Watch DRAM’s New Video for “Best Hugs”

Last month, the Virginia-based artist DRAM (which stands for Does. Real. Ass. Music) released a brand new EP titled That’s A Girls Name, featuring the tracks “Best Hugs,” “WWYD?” and “Sundress.That’s A Girls Name is DRAM’s first project since last year’s Christmas EP #1HappyHoliday, though he’s shared collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Charlie Heat, Chromeo and even Neil Young in the time since.

Now, the sunniest track from That’s A Girls Name has received some truly hilarious visuals. The 80’s pop-inspired “Best Hugs“, which is about having feelings for someone who’s already taken, is set against the backdrop of a swingers party. Check out the lovingly rendered visuals for “Best Hugs” below.

The quirky video—directed by Sam Hibbard—takes place at a swinger’s pad, drenched in 70’s decorum. Men and women, dressed in sex-kitsch, frolic about the house, eagerly accepting hugs from DRAM as he makes his way through the party. “How can you let your girl off your arm, knowin’ she’s so fine?” DRAM croons over the groovy melodies. “I said woo/ Brother, man, I don’t mean you no harm/ But I want her as mine. I think she should be mine.”

Later in the video, DRAM and others leave the bursting kitchen to join a hilarious dance routine breaking out by the pool. The jovial, Oligee-produced instrumental couldn’t have found a better match than a fun-loving group of swingers, encouraged by the smiley DRAM.

Recently, we heard DRAM with the funky, synth-pop Chromeo for their Head Over Heels track “Must’ve Been“. Because of DRAM’s compatible, sunny style, we expect to hear him guest on at least one more track before the Summer’s end.


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