TickPick: To Infinity and Beyond

As the self proclaimed architect of  TickPick, and with the launch of our blog I figured it was time to speak out and show this world what TickPick is truly made of.  By that I mean just summarizing what features we have introduced during our commencement into the ticketing industry and where we look to innovate moving forward.

The Origins – A Bidding Platform

The origins of TickPick began with a crazy little idea from my partner Brett, in which he imagined a world where the ticketing industry would could mirror that of a financial marketplace.  In comes TickPick’s bidding platform.  As the original differentiator for TickPick and the main driver for the creation of our site, the bidding platform has evolved greatly since its inception.  Through its iterations as a Flash, Silverlight (it’s ok if you’ve never heard of it), and now HTML5 application we continue to focus on simplifying the process while maintaining its core value.

With the technology in place for the bidding platform and the continued realization that we needed a solution for users ready to buy now, the deal grading system was created.  The same algorithms used to create your dynamic bids are used to rank and grade all active ticket listings.  With the addition of a couple math gurus to the team and the use of statistical analysis, the refinement of this algorithm continues.

Additional Features

In addition to some of the more prevalent aspects of our site and with the assistance of some valuable user feedback  we continued to differentiate ourselves with several other more minor features including:

Flexdates — Want to see The Book or Mormon but your willing to go to any Friday or Saturday showing over the next 3 weeks?  Find the best deal across multiple dates/shows at any venue.

Price assistance — Listing tickets, but now sure what to price tem at?  We’ll tell you how your tickets will rank on TickPick at any price.

Don’t know who would sell their tickets to see The Boss but we’ll help you out if you are

Well, as the nationwide expansion continues, only time and some hard work will tell where this all ends up.  Let’s get em.

Sincerely Yours,

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