Part of the fun of any big music festival is checking out the vendors. The food trucks, snack stands, and sponsored tents are definitely worth exploring before you settle in to watch the bands for the day. We know you’ll be stopping for drinks (since you can’t bring your own inside the festival!), but check out the food too! The WE Fest food vendors are often a showcase of local Midwest favorites and traveling food trucks that serve up delicious fare at music festivals across the nation.

There were 17 different food vendors at WE Fest last year, in addition to special VIP catering, so you’ve got plenty of variety to choose from! Here’s a quick look at what you can expect for food (and drink) options inside the festival grounds at WE Fest 2019!

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If you’re camping, you might be grilling out with friends before you head into the festival, but trust us, you’ll want to save some room for all of the food options at WE Fest. (Plus, food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it yourself, right?) There will be tons of vendors in the festival grounds supplying festivalgoers with creative, fun dishes. And you can’t really pack your own ice cream anyway, so at least visit to grab dessert!

Our advice? Head to the food vendors with a group of friends and pick up a few different things to try and share! Then have a little picnic. There are also a few food options located in the Lake Sallie, Blue Ox, and VIP Campgrounds according to the 2019 WE Fest Map. Be sure to get your food before you go pick a spot on the lawn!

Different Food Vendors at WE Fest

Wings, cheese curds, tacos, you name it. From the locally inspired Minnesota plates to the international cuisine and more, WE Fest vendors are here to serve! Last year, you could try things like pizza, barbecue, wraps, Greek food, Chinese, and even snacks like French fries, doughnuts, ice cream, and kettle corn.

Of course, there were a few other exciting festival options like the Gouda Boys’ mac n cheese sandwiches and fries, pulled pork or lobster mac n cheese, and mac n cheese egg rolls. Free Indeed Food, a Minnesota food truck, served up gluten-free and allergy-friendly desserts like mini-donuts and smoothies.

Below is a list of the 2018 WE Fest food vendors. We’ll keep you posted on any updates!

  • Greek Flame
  • Wrap Shack
  • Best Fry
  • Miller Concessions
  • Honey Hut (ice cream)
  • Bernatello’s Pizza
  • Midway Foods
  • TCDC Catering
  • Oofda Taco
  • Gouda Boys 
  • Chinese Express
  • Free Indeed Food
  • Wild West Wings
  • TJ’s Ice Cream
  • J’s Kettle Corn
  • Rollin Nolen (barbecue)
  • Tees

Drink Options at WE Fest

It’s a country music festival, so of course, there will be plenty of beer. Don’t you worry about that! Sponsors not only include Miller Lite, but Smirnoff, Don Julio, and Mike’s (you know, the makers of the infamous hard lemonade). You can expect plenty of mixed drinks too, if that’s your thing. Many bars will also have a spirit selection and featured cocktails. 

If you’re planning to have a few adult beverages while you’re at the festival, don’t forget that you need to be wearing your over 21 wristband at all times!

WE Fest Food Options 2019

If you opt for VIP Tickets…

VIP Tickets to WE Fest include five catered gourmet meals. In the past, these have included things like hand-carved brisket, baked potatoes, giant grilled turkey legs, pulled pork sandwiches, green beans, cookies, chips, and salads (so you don’t get too unhealthy during your three days of partying). Past VIP folks have reported that the food was excellent! If you want, you can grab those tickets here.

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