Watch Weird Al Yankovic Star in Weezer’s Video for “Africa”

When times are tough, we are thankful for moments like this.

Weezer, the hip losers who’ve paved their career with comedic, self-deprecating rock, continue to engage with the online fandom they created back in the early 2000’s—the height of their fame and the advent of internet culture. Late last year, a 14-year-old fan from Cleveland named Mary Klym started a Twitter account called @WeezerAfrica and began campaigning for Weezer to cover the Toto classic.

It doesn’t matter that the song is nearly three decades old, “Africa” revived itself amongst millennials and Gen Zer’s as a much needed dose of euphoria during the post-election news cycle. Klym’s campaign gained traction, and five months after she began tweeting, Weezer released “Africa” onto streaming services, along with releasing a limited edition vinyl of the cover.

Now, because we needed it, Weezer has released a video of their “Africa” cover, with “Weird Al” Yankovic as lead singer Rivers Cuomo–which, if you’ve been a longtime fan of Weezer, directly parodies their video for the 1994 hit “Undone — The Sweater Song.” SO, in summation, Weezer has released a new video of their left-field cover, that doubles as a Weird Al parody of a different Weezer video. Confused? Just watch and consume the comedic strangeness of Weezer’s “Africa” video, starring Weird Al Yankovic and other people who look like Weezer, but aren’t.

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