NASCAR races are among the most popular family events and sporting events in general in the United States, with kids loving to see these powerful cars in action; however, for the parents buying the tickets, there’s very little information on where you should sit for NASCAR Races. Here we will breakdown to pros and cons to each level of seating at NASCAR races, for both indoor and outdoor venues, including where the best NASCAR seats are, plus how to find cheaper NASCAR Tickets.

NASCAR Seating

With NASCAR races, you’ll want to get as close to the action as possible without being too low to the tracks, which may inhibit one’s views of the entire track and require your focus strictly on the action happening right in front of the part of  the track at which you’re sitting.  Look for seats around the 20th row up and a bit beyond for the best overall experience.


Pros – Closest seats to the action makes for an unforgettable and exhilarating experience where the entire race is unfolding right in front of you.  You can literally feel the rumble of the cars as they drive past.

Cons – Much noisier and shaky than the upper level, can be a bit dusty from the exhaust and particles being kicked up.  You will certainly want want ear plugs for small children and perhaps yourself if you’re sitting down close to the track.


Pros – Much less noise from the cars and added height of the seats allow for a much better view of the entire track at venues.

Cons – Further from the action.

Review of a NASCAR Race From a Seasoned Fan

“Forget the earplugs: rent a scanner for sure. These are radios that let you listen into the communication between the crew chiefs and the drivers and can be very entertaining since drivers can express their frustrations on them. It gives you a lot of insights into the personalities involved. You won’t need the earplugs because the headphones will completely cover your ears and you’ll need your hearing for the scanner.

You do want to sit high enough that you can see the opposite side of the track: if you’re down too low, it can be hard to see across the infield. I’d say lower-middle is great, but then again I like to be close to the action.

I’ll second the sunscreen. Pace yourself if you’re drinking alcohol, and certainly drink some water either way. It is a long day for sure. Also, expect Mega Traffic, coming and especially going. Seating capacity is 140,000. Think about a stadium that seats 40,000 and what it’s like parking there. Now add 100,000. It can be gnarly, so I’d suggest either splitting early or staying late.”

General Tips for Attending NASCAR Races

In general, there’s a few things that you’ll want to be sure of when you’re thinking of heading out to a race this year.

  • Bring sunscreen – with these races taking place in the warmer weather months, you’ll want to be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen so you’re not roasting after spending three to five hours out in the sun with potentially minimal coverage.
  • On that note, pack a bag or cooler with plenty of water and snacks to get you through the event, subject to the venue’s policies regarding what you’re allowed to pack and bring in with you.
  • Bring earplugs or a scanner/radio that will allow you to either keep your hearing intact after leaving the venue or will allow you to listen to the crew members or the audiocast of the race while drowning out the extreme noise caused by the cars (will be more or less depending on how close you are to the track).

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