There’s nothing easier than getting coupons and discount codes for sports tickets, concert tickets, and theater tickets from TicketsNow (which is powered by Ticketmaster), but that ought make you wonder, why does TicketsNow always seem to have a promotion offering 10% coupon codes?

Here we’ll provide answers as to what’s the best TicketsNow coupon code, in addition to telling you what’s the best way to save the most amount of money when buying tickets.

You can sign up for the 10% discount code that TicketsNow advertises right on their homepage, but there are also codes that you can enter without signing up, and as well as other avenues that will offer you even greater savings.

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It’s important to know that TicketsNow plays lots of games with the fees that they charge. If you go straight to to buy tickets, they will charge you an astonishing 20% service fee. These fees won’t show up until you make it to the checkout.

It’s no wonder why they offer TicketsNow coupon codes for 10% off.

Tickets Now discount codes: The coupon code welcome10 provided a 10% discount; however, that still leaves you with 10% in remaining service fees. Note that for the promo code to work, it needs to be used with a new email.

The good news is that even if this TicketsNow discount code expires, you can get 10% off ticket orders just by entering your email here. The bad news is that even with the 10% coupon code, you are likely overpaying compared to a no-fee ticket site like TickPick.

Why Should You Use TickPick Over TicketsNow?

1. No Service Fees: Unlike TicketsNow’s hidden fees, TickPick shows all-in pricing & has no service fees.
2. Algorithms: TickPick shows you the best deals, aka helping you get the best bang for your buck!
3. Bid on Tickets: Not happy with tickets prices? Now you can name your price with their bidding platform.

If you’re interested in an alternative to TicketsNow and saving some money, TickPick is the ticket site for you.

Is There a Better Way to Save vs. TicketsNow Coupons?

There is a way for shoppers to get a better deal on live event tickets than what TicketsNow offers, and it’s called TickPick. Many people don’t know this, but the majority of tickets available on TicketsNow are also available on TickPick without the high (and hidden) service fees that they tack onto the ticket price at checkout before fans complete their transaction. TickPick was started in 2011 as a response to other ticket marketplaces’ high fees – TickPick customers save 10% over our major competitor on their purchase and no promo codes are required, although we do offer new customers $10 off!


TickPick, as seen in:

Stubhub prices vs tickpick

Compare ticket prices and pay no service fees here on TickPick.

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