What to Wear to a Concert – Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Country

There are three things that go through my mind the night of a concert: How early should I get to the venue, how am I going to get there, and what am I going to wear. Though a lot of people find it silly to “dress up” for a concert, concerts are still special occasions! Going to a concert doesn’t require you to be ready for the runway, but you should still feel empowered to look your best.

Not only are concerts a place where you can impress others, but it’s an opportunity to express your own sense of fashion with hundreds of other people. But beware, each type of concert has an etiquette, an unspoken dress code that all concert veterans know of. Here is what TickPick has to say about what to wear to a concert.

What to Wear to a Rock Concert

Based off of my own rock concert experiences, the best way to go in terms of concert wear is to dress in something you’re comfortable in, wear light materials, and don’t wear anything you can’t stand to ruin. Rock concerts, depending on the crowd and the venue, have the potential to get a little messy, (not to mention sweaty). The goal for the night should be to be able to move, stay comfortable, and look good.

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Rock concerts require a dose of edginess in your attire. If you want to know when an outfit is too edgy, just consult the kind of music you’re going to listen to. Generally, you don’t wear dark eyeliner to see Mumford and Sons, because they are more so an Alternative Rock band. But if you’re seeing Nine Inch Nails, I don’t think there’s a limit on how much you can destroy your jeans. There are tons of directions you can take your outfit, just like there are endless variations of rock music itself. Wear a lace crop top and pair it with cloth shorts for the Woodstock look. Or grab a flannel, white t-shirt, and high-waist jean shorts for the British Invasion look. Remember, Rock music is just about pissing people off and looking cool while you do it. So really, just look cool.

What to Wear to a Hip-Hop Concert

When it comes to choosing what to wear to a hip-hop concert, you have a lot more freedom to wear whatever you want without getting any looks for it. Depending on the venue, this could be your chance to finally wear those galaxy print leggings, or studded jean shorts. There is a wide range of the types of people who attend hip-hop concerts. You’ll see the guys who insisted upon the flat bill hats and gold chains bumping shoulders with the teenagers who stalk Rihanna’s Tumblr and tried to replicate her style for hours. You should try to aim for the middle. Go ahead, indulge in the flashy/blingy aspect of hip-hop culture, but balance it out with some skinny jeans and a white crop top. Here are some outfit suggestions for your next hip-hop show.

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Rap concerts are occasions where you can experiment with mixing and matching. By doing so, you’ll likely fit right in. Combine casual and dressy items, such as a pair of destroyed jeans and a sheer black tank top. Pull on a romper and dress it up with bulky jewelry. Bring out the leather skirt, match it with a screen t-shirt, slip on your sneakers, and top it off with a beanie. It doesn’t matter how random the combination is, as long as it is worn with confidence. Hip-hop is about style, and the loud expression of it.

What to Wear to Electronic Concerts and Raves

Electronic concerts and raves could be the easiest type of concert to dress for because you can get away with wearing, or not wearing, pretty much everything. If I were you, I would try to avoid the cliche rave wear, but if you want to go in that direction, it’s completely acceptable. When dressing for an electronic concert or rave, the best thing to keep in mind is how well you can dance in what you’re wearing. Therefore, above all, the fanny pack is your friend. I would start there. Here are our favorite electronic concert outfits that will not only be fitting for the occasion, but are also considered fashionable choices that can be worn outside the grimy walls of a rave warehouse.

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Bright colors are a necessity: the closer you are to neon, the better. Raves and Electronic concerts are the perfect occasion to bring out that silly crop top with the fruit on it, or those disco shorts you impulsively bought during an American Apparel sale. Good, durable shoes are a must. Don’t risk wearing flats or boots that are withering at the soles. Be kind to your feet and wear sneakers or combat boots, you’ll likely be moving the entire night. With this in mind, don’t wear more clothes than you have to. Raves and Electronic concerts require you to sweat, move, and repeat. So grab the slatted glasses, double knot your combat boots, and aim to glow in the dark.

What to Wear to a Country Concert

Country concerts are the best occasions to pull out the floral dresses, the brown belts, and plaid shirts.  At a Country concert, you’ll see a few ten gallon hats, plenty of pairs of Cowboy boots, big belt buckles and almost every guy wearing a pair of Wranglers. Typically, there is a lot of dancing at Country concerts, so you’ll want to wear something you can move in. Though you don’t need to wear daisy dukes and cowboy boots to fit in, these items are definitely viable options. To achieve the casual yet composed southern look, check out the Country concert outfit choices below.

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Dressing up for a Country concert is done best if you leave the dressier items at home. Typically, Country concerts aren’t high fashion events, but rather, are relaxed environments where everyone is partying together and having a good time. Though it varies by how big the performer is, you are typically better off with going for a more casual look. Wear the kind of dress you would wear to a lunch date with close friends, and pair it with some boots and a brown belt. Put a flower in your hair for a more feminine look, and bring a jean jacket if you think you’ll get cold. There’s a sense of camaraderie at a Country concert where no one is trying to out dress another. So brush up on your two-step, and don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance.

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Have other suggestions and tips for what to wear to a concert, let us know in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to take a picture of yourself and hashtag it to the TickPick Twitter—the TickPick team and maybe even other readers will let you know what they think of your concert outfit!


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