What to Expect from Paul McCartney’s One On One Tour

The first leg of Paul McCartney’s epic, globe-spanning “One on One” Tour began over a year ago. This past April, the legendary, former Beatle announced a North American leg of his “One on One” tour, which kicked off today (July 5th) in Miami. McCartney fans in North America are in for quite a treat, as his latest tour continues to be epic in proportion.

Amongst the long list of “One on One” North American Tour Dates are two nights at Barclays in Brooklyn and two nights at MSG, which marks McCartney’s return to the iconic venue for the first time since 2005. In an interview with Rolling Stone, McCartney revealed what fans can expect during the “One on One” Tour. And from what we gathered, the “One on One” Tour will definitely be “a rollicking evening out”.

McCartney’s “One on One” Tour features a long, expansive set. The average Paul McCartney concert in 2017 will last nearly three hours. Sets range from 35-40 songs and feature a mix of songs he wrote and performed with the Quarrymen, the Beatles, Wings, in addition to his solo work. Fans in North America will be seeing the “jigged”, refreshed version of McCartney’s “One on One” Tour. And considering fans in the states have yet to see any legs of the “One on One” Tour, there’s a lot for ticket holders to look forward to.

Paul McCartney

The tour name, One on One, he explains, says everything about what he hopes to accomplish on the tour. “The truth is that when I do the show, I feel like I’m kind of talking to someone like me in the audience,” he says. “So I’m relating to the people. And when I’m playing, I’m imagining it’s me listening to this band, this guy. People have said in reviews that even though we’re playing in a great big arena, there’s a very intimate quality about it with the screens we use and the way we use them. Even though you’re at the back of the hall, we try and bring the intimacy to you.”

McCartney’s career spans nearly six decades, but according to concert reviews, he’s performing with the energy of a man half his age. Rolling Stone ventured to asking him how he keeps momentum going through a three hour set. “It’s different every night, and we play a bit different every night. And we’re always just trying to get it right and have a good time. We talk about it afterwards: “We nearly got it right. There were just a couple of things that we’ll get next time.” And then people will be seeing the shows like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nobody else spots mistakes we spot. And that keeps you trying and enthusiastic, and it keeps the energy flowing.”

Though Paul McCartney is performing slightly different sets on his “One on One” Tour, he gave Rolling Stone a few songs he’s enjoyed playing this year, including “Hard Day’s Night”, “Temporary Secretary”, “Band on the Run”, “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”, “Live and Let Die” and “1985” from Wings. We’re curious to see if, since the re-release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, McCartney leans on more songs from this iconic Beatles album.

Paul McCartney’s “One on One” Tour continues through the end of September, into the beginning of October, and is packed with some landmark venues in some of America’s greatest cities. If you haven’t landed Paul McCartney Tickets yet, it’s not too late to get admission for one of the most anticipated tours of the Summer.


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