Ultra Music Festival 2013

Ultra Music Festival has probably been forced by the city of Miami to wrap up after just one weekend, rather than spanning the length of the festival across two full weekends.  To compensate for this change, Ultra will be hosted at a larger, Bicentennial park, rather than the packed and smaller Bayfront Park.  This change will allow for more people and a larger more spacious and comfortable environment, but with a price to pay.

However, do these perks really make it okay for Ultra to charge attendees approximately $500 for general admission?  It is unheard of to increase a cost of GA admission from less than three hundred to five hundred in consecutive annual shows.  Besides the claim that Ultra 2014 will be “A New Level” and “A New Experience”, it truthfully may not be worth it next year in 2014 with such outrageous pricing.  Instead, this may be the year where people recognize WMC (Winter Music Conference)  as the real premier electronic music festival during Spring Break Miami Music Week.

Frustrated with Ultra?  Join the over eight thousand individuals supporting the Ultra Music Festival Boycott on Facebook to become a part of the cause.  Sign the petition and boycott Ultra!  Ultra claims that “The service fee includes service charges and fees” which is just vague and sad.  Ultra completely refuses to respond to their fans.  Instead, they try to justify their $90.05 fee per ticket with more ambiguity during the checkout process.  Customers, does this clear things up for you at all? Also, regarding taxes, where were they during Coachella’s checkout process…oh right, there weren’t any.

Breaking the numbers down, $90.05 works out to about 22.52% of $399.95. The Miami-Dade County tax rate of 7% would only explain $28 of the $90.05 fee. Where is the other $62.05 of just fees per ticket going?

Ultra claims they sold 15,000 Early Bird and Advanced tickets.  That means, in order to sell out, Ultra will need to sell about 40,000 tickets at the $399.95 price (good luck). That’s $2.4 million USD in fees alone from only the regular GA tickets. We’re not even counting the Early Bird or Advanced ticket fees.

Since early bird ticket prices were set at such a low price of an advertised $149.99 before fees, the price hike for everyone outside of the initial 15,000 miami residences who got lucky doesn’t quite make any sense at all.  An increase of over hundreds of dollars for no apparent reason doesn’t add up.  The festival will still likely sell out as the festival draws closer but this may be a wake up call for the folks in charge of pricing Ultra Music Festival.  In an effort to alleviate all the disgruntled fans, Ultra will be streaming live in HD for free across the internet, so you can watch the craziness from your living room sofa!  Not quite the same experience, but you’ll save have a grand by doing so…

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