Warrior of the Week Episode 10: Justin Bohannon

Warrior of the Week

A few weeks ago, TickPick launched Warrior of the Week as a way to give back to the brave men and women who have sacrificed everything for our country. What started out as an idea, has now grown into an amazing partnership with  The Veterans Project. The visual essays about each veteran that Tim Kolczak covers provide a powerful, in-depth look at our veterans looking to re-integrate into society. As citizens of this incredible country, we owe it to each veteran to take the time to learn about their sacrifice, and honor their journey in and outside of the military.

TickPick is proud to honor Justin Bohannon as our Warrior of the Week! Justin attended the Khalid concert in Cedar Park, Texas this past week. We encourage every reader to take the time to read Justin’s full story and educate themselves on the amazing work he is doing with the non-profit he started, Make a Vet Sweat!

Veteran: Justin Bohannon

Branch of Military: Army, OIF Veteran

Why did you join the Army?

JB: To be straight forward, I actually joined the Army because the Marine recruiter was an asshole.  I talked to him two separate times because my oldest brother was a Marine.  I was all about the Marine Corps because my oldest brother was a god to me.  He went into the Marines and that’s what I wanted to be.  But, things changed for me when the Marine recruiter was a dick.  I went over to the Army recruiter and I told him I wanted to kill people so he signed me up for the infantry.  It was the perfect match (laughs).

J4-min-minCan you talk about your time in the brotherhood of the Army and what that was like for you? 

JB: Serving in the Army Infantry is one of the most unusually beautiful things ever.  The unusual part is you have a whole bunch of high testosterone, alpha-male young adults mostly in the age range of 18-22.  You’ve never seen true beauty until you’ve seen hardcore alpha males showing sensitivity and emotion to their brothers.  That kind of love is an incredible thing that you know nothing about until you serve.  Some of these moments come sober and some of them not so sober (laughs) but it’s always beautiful.  It’s awesome to see people ready to die for the person on their right and left because of the brotherhood.  Everyone’s coming from different backgrounds but you go through a lot together and during that time your trust grows for one another.  It’s so incredible.  The band of brothers mentality is by far the most unusual, beautiful thing I’ll ever experience.


The Veterans Project is a comprehensive photographic essay detailing the lives of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom combat veterans and their return to civilian life. The project focuses on the many challenges surrounding their reentry into “polite society” and realistically depicts their lives profiled in both photographic and interview formats. The goal of The Veterans Project is to show each participating veteran as they truly are, as a unique person whose decision to serve places them in a special category of American volunteers. Although all wear the same uniform and to some extent share a common bond as “brothers in arms, ” these warriors see life and war through their own personal lenses which is what makes their stories and their struggles uniquely personal and diverse.

TickPick – Warrior of the Week

TickPick is proud to announce Warrior of the Week! We would like to thank US veterans for choosing to serve our country with free tickets to sporting events all across America. There are never enough ways to thank our veterans and their families.

While still far from enough, we hope that a memorable night cheering on their favorite team will begin to show our appreciation.

Do you know a veteran or active duty soldier deserving of TickPick’s Warrior of the Week?

Nominate them now.

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