Who Will Have A Reunion Tour in 2020?

This year has been a big one for surprise reunion tours. From My Chemical Romance, to Mötley Crüe, to The Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald, fans have truly been blessed with unexpected homecomings.

2020 marks the end of the 2010san incredible, unsuspecting, and progressive age of music. We wouldn’t be surprised if several of these bands decide to tour in 2020, to celebrate the end of an era. Who Will Have A Reunion Tour in 2020? Here are our best guesses as to who will reunite on stage next year.


Destiny’s Child

In 2020, it will be two years since Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined Beyoncé on her iconic Coachella performances. The trio performed a medley of their greatest hits, such as “Survivor,” a deep Timbaland remix of “Say My Name,” and “Lose My Breath.” Afterwards, when the reunion tour rumors started flying, no one from DC had the audacity to say that it couldn’t happen, just that it would take time.

Could the time be now? What gives us hope for a 2020 Destiny’s Child reunion is that Beyoncé, arguably the group’s centerpiece, does not seem to be working on a new solo albumthough if she was, we likely wouldn’t know it, as she remains one of the more tight-lipped artists working today. But Beyoncé is seemingly open for a Destiny’s Child reunion, and we know that Rowland and Williams are up for it as well. In Williams’ words: “There’s nothing better than singing with Beyoncé and Kelly. We compliment each other so well in that area so they know that I’m down to perform, sign, tour, record.”



So, what really are the chances that the entirety of NSYNCJustin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bassreunite in 2020 for a world tour? Slim. But, we do think that 4/5 NYSNC memberssans Justin Timberlake, unfortunately, as he confirmed he would not be touring with the group in the futurecould come together for a limited reunion tour.

Besides Timberlake, every member of the group has taken a “never say never” stance on reuniting. A few members even got together for Ariana Grande’s Coachella set, to perform alongside the pop singer in “break up with your girlfriend” and their beloved hit “Tearin’ Up My Heart.”

If they aren’t relinquishing hope, we won’t either. Because if there is any potential to hearing “Bye Bye Bye,” “Girlfriend,” or “I Want You Back,” live, we are here for it.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The New York City-based rock band, led by the enigmatic Karen O, hasn’t released another album since 2013’s Mosquito. Questions such as “are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs still together?” and “what happened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?” rank high on Google when you search for the band’s upcoming tour dates. And with Karen O’s ongoing solo career, fans have begun to believe that they will never see the alternative rock band live again.

But last year, when asked if there will be any new Yeah Yeah Yeahs music in the future, Karen O replied: “Yeah, think so! The guys for the most part, I think they’re waiting on my just ‘getting struck by inspiration’ for it, y’know?”

The last time the Yeah Yeah Yeahs took the stage together wasn’t so long ago. In 2017, they played a series of small shows to celebrate the reissue of their seminal album A Fever to Tell. And in 2018, the band reconvened for a Spotify Singles recording session which produced new, live versions of “Maps” and “Thirteen.”

Will the Yeah Yeah Yeahs reunite next year for a new album release and tour? We think it’s definitely possible. At the very least, since they haven’t announced true retirement, we haven’t heard the last of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


LCD Soundsystem

The James Murphy-led electronic outfit has already announced the end. But they’ve already gone back on it, too. 2017’s American Dream came out after LCD Soundsystem’s supposed last show and won them even higher acclaim than before. After touring for American Dream, LCD Soundsystem has all but disappeared, besides recording for Spotify Singles and christening Brooklyn Steel by performing for their opening weekend. Not to mention, James Murphy has deepened his pursuit of restauranteur by co-owning Brooklyn’s The Four Horsemen and running a newly opened cafe, also in Brooklyn, called Daymoves.


But what about James Murphy’s appearance in Detroit last month, where he DJ’d at Red Door Digital? Could this be his weird way of saying LCD Soundsystem isn’t done forever, just for the time being?

After all, 2020 will be the 15th anniversary of the band’s first, self-titled album, as well as the 10th anniversary of their beloved record This Is Happening. We think it’s very, very possible that the stars have aligned for LCD Soundsystem to reunite and tour in 2020.


Alabama Shakes

The arrival of 2020 will make five years since the Alabama Shakes released their sophomore album Sound & Color, which reached critical success with six Grammy nominationsincluding Album of the Yearand winning four (Best Alternative Music Album, Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance). It was strange, to say the least, to witness the disappearance of one of America’s bonafide blues rock bandsjust after their claim to fame.

Lead-singer Brittany Howard has taken the time since Sound & Color to focus on her solo projects, Thunderbitch and her more recent, self-titled project that debuted with the album Jaime, after her late sister.

Though Brittany Howard is seen flourishing in her latest work, often described as her most mature and affecting music to date, we have not given up hope of an Alabama Shakes reunion tour. When asked, Howard asserts she is “taking a break” from the band which brought her initial reception, the band which quickly became known as one of America’s best rock outfits of the era. Until we hear otherwise, an Alabama Shakes reunion feels entirely possible for 2020.



Sure, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher may have their fair share of problems, they may even hate each other, but that hasn’t stopped them from making music together and touring in the past. The ill will between them existed pre-Oasis, throughout their heyday, and continues today. And even though they’ve both experienced some success as solo artists, they are never better than when together.

Besides the popularity an Oasis reunion tour would garner, we are coming up on the 25th anniversary of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, arguably the band’s most influential album, the one which contains the hit Oasis singles we still hear on the radio today. Could Oasis reunite in 2020 to celebrate the popularity and continued love of this record? Though it might take some convincing for Liam to agree, we think it’s possible.


The White Stripes

We’ll start off by saying this: The odds of seeing Jack and Meg White back together on stage in 2020 are very, very slim. Last year, Jack White asserted yet again that he just doesn’t see it happening. But this year, beneath Third Man Records, The White Stripes reissued their self-titled debut album in honor of its 20th anniversary. And before that, fans were treated to a new live album of The White Stripes’ final concert, The White Stripes: Live in Mississippi.


According to Jack White, fans ought not to think of The White Stripes as purely the configuration between him and Meg. “I’m not telling people what to think about The White Stripes, They can think whatever they want about it. But there is a case to be made that in a lot of ways, The White Stripes is Jack White solo. In a lot of ways. There’s only two people in the band. I was writing and producing and conducting. The melodies are coming from one person, the rhythm is coming from Meg.

What our optimistic minds have gathered is that even though a Jack and Meg White reunion is unlikely, we aren’t ruling out the possibility of Jack White taking The White Stripes music back on the road. Especially considering his recent reinvigoration of The Raconteurs, we think the mastermind musician could still feel a pull towards the music which first put him on our maps. Will The White Stripes tour in 2020? Potentially, but in a way we have not seen them before.

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