UFC 205 Seating Chart | Where to Sit for UFC at MSG

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is finally making its way to New York City and Madison Square Garden for UFC 205. It will be headlined by Connor McGregor, who is fighting Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Championship. If he wins, he will be first UFC fight to hold two Championship belts at the same time.

Now if you plan on attending this event, you want to make sure you have all the information available before deciding on what tickets you will purchase. Here will go into great details on all the seating options for UFC 205 at MSG, including row and seat numbers, floor seating, and much more. And if you are in the market for tickets, check out our Cheap UFC 205 Tickets, that never include service fees!

Interactive UFC 205 Seating Chart

Floor Seating UFC 205

The floor seats at MSG for UFC are not all created equal. The sections marked with an ‘F’ after the number are true floor seats, meaning there is no elevation. Sections 1-3 and 7-9 are sloped slightly, so if you are targeting tickets in a higher row seeing the action in the octagon shouldn’t be a problem.

The seat numbers for the floor seating at MSG follow a standard pattern where seat number 1 will always be on the left side of the section when facing the octagon. Another way to think of it is seat 1 will always be closer to the lowered numbered section adjacent to it.

100 Level Seating UFC 205

The best seats in the 100 level for UFC 205 are going to be in sections 106-108 and 116-118. Sections that you should try to avoid are 101-103 and 111-113. Those sections are just the farthest from the octagon in the 100 level, so you would be better off in a centrally located 200 level section with a low row number.

The seat numbers in the 100 level follow the same pattern as the floor, where seat number 1 is always on the left of the section when facing the octagon.

200 Level Seating UFC 205

The best seats in the 200 level for UFC 205 are going to be in section are in sections 210-212 and 223-225. Like the 100 level, you want to avoid sitting in the far ends because of the distance from the octagon. We advise trying to sit below row 10 in the 200 level when possible. Rows 20 and up in the 200 level will have the Chase Bridge  (300 level) just overhead, so at that point you are better off trying to score tickets there. Unless you want to be able to see the action on TV. In that case, monitors are provided, which you can see below.

Chase Bridge UFC 205

300 Level Seating UFC 205 | Chase Bridge

The Chase bridge (300 level) is going to give you the most unique view of UFC 205. As you can see it is positioned above the center of the 200 level, so you are looking down on the Octagon. There are also much fewer rows in this level, so you are dealing with smaller crowds. The ideal sections in the Chase bridge are going to be in sections 312-314 and 325-327.

400 Level Seating UFC 205

The 400 level seats are probably the least desirable for UFC 205, but they are also the cheapest. This would be the best option for you if you are trying to save as much money as possible, or just want to get into the event.

If you are looking for even more Madison Garden Seating Information, checkout our main post that includes MSG Seat Views. If you have any specific questions regarding seating for UFC 205, don’t hesitate to contact our support line at 845-538-4567 or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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