Where are the Best Places to Eat Near the American Airlines Center?

The American Airlines Center is home to the Dallas Mavericks who are working hard to recreate their 2011 championship year. It is also home of the Dallas Star who are making a push for the playoffs. Before you head out to the AAC you must be thinking: Where can I grab some food before this game? Well, don’t you worry we have done the work for you. First, make sure to grab your no fee tickets with TickPick and then take a look at this short list of restaurants.

Meddlesome Moth

Meddlesome Moth has an affordable and delicious menu of items plus a drink list that features 40 different beers that are on tap. This spot has a modern look with some very unique touches that everyone should check out.

Happiest Hour

This is a popular place before or after the game because it is so close to the arena. They have two levels; downstairs if you are looking for a meal and the upstairs is waiting for you if you are just looking to have a drink with friends.

Saint Ann

If you are looking for a slightly more upscale experience Saint Ann is a great choice. They also have a patio area where you can enjoy a delicious meal on a nice Dallas day.

Stampede 66

Stampede 66 serves Tex-Mex and also serves a great steak. This restaurant embraces it’s Texas roots and really brings them to life.

Did we leave your favorite spot off the list? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to grab your no fee tickets for the next American Airlines Center event on TickPick.

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