her strongest, most confident form.

Most concerts on the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour have been clocking in at an hour and forty-five minutes, to two hours long. Like many tours of Pink’s past, the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour features bold, theatrical sets. From the giant crystal chandelier which Pink swings from while singing “Get the Party Started”, to the treadmill runway extending far into the crowd, to executing a dual silks routine midair while belting “Secrets”, the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour is, undoubtedly, one its kind.

Backed by a seven-piece band, Pink has found such a fascinating balance between musical and theatrical performance. Though some moments feel kitchy or forced, such as a pyrotechnic display for “Just Like Fire“, or the kicking down of the 40-foot Eminem inflatable during “Revenge“, these cheeky moments only endear Pink’s fans to her more. What’s more lovable than an artist who is completely comfortable with her silly, dramatic self? On the ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour, Pink continues to make audiences laugh, dance, and feel empowered.


During her nearly 2 hour set, Pink makes sure to touch on most of her albums, save for 2000’s Can’t Take Me Home. About one third of her set comes from Beautiful Trauma, while the rest of the concert is split between her older albums and rock covers such as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”. Even when performing her less spectacular numbers, Pink’s voice carries itself with operatic strength, reminding us that beneath all the theatrics is a real, enduring well of talent.

As if her dazzling choreography—both on stage and in midair—and ever-impressive vocal ability wasn’t enough, Pink’s audience connection cannot go without mentioning. Pink has remained candid throughout her whole career, often speaking feverishly (and lovingly) about her husband, motherhood, and the trials of fame. The compassion and camaraderie Pink has for her fans is what keeps them coming back for more, because to them, Pink isn’t just an artist. She’s a lifelong friend.

Since you’re likely paying a pretty penny for those concert tickets, we don’t want to give all of Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour antics away. Rest assured, Pink looks and sounds better than ever. She may have a few corny tales from motherhood or marriage to share, but deep in her core, Pink is still a pop-rock Queen who continues to slay.



Pink’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour Setlist:

“Get the Party Started”

“Beautiful Trauma”

“Just Like a Pill”

“Who Knew”


“Funhouse/Just A Girl”

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana Cover)



“Just Give Me a Reason”

“I’m Not Dead”

“Just Like Fire”

“What About Us”

“For Now”


“I Am Here”

“F**kin’ Perfect”

“Raise Your Glass”

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

“So What”

“Glitter in the Air”

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