The WE Fest Experience: What to Expect

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Hanging out by beautiful Lake Sallie in Minnesota during the heat of the summer. Camping with your closest friends (or strangers-turned-friends) for three days. Seeing some of the best country music artists in the nation all in the same place with 50,000 other excited fans. Partying outdoors from the pre-shows through the headliners until the late night entertainment leaves the stage. 

That’s basically WE Fest in a nutshell (well, a paragraph). What more could a country music fan want?!

So… What’s the We Fest Experience Like?

Every year in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, the biggest country music festival in the US takes place the first weekend of August. It brings tons of visitors to this small town area, all ready for good vibes and good music. The festival also brings in an estimated $60 million to this rural area every year. And in return, they show that famous Midwestern hospitality to their guests. The WE Fest grounds are a place filled with people ready for a ridiculously good time. Here’s what you can expect from the WE Fest experience…

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The Camping Experience

There are music festivals… and then there are music and camping festivals. And WE Fest is definitely the latter. One of the biggest reasons people keep returning to WE Fest year after year is because of its lively campgrounds. These sprawling campsites create their own entertainment. You’ll see everything from baby pools to elaborate drinking games to full bars to foam parties if you look hard enough. There are RVs decked out with American flags, bouncy castles, and people drinking beers out of flamingo lawn ornaments (just FYI, that’s known as a “flabongo”).

Pace yourself, the party doesn’t stop just ’cause the music does!

Snag a basic tent campsite or bring your luxury motorhome. There’s a ton of space for all levels of campers. Whether you’re arriving with the bare essentials (you know, just a cooler of beer) or bringing along the slip-n-slide, piñatas, and your own jello shot stand, you can do it all at WE Fest! The campgrounds are a DIY party all their own and you will almost 100% leave with more friends than you came with. Close quarters and good times tend to bring people together. Just don’t forget the sunscreen because you will be roaming around outside a lot!

A Crowd of All Kinds

WE Fest attracts everybody from college kids to retired folks to whole families with kids. All ages. All income levels. All tastes. Whether you’re just a regular ol’ general admission kinda guy or a fan of the VIP treatment, WE Fest has a range of options for everybody and so it attracts literally all walks of life. If you don’t come with your own crowd, you’ll surely be able to find one!

In terms of fashion, there’s bandanas, beads, body paint, fanny packs, cowboy hats, and (obviously) cowboy boots. Expect lots of jorts, jerseys, flannel, and maybe the occasional bikini top. Nobody is trying to look too cool or become a runway model while they’re here (at least, the majority of WE Fest attendees aren’t – this ain’t Coachella, thank goodness). This is a crowd that’s just trying to have fun, listen to good music, and party with their friends. Everybody is welcome. Of course, it helps if you like country music…

Great Performances, Obviously

From the pre-shows to the late nights, you’ll get to see country music’s biggest stars perform for three days (and nights) in a row. But there are also meet and greets with celebs – you might even get to take a photo with your favorite artist! Since the beginning, WE Fest has been attracting the best country music in the country – from legends like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Alabama to more recently, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and Carrie Underwood. There’s Texas country, pop country, all the big radio artists you know and love, and lesser known artists too. And then they had Kid Rock that one time, whatever genre he fits into…

A good tip? Go check out an artist you’ve never heard before. Then you can saw you saw them “back when.”

Impeccable Logistics

Because they’ve been doing this for so long – since 1983 – WE Fest has their logistics down pat. They’ve come a long way since performances took place on the barn stage and people sat in lawn chairs. There are well-marked paths to get from one stage to the other stages and then back to your campgrounds. And big bonus, there’s running water and real bathrooms instead of porta-potties! Plus they’ve got tons of space for vendors, sponsors with fun brand activations, high caliber performances, and tens of thousands of fans. And it all works smoothly. That’s a feat that not ever music festival can claim. WE Fest has everything ready for you to have the best festival experience possible.

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