Will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2022?

Last week (May 28) Chance the Rapper released a new single, “A Bar About A Bar,” along with its cinematic music video companion. The song, with a beat strummed together by a riffing guitar, is a brief moment of storytelling. “A Bar About A Bar,” a realistic scene told in the spirit of “a man walks into a bar” jokes, is just under two minutes long. Check out “A Bar About A Bar,” below.

In the video, Chance shares his “Bar About A Bar” while visiting with fellow Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. In the background of their hang, you can find the Hyde Park-raised visual artist Nikko Washington painting. Later in the video, Washington’s painting is featured in its fullness.

Washington’s piece was later shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, the perfect culmination of this moment between Chicago native artists. It’s always been true about Chance and what he does: Chicago, and his love of the city’s artists, is at the heart of it.

Chance the Rapper’s ongoing album rollout is largely inspired by a collective of visual artists he met in Ghana while taking a trip there with Vic Mensa. For Chance the Rapper’s first single since 2019’s The Big Day, “Child of God,” he collaborated with painter Naïla Opiangah. “This project is really about what happens when you take all the noise out and you have one person and another person exchanging — just committing to bringing their conversations to life,” said Opiangah in a gallery interview.

“Wraith,” in collaboration with Vic Mensa, was released just three days before “A Bar About A Bar.” According to Vic Mensa, he and Chano have a lot more music to release together. Mensa said to Complex, “Me and Chano have been working on a lot of music for a while now, there’s much more to come.

Clearly, the new Chano season has arrived.

When is Chance the Rapper releasing a new album?

So far, Chance the Rapper has not release the official release date, or title, of his new album. As of now, we know of five singles: “The Heart & The Tongue,” “Child of God,” “Wraith,” A Bar About A Bar,” and “The Highs & The Lows“—the last of which is due out soon. With the rollout of new singles only increasing in speed since March, we think Chance the Rapper could drop his new album as soon as this month.

Chance the Rapper typically drops mixtapes and albums in the summer. Coloring Book arrived in May 2016 and The Big Day arrived in July 2019. Considering how many singles have dropped this year already, we would be surprised if the new Chance the Rapper album doesn’t arrive before our next summer holiday—July 4th.

Will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2022?

It’s been nearly three years since Chance the Rapper went on tour—and we all know how that went. Long story short, Chance the Rapper only performed five of his promised 35 shows. Which means that many, thousands, of Chance the Rapper fans haven’t seen him live in concert in a very long time. For most, it’s been since the “Be Encouraged” Tour that ran for most of 2017.

Will Chance the Rapper tour in 2022? We think it’s very likely. Here’s why.

This year, we know for a fact that Chance and his wife aren’t expecting another baby. It only takes a quick scroll through wife Kirsten Corley Bennett’s Instagram to see that the couple is currently focused on their life as it presently exists. Back in December 2019, when Chance cancelled most of his “Big” Tour, the couple had welcomed their second child just two months prior. We’re hoping the family planning makes way for Chance to finally go on tour for The Big Day, and his next album, this year.

Chance the Rapper is scheduled to perform the 2022 Float Fest along with headliners Vampire Weekend and Deadmau5. Currently, it’s his only scheduled performance in 2022. But the tours of Chano’s past, specifically the “Magnificent Coloring World Tour,” suggest a fall run of shows. This would give Chance plenty of time to drop his new album, and for the hype to swell, before announcing his next promotional tour. Hopefully, come this fall.

Are you ready to see Chance the Rapper in concert? Check back soon, as we think Chance the Rapper will shed light on his 2022 tour dates any day now.

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