The NFL’s schedule release has been an event in and of itself in recent years. It’s released the week before the NFL draft in recent history, and typically on the Thursday prior, though in 2019, the NFL changed things up and dropped the schedule on Wednesday, April 17th.

In both 2017 and 2018, the NFL released the schedule on a Thursday. In 2017, it was April 20th, and in 2018, it was the 19th. We’re fairly confident at this point that the NFL’s 2020 schedule will be announced on Thursday, April 16th.

The NFL releases its preseason schedule on the week prior to the regular season announcement, but as of this writing (2/7), the only thing we know for sure about it is that the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs will be playing in the league’s opening game on Thursday Night Football that comes on September 10th.

The beauty of the NFL’s balanced schedule system is that fans know exactly which teams will be their team’s opponents in the following year as soon as the regular season ends, it’s just a matter of when their team will play what opponent.

For example, the Buffalo Bills play each of their three divisional opponents twice (once at home, once on the road), which accounts for 6 of their total games. They also play an entire two other divisions of four teams (one in the AFC and one from the NFC, in their case the AFC West and NFC West), which account for another 8 games. The remaining two games on their schedule will be against the teams from the two AFC divisions that finish in the same place in their respective division’s standings that were not already predetermined. So, because the Bills finished in 2nd place in the AFC East in 2019, they will play the 2nd place teams from each the AFC South (Titans) and North (Steelers). For these reasons, Bills fans know exactly what teams they would be playing in 2020 as soon as the divisional standings were determined at the end of the previous season.

Many passionate NFL fans are anxiously awaiting for the full slate to become public so they can begin searching for tickets. But what isn’t so clear is, when do NFL tickets go on sale?

NFL Schedule Release History (As of 2005)

2019 – Wednesday, April 17

2018 – Thursday, April 19

2017 – Thursday, April 20

2016 – Thursday, April 14

2015 – Tuesday, April 21

2014 – Wednesday, April 23

2013 – Thursday, April 18

2012 – Tuesday, April 17

2011 – Tuesday, April 19

2010 – Tuesday, April 20

2009 – Tuesday, April 14

2008 – Tuesday, April 15

2007 – Wednesday, April 11

2006 – Thursday, April 6

2005 – Wednesday, April 13

NFL Schedule 2020 Tickets – Release Date

3/31 Update

NFL reporter Ian Rapoport has just reported that the NFL schedule release could occur a few weeks later than it has in recent history, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His tweet stated “The NFL says the schedule release will likely be around May 9 — no later. So, plan your calendars.”

Typically fans are able to purchase tickets within 24-48 hours of the release of the NFL schedule from secondary ticket marketplaces. In 2020, NFL tickets may go on sale as early as the morning of Friday, April 17th. If you want to lock up your tickets to see your favorite team early, keep in mind that many other marketplaces will charge service fees, but not TickPick, saving you anywhere from 10-20% when compared to other marketplaces.

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