Warrior of the Week Episode 25: Nate Boyer

In this week’s edition of our Warrior of the Week series, TickPick is proud to honor Nate Boyer. We are incredibly grateful for Nate’s service in the Army, and honored to send him tickets to see the San Francisco 49ers play the Los Angeles Chargers! 

Veteran: Nate Boyer

Event: Los Angeles Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers

Branch of MilitaryUnited States Army Green Beret

Before we continue, we must give credit to Tim Kolczak with The Veterans Project for highlighting Nate’s story. Tim does an incredible job of spotlighting our veterans’ stories, and we cannot recommend The Veterans Project enough!

“I’m suffering.  If you’ve ever run on an August morning at Ft. Knox you’d know what I mean.  The heat, even at 0430, is borderline ridiculous.  I feel him breathing down my neck.  That Pitbull they call a “Drill Sergeant” is coming for me.  He’s screaming so hard at the guy behind me that I feel his spit on the back of my neck.  It’s 2005, I’m 17 years old (youngest in my company), in Alpha Run Group, 4th Platoon, Warlords of Delta Company Basic Combat Training.  I’ve never been yelled at directly on a run but I have a feeling this will be the day that all changes.  For some reason, the drill sergeants wanted the faster guys in Bravo to run in Alpha and I’m getting smoked for it.  I hear a very very quiet calm voice tap my eardrums.  It’s Bowman and he’s slowed his pace for me.  Bowman was one of those exceptional trainees who you know is going to do something extraordinary with his Army career.  He had a surfer dude mentality but he finished everything with startling tenacity.  When the drill sergeants scream at him, it’s mostly because they’re frustrated at his lack of weaknesses.  He’s the calming force everyone looks to when “shit hits the fan.”  He whispers so the sharks don’t get him, “Want to finish with me?”  I whisper harshly back, “Dude, there’s no way.”  Bowman was FAST and always finished near the front of Alpha Run Group.  I still see that trademark relaxed smile, “Of course you can bro… find a rhythm.”  He starts exaggerating his breathing to show me his cycle and I begin to breathe with him.  Before you know it, we are passing people on the right and the left.  I finish near the front of Alpha.  I can’t believe it.  It’s the fastest I’d ever run in BCT.  Bowman was the guy who made Basic Training look easy, and I’ll assure you it was anything but.  Bowman somehow streamlined it.  I was jealous of that kind of ease he brought to the table.

Nate with MVP (Merging Vets and Players)

Nate Boyer is Bowman.  Somewhere on a different plane, they are one and the same.  I don’t know what Bowman ever did with his career in the Army, but I do know that he’s the guy you want in your unit.  He’s the calming force in a firefight.  He’s the guy that cracks the joke to lighten everyone’s mood, including his own.  Most of all, he’s a kind warrior.  He loves people and that’s what brought him into the Army.  He wants to help.  Nate Boyer was a Green Beret before he earned the Green Beret.  You’ve heard me speak about it before, but I believe these guys are bred differently.  They have a certain innate quality that makes them a special kind of warrior.  The regular grunts see them as the titans of the battlefield, ghosts that are always at the tip of the spear.  Talk to Nate and he doesn’t see himself as special.  Yet he is just that.  Line two in the Ballad of the Green Beret, which is partially mentioned at the top, is Nate Boyer captured in phrase.  “Men who mean just what they say….””

If you would like to read the full story, please click here! 

Warrior of the Week

TickPick – Warrior of the Week

We’re proud of our military servicemen and women, and we like to show our appreciation for them choosing to serve our country by providing the experience of a lifetime with complementary tickets to live events all across America, courtesy of TickPick.

There are never enough ways to thank our veterans and their families, and while still far from enough, we hope that a memorable night cheering on their favorite team or seeing their favorite acts will begin to show our appreciation for their service.

Do you know a veteran or active duty soldier deserving of TickPick’s Warrior of the Week?

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The Veterans Project is a comprehensive photographic essay detailing the lives of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom combat veterans and their return to civilian life. The project focuses on the many challenges surrounding their re-entry into “polite society” and realistically depicts their lives profiled in both photographic and interview formats.

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