If there is anyone who has seriously taken the oft-said advice of “be everywhere”, it’s Ty Dolla $ign, who has proven that he wants to be—and is—everywhere. In 2016, a writer for Stereogum counted the number of guest features accrued by Ty Dolla $ign, which by the end of the year totaled to 45. Since, Ty has only increased his visibility, matched with the fact that every R&B, EDM, and rap artist seems to believe (rightly) that Ty is the perfect ingredient for their projects.

Recently, Ty Dolla $ign’s Beach House 3 was re-released as a deluxe edition, featuring the new single “Pineapple” with Gucci Mane and MigosQuavo. In terms of guest appearances Ty Dolla $ign has made just this Summer, we have a number of A-Listers: Christina Aguilera’s trippy single “Accelerate”, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s surprise album Love Is Everything, Post Malone’s top-charting hit “Psycho”, and three features on Kanye’s new album Ye. These releases have been huge, and the year is more than halfway over, but Ty is far from done.

Later this year, Ty Dolla $ign will release the collaborative project MihTy with singer Jeremih. “Me and Jeremih got together a couple months ago to write for some other people, but we ended up coming up with 60 songs and not even showing the other people the songs because they were so fire,” he explained in an interview with Rolling Stone. The duo’s first MihTy single “The Light” is out now, wooing listeners with the funky fusion of their two styles.

Now, with all of these huge releases behind him, Ty Dolla $ign is getting ready for an even bigger Summer. In addition to forthcoming music videos for “The Light” and “Pineapple”, Ty will be going on tour with G-Eazy and Lil Uzi Vert next month. The “Endless Summer Tour” kicks off July 20th at Washington’s White River Amphitheatre, and concludes at the end of the Summer in Palm Beach, Florida.

Is it a coincidence that some of the best music releases of Summer 2018 have Ty Dolla $ign in common? We think not. The incredible hook writer told Rolling Stone: “I try to block out the negative but I’m not going to act like everything’s perfect. There’s crazy shit going on every day in this crazy world, but you gotta just learn how to be positive and be yourself with no compromise.”

As Ty Dolla $ign continues to expertly navigate the waters of music production, his contributions continue to chart soar and fill our earbuds. How can we repay a musician who dedicates all of his free time to working, to being everywhere? Buy your Endless Summer tickets, soon!

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