The Rolling Stones Are Recording A New Album This Year

It’s been awhile since the Rolling Stones recorded an album of new original material. Namely, since 2005’s A Bigger BangLast year, the band received a surprising amount of success after the release of Blue & Lonesomean album of blues covers. In addition to there likely being a Vol. 2 of Blue & Lonesome, it appears that the Rolling Stones are getting ready to head back into the studio to record all new material.

In the latest installment of his fan Q&A series “Ask Keith Richards”, the Rolling Stones guitarist revealed that, in addition to incredible record sales, Blue & Lonesome was just the album they needed to inspire the band to get back into the studio. “It’s such fun to record, and there’s plenty more where that came from. I just think the Stones have used it as a boost to their energy and viability in this day and age and see what we can come up with next.”

The Rolling Stones

When asked if the Stones were planning on heading back into the studio since the warm reception of Blue & Lonesome, Keith Richards was able to give a truly exciting response. “Yeah, in fact, we are very, very shortly,” he responded. “Cutting some new stuff and considering where to take it next.”

Will the Stones record and release their 25th studio album this year or next? We certainly hope so. It’s been twelve years since fans received original material from the Stones, who continue to be one of the most beloved rock bands both at home and abroad. Considering this would be their 25th studio album, we think the Stones are likely to follow this record release with a tour of epic proportions. The Stones, being one of the biggest acts of the past fifty years, are able to tap in just about anyone they desire to join them in the studio. Who do you think will appear on the next Stones album?


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