Ticket Summit Review | 2014 Ticket Summit Recap

In my opinion the 2014 Ticket Summit (held at Aria, Las Vegas) was another great success this year. I know what you are thinking, oh, this guy must be connected to TicketNetwork, however that’s not the case. Here’s my quick recap / review of the 2014 Ticket Summit.

Ticket Summit Awards

I’ve been going to the Ticket Summit in Las Vegas for the last four years, and unlike what most people say (“it’s the same thing ever year”), I have a different vantage point. At this years TicketSummit I met new(ish) companies such as Ticket Attendant and Radar. I also found out about many new products being offered such as VividSeats free POS known as SkyBox. As well as the new battle in the consignment / broker aggregation field originally started by Dreamtix.

When I first started coming to the Ticket Summit in 2011, I knew most of the companies exhibiting: Stubhub’s Ticket Technology, ListEasy, Ticket City, Seatwave etc. Brokers and the likes thought that nothing new was happening (although RocketPoster was starting to do some impressive integration with Ebay). However, when I went to the Ticket Summit in NYC in 2012, things were really starting to change. I found out about a company called 1-ticket, who was working on automation and simplifying ticket brokers operations (I also presume Cloakify was working on similar technology at that time).

Fast forward to the latest Ticket Summit and there’s now a handful of companies that offer similar services to 1ticket (although 1ticket is the best priced option and the most widely used solution). However, there’s a few solutions that charge more money and provide an even more comprehensive solution, such as AutoProcessor (also known as DTR), Cloakify, 24/7 broker, and Ticket Attendant. Another important topic which I learned about is the recent trend that Dreamtix started last year, which is now seeing competition from StageFront and S4k. The purpose of these companies is to extend their operational expertise and their attractive seller fee discounts to other brokers (in conjunction with powerful software from the likes of TicketAttendant and 1ticket). But to cover this topic properly we’ll need a much more thorough review: for the time being, you can see the most comprehensive ticket broker software overview here.

Ticket Summit TickPick Booth 2

Moving on… So when comparing this years Ticket Summit to last years I’d say there was more foot traffic in prior years. With that said, our company will continue to attend TicketSummit and buy a booth, as we think the exposure is worth it (plus it comes with 3 passes so the booth price is very attractive).

However, if you get a booth or not, at the end of the day it’s not about the exposure: I find TicketSummit valuable because it brings the whole secondary ticket industry into one city at the same time. To me, it’s not about the small talk. It’s the fact that I can have meaningful conversations with 20-30 business owners in the course of three days. Plus, everyone is accessible; if you want to introduce yourself to Don Vaccaro, go for it, if you want to talk to Fred Rosen or Stubhub folks, that’s also available… actually that may have been 2011’s Ticket Summit, anyway you get the gist. Hope to see you in Vegas in 2015.


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P.P.S. If you’re looking for more information on the ticket broker industry this is a helpful resource.

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